5 Quick Christmas Hacks

Christmas has to be one of the busiest times of the year in the house, so make sure you take note of Eventa’s 5 Quick Christmas Hacks which will help you enjoy a stress-free holiday! From beating the hangover to packing away the Christmas tree lights, these nifty little gems will make life that little bit easier!


1.      Wrap your presents as you go

There’s nothing worse than leaving all the present wrapping till Christmas eve, so why not wrap as you go? It makes things much easier and then there’s no mad rush! If you can’t wrap as you go, then why not aim to wrap a few presents each day in the lead up to Christmas eve, leaving you with more time to chill on Christmas Eve and enjoy a festive glass of mulled wine?

2.      Chill the drinks in the freezer

Forgotten to chill the bottles of soft drinks? No ice? If so, no problem! Pop them in the freezer for 30 mins and enjoy speedy, cold drinks!


3.      Beat the hangover!

Research has proved that the best way to tackle a hangover on boxing day is with a delicious Sprite. So make sure you stock up by purchasing a multipack to help ease those headaches!

4.      Retro wrapping

If you’ve run out of festive wrap, then there’s no need to panic – brown parcel paper will do just fine, and it’ll give your gifts a quirky retro look too. Just tie with strong once you’re done and voila! Cheap and easy wrapping paper at your disposal!


5.      Packing away the Christmas lights

Make things easier for next Christmas when it comes to unravelling the festive lights by using an extremely, simple device. A coat hanger. Yep, it’s that straightforward! Just wrap the lights around the coat hanger for a stress-free experience the following year.

Five Top Tips To Avoiding Christmas Related Stress

We love Christmas here at Eventa. Not only do we love sourcing some of the best Christmas parties for you and your friends to enjoy,  but we also love helping people with our hints and tips for making the whole Christmas period fun!

Christmas can be a stressful time as you rush around planning, partying and trying to get everything ready for the big day. Too much stress can mean you wake up Boxing Day exhausted, wondering where on earth the month went. Christmas is a special time of the year, and we want you to have as much fun as possible this holiday season with as little stress as possible. Bearing that in mind, we’ve put together some hints and tips to help you stay as cool as cucumber this Christmas.


1. Get a pen and paper… and plan

A little preparation can go a long way at Christmas time and half an hour with a notepad can save you a lot of stress later on. Make some time to have a cup of tea, sit down and plan the month ahead. Get a calendar for all your Christmas parties, and don’t forget to plan when you’re going to fit in that important Christmas shopping and tree buying.


2. Work out a Christmas budget

It’s so easy to get caught up in the festive feeling and overspend at Christmas, you see something you know your aunty would love, and you forget that you’ve already bought her the Russian dolls and a Terry’s chocolate orange.

Before you know it, there are a pile of receipts building up and you can feel overwhelmed at your spending. It’s worth figuring out a budget for all the things you’ll have to be buying at Christmas, and then trying to stick to it. Keeping a little notebook of everything you’ve spent will also help remind you if you’re on budget or not.


3. Don’t wait till the last minute for your Christmas shopping

Considering it’s a time for giving, one of the most stressful experiences can be Christmas shopping, usually because it’s been left too late and you find yourself racing round the shops on Christmas eve in a panic. Make sure you get your shopping done early, make it even easier and shop online for your gifts. It will give you more time to get out there and enjoy the party season!


4. Get ready for your family…

Christmas is often a time when families come together, which is lovely, until your mum starts asking about your love life and your dad just asks you what you’re going to do with your life. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for these little things and remember that Christmas is about peace and goodwill to everyone, which includes your little brother… unfortunately.


5. Make some time for you…

Don’t forget to take some time out of the hustle and bustle of Christmas parties and festive preparations to have a little “me” time. With so much going on it can feel like you’re being pulled in all directions so make sure you find some time to relax, remember that the happier you are, the better company you’ll be to others!


