Want to throw a Summer event?

Summer Parties

The Great British Summer. There is nothing that compares to it. Think about it, the yellow rays of sun split through your curtains on a morning; you float out of bed and glance through your window. A blue sky fills you with joy, there’s not a cloud in sight. The world is at your feet. You can smell fresh cut grass and hear sizzling barbecues. Summer! Summer is all about moments like these, and a corporate summer event has to reflect the majesty of this time of year – a few beers and a disposable barbie in the boss’s garden just aren’t going to cut it.

Our parties go far beyond that – if it’s a casual, unpretentious picnic in a dazzling location for you and the team, we’ve got you covered. If you want an al fresco atmosphere where you dine on delicious canapés atop a rooftop garden, we can do that. Big to small, grandiose to understated and everything in-between – Summer is coming and our team are here to create your perfect party.

A bespoke event

All of our summer parties are purely bespoke events. But what is a bespoke event? It means that our team will work with you across every stage of your journey. We will nurse and grow your idea from just a concept to a fully realised summer event that is everything you expected and more. Every option is custom-made to your wants, needs and desires. This means we cover it all, from the big stuff to the small – starting with finding your perfect venue and working all the way down to the fine touches like providing a cloakroom or ensuring there’s nearby car parking facilities. One of the biggest benefits of having a bespoke event is that you will be having a truly unique party. As we build your package from scratch to meet your needs it’s guaranteed that nobody else will be able to say they’ve had the same experience!

What now?

Whether you know exactly what you want but don’t know how to make it happen, or if you have no more idea than just wanting some fun in the sun it’s recommended you contact us as soon as possible. The sooner we receive your enquiry the sooner we can begin working with you to build your incredible party! Our team have organised summer events across the country, and have worked with venues and suppliers from Livingston to London so we can provide impartial advice on every aspect of your event. Our team await the challenge of bringing you a great party this Great British summer!


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