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Murder Mystery

Benefits of Murder Mystery

  • Test your powers of deduction at a Murder Mystery event
  • Work across a variety of Murder Mystery formats
  • Experience a whole or half-day with incredible high production values
  • Ideal for cultivating problem solving and strategic thinking skills
  • Your bespoke event objectives can be tailored to your specific brief

A detective is one of those jobs. That everyone fancies they could do it, if given the chance. Maybe it’s because of movies or TV but most people suspect they’d make a smashing Sherlock. And with our Murder Mystery team-building days, you can put your powers of deduction to the test. Eventa love Murder Mystery, as it’s a fantastic event that’s a huge amount of fun. But it’s also a great way to develop skills such as strategic thinking as you puzzle your way through a variety of cases.

Working with Eventa, your team-building event gets its very own event organiser. This is a dedicated member of our team who will work with you from day one. We’ll outline your desired objectives, and then create a team-building event that’s tailored to those objectives as well as taking into account a variety of other factors such as your company’s corporate culture. Our goal is ensuring you have a perfect event, and as soon as you contact us we’ll get started making that perfect event a reality.

Types of Murder Mystery

Variety is the spice of life. And that’s especially true of the Murder Mystery. There’s just so much that can be done with the format. We can take it back to its roots with a traditional murder mystery straight out of Cluedo. With lords, ladies and butlers to interrogate, you best don your deerstalker as the game’s afoot! For those who like their mysteries more modern, why not don your lab coats as you and the rest of your colleagues at Crime Scene Investigation sift through evidence and perform forensic tests to unravel the complex crime. If you can’t decide what you want your murder mystery to include, or want something totally outside the box then we’d love to hear from you.

Why a Murder Mystery?

We always ensure that our team-building events have a purpose. And with Murder Mystery events that’s often to facilitate problem solving, and to see how your team works together on the Whodunit. It’s also an excellent ice-breaker event as it forces people together in a fun environment as they combine intellects to solve the case. Murder mystery events can be held across half-days or full days, and they can be a tremendous addition to a corporate event such as a conference – fill in our enquiry form and we can talk about how we could incorporate that corporate message into your Murder mystery event.

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