Our Very First Summer Most Wanted & Lust Haves

Here at Eventa we are obviously the experts in putting on the kind of parties and events that are designed to live long in the memory and stand above everything you’ve experienced in the past, but this doesn’t mean we’re just all about the events themselves, table furnishings, sorting out the performers and making sure our glasses are constantly being topped up… Oh no, we are also experts in how to make sure these events go swimmingly for you personally – always ready to offer tips on the do’s and don’ts of the office Christmas party, how much you should be drinking and now – what you should be wearing, packing in your pockets and making sure is inside your handbag.

Yes, we have launched our very first Summer survival guides in the form of The Eventa Summer Lust Haves (for the party going ladies) and The Eventa Summer Most Wanted (for the party going guys) – both of which are designed to provide you with inspiration to see you through the party with success and not a red wine stain or heel stuck in the soft ground in sight.

Eventa Summer Lust Haves 2013

So if you’re a woman in need of some Summer Party assistance, simply CLICK HERE.

Eventa Summer Most Wanted 2013

Or if you’re a guy looking for exactly the same thing so you can stand out from the troves of guys sweating it out in their winter suits, CLICK HERE.

We hope both of them help and that your Summer Party with Eventa is a big hit with the rest of your staff. Believe it or not though as the sun is shining and we’re all out sipping on cider, it’ll be the winter before you know it and that means one thing and one thing only: it’ll be time for your company Christmas party, so be sure to keep an eye out for our Winter Lust Haves and Summer Wanted.

How social media can help you get into event marketing

((Please keep in mind that this article was written by Richard John Paul. I am merely posting this on his behalf.))

We all know that social media has many ways to stop you from getting a job, but how can you use it to your advantage? Specifically if you are aiming to forge a career in event marketing?

If you only look in certain places or read specific articles, you would think that 2013 should be the year to wave goodbye to all forms of social media if you’re ever going to get that dream job and go down the career path you desire.

However within roles such as event marketing that require a more outgoing personality and a flair for marketing something that people will actually enjoy, you’ll find that the reality is the absolute opposite, with social media needing to be seen as a valuable tool in both connecting with employers and showcasing your skills. Especially as 91% of employers answered ‘yes’ to whether they screen job candidates on social networks or not.

Getting Started

Facebook is the obvious one so I’m not going to spend too long on it because in contrast to Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest, it still is very much a place for you and your friends. Just do what you should have already done and sort through your privacy settings, remove anything ‘incriminating’ and make sure that any non-friends that do land on your profile can at least see links to the more important places. Such as…

Your Twitter Account: Twitter is a perfect starting point when looking to boost your profile in the event marketing industry, as everyone and anybody you’ll want to get in touch with will most likely have an active profile. Again, keep in mind that anyone and everyone can see what you’re posting – so keep it useful.

Then you can start following the relevant businesses, event marketers and engage in conversation with them.  Who knows, a certain marketer could tweet that they’re stuck for ideas, and you could be the follower that comes to them with an unforgettable one. Either way, Twitter is the informal place to start when looking to build relationships and get in touch with the right people. Favourite and Retweet and you’ll be more likely to get the same done to you.

Your LinkedIn Account: Put in the groundwork and then you can turn your attention to LinkedIn. It goes without saying that your profile should be regularly updated so employers can see what you’re doing, but if you have been able to engage with companies, influencers in the field and working event marketers, then it’s time to connect with them… In relationship terms, you’re moving on from the first date.

Your Pinterest Account: So far you might have heard it all before, but building up a formidable Pinterest account could be your trump card. Event marketing really is about the visual experience, so pictures of venue lay outs, various ideas, promotional banners and everything else you have done should be placed here to give you a constantly updated portfolio that brings with a lot more weight than simply words. Not only that, but Pinterest saw the largest amount of growth in terms of audience and visit time than any other social network in 2012, so it really is worth thinking about.

