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So, on the previous page you will have seen a range of suggested themes. From Circus to Arabian Nights that is a range of the themes that have been most popular with our clients. However we understand that this is by no means an exhaustive list of our themes. In fact, the only real limit to your corporate event is your imagination. If you have an exact idea of what you want – or you’re the opposite, you have NO idea what you’re after, then great!

At Eventa we specialise in creating bespoke parties. And we’ll build your party from the group up, with whatever theme you desire. So, if you haven’t seen the right theme just yet, don’t fret. We’ll work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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So, why work with Eventa? Well, as you can imagine from a company with ‘event’ right there in the name, we’re all about events. We’re passionate about our industry. There’s nothing more fun than a great party after all! But how does that passion effect you? Well it’s that passion that’s earned us the respect of – and access to – venues across the country. It’s that passion that has allowed us to develop a network of suppliers across the country, meaning that wherever you are, we can bring the party to you. It’s that passion that has allowed us to throw hundreds of successful parties, to develop the experience and industry knowledge to become experts at what we do. We guarantee a maximum return on your investment. In practical terms, we guarantee you an incredible party!

Convinced? Then let’s talk about your theme.

So what do we include in your theme

CYOP. It doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as BYOB, but it can be just as fun (well… nearly). But what happens when you create your own theme? What are all the various aspects that Eventa take care of to create your theme?


If the name of the game in house buying is location, location, location, in theming it’s décor, décor, décor. The venue provides a blank page, and we bring in décor to transform your space. It’s the big stuff, for example instead of a regular marquee, ensuring that you have a circus big top, if you go for a circus theme. But it’s also the little stuff. For example, flaming torches to welcome you into an evening party is a great touch for a Caribbean Beach theme. Oftentimes it’s the little touches that can make a party extra authentic and extra special.


Theming doesn’t stop at décor. A sit-down three course isn’t as suited to certain themes such as a Tropical Beach theme. Unless you like your starters, mains and desserts with sand between your toes. It’s not just about a suitable meal format – we can bend the menu to your theme. Such as a series of Moroccan inspired dishes for an Arabian Nights theme.


A real theme comes with real entertainment. And it’s always the most fun part of the party! Our network of suppliers means that we can provide a huge range of entertainment. From full blown entertainment with magicians, acrobats and contortionists all through to little touches like actors dressed as Alice or the Queen of Hearts at a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to give it that authentic atmosphere.


So it’s a lot to keep in mind. Luckily you’re in the hands of the experts, and our expertise covers all of the above areas. All you need to do is turn up – you can even take the credit! Members of our team are available at either enquries@eventa.co.uk or 01273 225 078 to discuss making your summer event a reality.

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