Masquerade Ball
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Masquerade Ball

From the moment you don your masque and enter the masquerade you are walking into a world of decadence and luxury. The masquerade is one of our most decadent themes, and one of those that are most popular with our customers. Maybe it’s something about the mystique of donning a mask, or the overall Venetian styling – but here at Eventa we often find that our masquerades are guaranteed crowd pleasers. 

The masquerade ball has a heritage which stretches back to the 15th century where royal families would celebrate marriages with a masked event. Through the 16th century the masquerade became popular in Italy, and especially in Venice where it became connected to the Venetian carnival and the upper layers of society. That aura of prestige and elegance still surrounds the masquerade making it ideal for prestigious companies.

Venues best suited to

Here at Eventa we believe that the best parties come about when the theme and venue work together. And although we believe that the masquerade theme can be adapted to any space, it does work best when there is a synchronicity between venue and theme. Generally, it’s the more classical spaces that adapt best to a masquerade rather than more modern or quirky venues (for example your average Shoreditch bar turned event space). Think manor houses and other traditional venue spaces, the atmosphere of history lends itself well to the masquerade – you can feel that you’re walking in the same world as the upper classes of old. However this isn’t to say that all modern spaces won’t work. Rooftop gardens are some of the most contemporary and stylish venue spaces around – and they’re ideal for a masquerade – Venetian lanterns coupled with the greenery of a rooftop garden can create a stunning spectacle.

What Eventa brings

At Eventa, we specialise in creating bespoke events. This means that no two parties look exactly the same. For us, we believe that fine tuning every aspect of a party to each separate client results in a better experience for them – even if it means more work for us! However this does mean that we can’t give an exact outline of what your masquerade will look like. But below our team have included some of the most popular included items to give you an idea of how your event could look: -

  • Champagne reception
  • Three hours of unlimited drinks
  • Three course menu
  • Candelabra centrepieces
  • String band
  • Roaming masked magician
  • Venetian Masquerade room theming

As mentioned above this is only an example of your masquerade. We recommend that you contact one of our expert events team at 01273 225 078 or to discuss how exactly we can arrange your event.

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