Taking it Further

You’ve got the fundamentals down but how can you kick the job hunt up a notch and really give it your best shot? Whether you’re unemployed, part-timing or volunteering before your big break, there can be a lot of free time, so here’s some ideas on how to make use of it through social media:

  • Get Blogging: Not exactly social media but it’s all connected and aside from the visuals mentioned above, you should showcase your expertise than with some quality, useful blogs that’ll get shared. What events have you been to? What could be done better? Set up your own and also contact influencers about the possibility of guest posting (even better if these are LinkedIn connections).


  • Get Out There: There’s no use simply sitting behind a computer screen. Attend events, exhibitions etc. and tweet about them. Take photos and add them to your Pinterest/blog too.


  • Consider a Facebook Page: I know I shoved the Facebook profile into the background earlier, however once everything else is up and running smoothly, it might be worth entertaining the idea of a Facebook Page. Easy for all to view and not so personal, this could be the centralised place to post everything from your Twitter and your blog to images from your Pinterest account.


  • Is it Time to Vine?: Still in its infancy, it might just be time to jump on to Twitter’s new platform as soon as possible. Forget Instagram – Facebook can keep it, because as Mat Honan from Wired says about Vine: “after spending a week with it, I’m convinced it’s going to be big. Really, really big”. Pictures are one thing (and they should never be overlooked) but how better to get creative or to showcase an event than patching it together in a quick, easily digestible 6 second clip?

You have the tools, now you just need to use them…


Having a corporate party? Why a live band will rock your event!

Guest Post from our friends at Alive Network – Online Live Music & Entertainment Booking Service. 

In today’s economic climate, it’s not enough just to give your clients or employees a ‘nice’ corporate event – you need to wow them, entertain them and energise them about your event, your products – your company.

And all this at a time when corporate entertainment budgets are being squeezed and value for money is so important.

Sounds impossible right? Well…

A live band is one of the best ways to inject enjoyment, energy and fun into any corporate event. A live performance by a professional or function band is so much more than just music; it’s a great show packed with songs everyone knows and loves, and a shared experience that guests can enjoy and talk about for weeks afterwards.

There’s an energy to live music you just don’t get from recordings, and it has absolutely nothing to do with volume or stage size. The best corporate function bands can delight a roomful as easily as they can thrill a large marquee or ballroom, and it’s all down to what they play.

The best UK corporate events bands have the experience, professionalism and imagination to create a show that suits your audience and guests. By playing the most famous tunes by top artists from the 1960s to today’s number one hits, everyone knows a song or two, from the youngest whizzkid in IT to the most senior of board members. And with so many international artists and globally-loved songs to choose from, your foreign guests or delegates will always feel part of the party!

As a result, performances by live bands for hire are also great ‘levellers’ – you’ll find guests of all ages up and dancing given half the chance, and those just relaxing and watching will have their feet tapping or be humming along.

If at this point you know your CEO/manager/MD is sooo not going for this, here’s a thought. A live band doesn’t have to play pop or rock. So get around them by suggesting:

• A jazz band to entertain during drinks on the terrace of your conference hotel
• A soul band for a smother, cooler class of entertainment after a long day of work?
• A Rat Pack singer and big band playing a set that exudes sophistication for a dinner of top execs and management?
• A swing band or a salsa band to get absolutely everyone up and dancing?
It’s as simple as that, so next time you’re given the task of organising the corporate entertainment, why not rock the party with some of the UK’s best bands to hire. Your guests will love it, your colleagues will love it, and you’ll get all the praise and glory for having booked them. Job done!


Alive Network (www.alivenetwork.com) is the UK’s largest live music and entertainment service, with over 4000 experienced musicians, bands and groups on its books.

The office Secret Santa doesn’t have to be a present buying minefield

As Christmas begins to creep up on us (I noticed DFS have started mentioning Christmas in their adverts, before we know it that Coca Cola advert will be on our screens), all that comes with the festive period starts to cloud your thoughts. With so much to consider, arrange and worry about, the last thing you probably want to be thinking about is what to buy a work colleague. Yes, I’m talking about the office tradition that is Secret Santa! As if the office Christmas party wasn’t enough huh?! Some people may find this a daunting and draining experience, but it doesn’t have to be!

