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Day at the Funfair

It’s that time of year! The fun-fair coming to town was an experience every child shared. The anticipation you’d feel as you rode the Ferris wheel to the top, the taste of candy floss and the sounds of the high striker bell and cries of “Step right up!” It seems impossible to better those nostalgic memories, but imagine if you could have that fun-fair experience - only all to yourself! Well with our expertise we can bring the fun-fair to your corporate event. Be prepared to let out your inner child!

Whether you’re a young company, or just one that’s young at heart, the Fun-fair day provides a fantastic energetic summer event where the fun starts as soon as you arrive and doesn’t let up. Our team can put together team-building and bonding events, but equally we love events that are just about having a fun time – a fantastic and fun reward for your team’s hard work.

What’s included?

At Eventa, we pride ourselves on our party-planning. We guarantee that every package is entirely bespoke to our client’s needs – this means that every party we run is utterly unique, a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. It does make making an exact plan of your party a little difficult before we speak to you. However, our team have included a few of their party favourites below to give you an idea what we can do

  • Fun-fair venue hire
  • 5 x drinks vouchers per person
  • Hotdog stall
  • Ferris wheel
  • Dodgems
  • Photobooth
  • Coconut shy

Is a fun-fair right for my company?

Without knowing the ins and outs of your team, it’s difficult to say, and that’s why we recommend contacting a member of our team who can provide impartial advice. However, one of the benefits to a fun-fair is how diverse it can be. If you’re a smaller, quieter office we can adapt your fun-fair to be more like a village party, with coconut shies and hook-a-duck games. It provides a quaint backdrop to a chilled summer event, and it’s ideal for a traditional Victorian theming – picture red and white bunting along the stalls creating a vintage feel. However, if your team like something a little bigger and brasher we can bring the full fun-fair experience to your summer event. A Ferris wheel is – of course – essential, and why not add in some dodgems? Because when else can you crash into your bosses’ vehicle and they won’t mind? It's that diversity of events means that a fun-fair can lend itself to any company.

What now?

As mentioned above, we pride ourselves on the quality of our event planning (it’s why we have so many satisfied customers, after all), and we know a great party takes time, for us to plan and craft an event for you, your team and your specific needs. Therefore the earlier you contact us, the more time we can dedicate to your summer event. We work with venues and suppliers across the entire country, meaning that there’s no corner of Britain where we can’t provide you with an excellent summer event. On top of these industry contacts we provide industry know-how, so even if you have only the vaguest idea of what you want, we work with you every step of the way until that little idea grows into a full-blown, full-realised summer event

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