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Evening Events

Benefits of Evening Events

  • Great closer to a corporate day or afternoon of meetings
  • Huge range of events geared to suit a wide range of corporate cultures and companies
  • Activities can be shaped to your company to emphasise a corporate message into a bespoke event
  • Energisers that can reinvigorate your team
  • Some of our most enjoyable events are held in evening, which provide a huge amount of entertainment

Everyone like to let loose every once in a while. It’s good for the soul. At the end of a long week sometimes a glass of wine is called for, something relaxing and fun to refresh you. And that’s what our evening events offer. They’re the perfect digestif to a day of conferences or meetings. The relaxed environment of an evening event is the perfect finale to your day of working hard. Evening events do tend to focus more on the fun and less on the more serious side of team building.

That said, an evening can take on a more focused aspect if you want. For example, one of our most popular events is the Christmas quiz. At Eventa we aren’t just limited to team-building events, we also specialise in Christmas parties. So why not blend together two of the things we’re best at? We take our excellence at constructing festive parties and mix it with the quiz format for a fantastic Christmas quiz. To emphasise the team-building aspect we can even tailor the quiz to involve questions about your company and corporate values.

Variety of Evening events

As mentioned above our evening events are often a perfect accompaniment to a night time event, or to finish off a day. But they can also function as stand-alone events. Although a cocktail masterclass is a fantastic pre-dinner event that gets everyone in the mood for fun – it works just as well on its own. Even after a day at the office, everyone can get behind an evening spent creating delicious cocktails and then (more importantly) drinking them! Equally, our Casino evenings are fantastic events all on their own, where you compete against colleagues to see who can win at the tables. Its risk free gambling that’s competitive yet fun with no real money on the line and that sees all members of staff from juniors to directors playing on a level playing field to see who has Lady Luck on their side, although all the prizes for winner are real!

How Eventa work

At Eventa, we will provide you with your own dedicated event organiser to help build your team-building event. And from there, they take care of everything. Whether it’s organising a team-building activity at the end of your corporate day or organising you a full blown event like one of our Christmas parties, and arranging a quiz to take place as well – we handle it all. We take a brief from you of your team size, budget, objectives and other factors and then transform it into a fantastic corporate event. Our feedback from clients speaks for itself, but it you want a little more info, a member of our team can be reached at either 01273 225 078 or enquire@eventa.co.uk for some impartial advice regarding your event. 

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