First of all you’ll find out who you’ve got in the Secret Santa draw. For some people it feels like a lottery where there are only losers, but take just a few things into consideration and you’ll be able to unearth a present no matter who you have to buy for.

Type of person, how well do you know them?

Now you know who you are buying for, but how well do you know them? If they’re a casual workplace acquaintance you may have your work cut out a little bit, but you can still do this!

Take a look at their work desk, if they have a lot of ‘stuff’ then chances are you’ll be able to get away with something simple that will still be appreciated. For instance, a jar of sweets for the office sweet tooth, or a USB drink warmer for the office caffeine addict show thought, time and effort have gone into your gift.

If you’re lucky enough you may get a close work friend in the Secret Santa. I’ll assume you know enough about each other to be able to find a suitable present no matter the price limit.

Is there a price limit?

That leads me rather nicely onto my next hint. If there is a price limit this can make your life a whole lot easier, or even harder. If the limit is a low price, say £10 or even £5 you can probably get away with a fun present. That’s how I’ve always done it, if it’s £5 or under you can definitely go down the joke present route.

The best Secret Santa present I received for under £5 was a gold shower radio in the shape of a microphone, which my better half absolutely loved.

If the limit is a little higher then thought and time definitely needs to enter the equation. Like I’ve already said, a quick look at your colleague’s desk (or even their social media profiles) can provide you with plenty of ideas and inspiration. Hey, they might even have an Amazon wishlist, in which case you’ve struck gold!

Still stuck? Wing it

OK, not the best piece of advice to give, but if you are absolutely stuck just go for it. If your colleagues are a fun loving bunch (like we are here at Eventa!) then you can get away with buying almost anything for your Secret Santa. I’ve been with Eventa for a couple of weeks now but I already know that if Secret Santa makes an appearance that there will be some incredible presents doing the rounds.

No Secret Santa? No problem

Your office may forego the Secret Santa tradition, in which case you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, it won’t be quite as fun for your office come that last day before your Christmas break!

Hopefully these hints and tips will help take some of the stress away from buying your Secret Santa present, and make this time of year more enjoyable no matter who you’re buying presents for!

The dos and don’ts of the office Christmas party

Although planning an office Christmas party can be a job in its own right, you’ve also got to prepare for it and make sure that you’re looking suitably dapper on the day. With this in mind I’d like to share a handful of quick tips, some dos and don’ts for your upcoming office Christmas party.

So without further ado, allow me to get started:


  • Dress to impress

A classic mistake to make and I’ll quite happily hold my hands up and admit that I am guilty of not adhering to this, hence it being my first tip! It’s Christmas time, it’s your office party, you have worked hard all year and now this is the night that you celebrate all of this. No half measures will be tolerated, and as my better half once told me ‘life is a catwalk darling’, and she’s right. If you’re looking sharp you’ll feel sharp, and you know your colleagues will notice the extra effort too! I know us guys sometimes find it hard to buy a new ‘party shirt’ but don’t be afraid to ask for someone’s assistance in store, they’re paid to help you!

  • Check times and venues

Make sure you know where you need to be and at what time, especially if there is a coach or bus involved. There is always someone who turns up late or who misses the return leg of the journey, don’t let this be you! There’s probably a poster up on the notice board at work, or an email that has been sent to everyone. Find out the date and the time, and commit it to memory. And leave enough time to get dressed and ready! Which leads me nicely onto my don’t tips.


  • Leave things too late

Another classic scenario that I often find myself involved in during the lead up to an office party, leaving things too late. Sure, I’ve known for two months about this party but it’s the day of the party and still I am trying to find something suitable from a charity shop round the corner from the office on my lunch break. If you know you need anything done for your office party, be it haircut, nails, eyebrows, new outfit, booking taxis, confirming numbers, anything, then get it sorted as soon as you possibly can!

