Want to throw a Summer event?

Theming your Summer Event

Should I theme?

To theme or not to theme, that is the question. You may have your perfect Goldilocks venue, one that isn’t too big or too small, too plain or too fancy but the one that’s just right. But there’s something missing – some quality that isn’t there that would give your party the Wow-factor. Oftentimes this problem can be solved with theming.  Something that’s becoming increasingly popular in the corporate event world.

A theme can transform a good summer party to a great one. It captures the imagination and gives you and your team a conversation piece, making it an excellent ice-breaker at larger companies. It sets the mood and tone for your event. As you can imagine, a summer evening soiree and Rio Carnival theme have a different atmosphere. It’s all about finding which theme suits your company.

Your outdoor venue space can be transformed into an enchanted garden, a fantastical world of fairy lights, stilt-walking performers and human canapé trays. Your hall backdrop can be themed into a masquerade ball with Venetian masks, candelabra centrepieces – a truly glamorous affair. But don’t think that theming is all about the big and brash, smaller, more intimate themes can be suited to smaller parties – where a few intelligently placed props can be added to suit your space and perfectly compliment it.

Theming and Eventa

As you can see from browsing through the below selection of package ideas, there’s a huge range that we can do to theme your idea. The trick to organising a memorable theme is in looking at your current venue as a ‘blank page’ seeing the potential where some thoughtfully placed additions to decoration or lighting can make the maximum difference. The Eventa team (as you can guess from the name) have a huge amount of experience in creating events. From coming up with the initial concept, through the creation stage and right through to execution – we handle it all, and we’ve themed events from the truly spectacular to the quirky to the understated and modest.

If you have a certain idea that isn’t listed below then don’t worry. These are only a few of our more popular ideas intended to provide inspiration and idea of what we can do for you. We welcome your ideas and brief – the more challenging the better (after all we do love events)!

Theming a party can be a labour and time intensive process – and can be surprisingly hard to organise on your own. That’s why we recommend contact a dedicated member of our team on either 01273 225 078 or enquire@eventa.co.uk today so we can provide some advice about how Eventa can create your themed party this summer.

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