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Enchanted Garden

If you’ve never stepped into the enchanted garden, you’re in for a sweet surprise. Every aspect of your ordinary garden party becomes extraordinary. Your summer event enters into a fantastical world of faeries and magic and is transformed from an average summer event into something so much more. What great parties do better than average, or only good parties, is that they create memories that last long after your event ends. You and your colleagues will never forget your time in the enchanted garden!

For a summer event we like to make the most of the great outdoors – at least while our summer lasts! And the Enchanted Garden provides a guaranteed upgrade on any outdoor event. It’s easily adaptable to any outdoor space providing a theme that’s both hugely enjoyable and makes the most of the summer – and especially those beautiful summer evenings. As the sun sets on your garden, fairy lights are turned on, transofmring it into a fantastical wonderland - a beautiful backdrop for your event.

What your night could look like

At Eventa we pride ourselves on creating bespoke packages. That means that every one of our clients gets a totally unique party, and a totally unique experience. It also means that it’s hard to fully lay out what your enchanted garden party will look like. We work with different suppliers and venues across the country and will always look to maximise the return on your investment at Eventa. However, our team have included of their favourite items to create the below package – to give you an idea of how your summer event could look: -

  • Iron trellis entrance gate
  • Themed welcome cocktail
  • Human canapé trays
  • Stilt walkers
  • Toadstool seating
  • Fairy light canopies
  • Faerie and magical creature actors
  • Harp player

Working with Eventa

An Enchanted Garden party is all about creating a sense of wonderment. It takes a blank page garden and transforms it into something out of fantasy. As you may expect it’s not an easy theme to implement, and that’s why it’s best left to the experts. At Eventa, we do like to think of ourselves as experts. Our resume of parties speaks for itself, and we’ve worked across the country with venues and suppliers making peoples party ideas into realities.

 As you can guess by the name, we love events at Eventa, and we’d love to plan yours. Whether you’re certain that you’re looking for an enchanted garden party – or just curious about summer parties, feel free to drop us a line on 01273 225 078 or enquire@eventa.co.uk for some impartial advice about how we can make your summer event happen.

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