  • Drink too much

This one is a given, but the line between drinking enough to have a good time and drinking too much is so fine that only you know when enough is enough. If you’re not a drinker then you’ll be in the enviable position of remembering everything from the night before, especially the antics of other colleagues! However, you don’t want to remember your office party for the wrong reasons, so as they say, everything in moderation.

I’ve no doubt that you’ve all worked hard enough all year, so celebrate all of that hard work, keep these tips in mind and most importantly, have a good time and enjoy the party!

Planning a Stress Free Office Christmas Party

If it’s your duty to organise the office Christmas party then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Okay there’s still plenty of time to go before Christmas is here, but for anyone who’s trying to organise numbers, a venue, theme and food you’ll know it never seems long enough! It’s important to make the right impression with a Christmas party so it’s normal to feel a little pressure in making sure everyone has a good time. Whilst a little pressure is a good thing, getting stressed out certainly isn’t so we’ve put together some handy hints and tips to make sure your Christmas party planning doesn’t give you a headache!

Leave plenty of time to prepare

It’s never too early to start and even in October plenty of venues are taking bookings for Christmas parties. It’s much better to start early and have a choice of venues and party packages than to be scrabbling around the week before trying to find somewhere to squeeze in a hundred people! Leaving yourself plenty of time has to be our number one tip in reducing stress. London Christmas Parties are extremely popular and get booked up fast so give us a call today on 01273 225 078 to avoid disappointment.

Know the budget

Nothing’s going to stress you out more than finding out how much you have to spend after you’ve ordered the lobster and champagne starters and the ice sculpture of your boss. Knowing your budget removes a lot of stress because if you talk to a party planning agency they can advise you on different options just by knowing how much you are able to spend. Once you know how much is available for the party you can then work out the theme, food, venue and entertainment options.

Get input from your team

If you’ve been put in charge it might feel like you have to make all the hard and fast decisions about the Christmas party, but remember that everyone will be there to enjoy it so it’s worth taking some time getting input on what people might enjoy. As well as taking the pressure off you to have all the answers, you might also find that they give you some inspiring ideas that you might otherwise not have thought about.

Use a planning company or agency

If you haven’t got the time to be phoning round individual venues, caterers, and entertainment agencies then it might be worth booking through a planning agency to do all of this for you. You still get to choose what type of party you have, where and what theme, but they can then take the pressure and stress of getting everything booked up and confirmed. Most agencies will also have a website that you can look at to choose the different party packages and once it’s all booked you can focus your attention on enjoying the build up to the party!

Tips on Surviving the Christmas Party Period

As the holiday season creeps upon us and the social calendar begins to fill up, it can be easy to get carried away with all the pre-christmas partying that come the big day you might feel completely worn out! it’s important to look after yourself so that you can enjoy the best of all the Christmas parties without running yourself into the ground. We’ve put together some simple tips that can help you survive the christmas party period.


Taking a little time to plan your Christmas party schedule can go a long way to reduce your stress levels, and stop you from having that panicking feeling that you don’t know what your doing or where your supposed to be celebrating from one day to the next. Remember that in addition to all the fantastic festive celebrations you’ll be enjoying, you’ll also be finding time to squeeze in your Christmas shopping, decorating and making sure you’re all ready for Christmas day. If you don’t already have a calendar, get one; even if it’s only for the month of December! You might find it easier to print out a timetable and have it by your desk at work so you can see at a glance what you’re doing when those Christmas party invites start coming through!

Don’t feel obliged to go to everything

The build up to Christmas can feel like one long party, but unless you’re Paris Hilton chances are you can’t spend each morning after a party lounging by the pool or sleeping all day until your next social engagement. There just aren’t enough hours in a day or days in the month to mean that you can go to every single invitation you get without getting tired. Prioritise which parties you want to go to; remember, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Don’t stay until the end

If you do find yourself with a party list as long as your arm, remember not every night has to be a 6am finish. It’s easy to get caught up in the festive celebrations of a christmas party and it might be hard to tear yourself away from the dance floor after Slade comes on for the 5th time, but leaving a little earlier and getting a good night’s sleep can do wonders for your energy levels.

Keep stocked up on fruit and veg

With chocolates and sweet treats surrounding you at Christmas your healthy routine often goes out of the window, why have an apple when someone’s brought in another tray of mince pies? A little indulgence is a good thing, but don’t forget your fruit and veg, it will give your immune system a little boost and stop you feeling so sluggish after those late nights of mulled wine and yuletide logs!

Don’t drink too much

We’ve put this tip last, as even though abstaining from alcohol altogether would certainly give us more energy throughout the christmas period, we just couldn’t imagine a festive season for most of us without a little tot of sherry here and there. The key thing here is not to overdo it… at least at every Christmas party!

Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself breezing through the party season with the ease of an A-list celebrity.

Office Christmas Party Themes

If you want to organise a Christmas party that’s really going to make an impact but are stuck for ideas of how to make it different from a night of dinner and drinks then have a look below. Themed parties are becoming more popular and they are a fun way to break the ice and get everyone having a good time at your Christmas shindig. There are a number of different Christmas party themes that you can choose from so you might be overwhelmed with all the different options. To help you out we’ve put together a breakdown of our most popular themed parties:

Hawaiian Tropical Party Night

If you’re fed up with the cold then try something a little tropical for your Christmas celebration. A Hawaiian Tropical Party Night will get everyone into a fun party mood with the taste of something exotic. From a fully decorated venue in a Hawaiian theme, to topical cocktails, you and your guests will feel like you’re just slipped away to a beautiful location under the sun.

Casino Party Night

A casino themed evening is one of our most popular party packages. Even if you don’t want to play the table, you can enjoy the exciting atmosphere as people test their luck on the different games. The venues are elegantly decorated bringing style and sophistication to your annual Christmas ball. Will luck be a lady at your table this evening?

School Reunion Party

Forget elegance and sophistication, sometimes you just want good old fashioned dun. Hark back to your school disco days and get into full swing in this nostalgically themed party. Get into the party spirit and make sure you have on your best school uniform. Girl’s will be pleased to know there will be no headmaster checking the length of your skirt so dare to wear what you please not that you’re all grown up… just remember you still have to see everyone at work!

Karaoke Christmas

If you have a group of you that are a good time crowd and want to let your hair down then consider going for a karaoke themed party. Get your name down for a Christmas song or just your favourite tune and you’ll be in the swing of the party in no time. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself as everyone will be doing the same – especially the boss!

Wild Wild West Christmas Party

For something really out there, think about having the Wild West as your Christmas Party theme! Make sure you’re ready to yee-ha throughout the night, and get together some nerves of steel as you face the mechanical bull riding contest!

For more ideas about themed parties, have a look round the site or give the office a call for more help and ideas!

Tips for enjoying your work Christmas Party

Sooner than you think, thoughts will turn to the festive season and the office Christmas party. The office Christmas party is a great way to relax and let your hair down after your hard work of the year in a pre-yuletide celebration. However, the difference between any other party and the office Christmas party is that you still have to work with and see the people from the party every day for the rest of your time working at that company. For this reason we’ve put together some handy hints and tips for how to behave so that you get the maximum enjoyment from your office Christmas party with minimum embarrassment.

Turn up on time

It’s a good sign of respect to those that have organised the vent to turn up punctually, and whilst being fashionably late is accepted in most social circumstances, to turn up on time shows enthusiasm for the event. If you are nervous about chatting to people it’s always easier to talk to a smaller number of earlier arrivals than to arrive when people have established their social groups already.

Get into the swing of things

The more effort you put into the Christmas party, the more you will get out of the occasion. Make the effort to get around the room and chat to people. If you show enthusiasm during the night other people will pick up on your positivity and enjoy the event even more.

Watch what you drink

Christmas parties are notorious for leaving a trail of sore heads and cringing memories in the morning. Most of this can be avoided by watching how much alcohol you drink. Try to agree with yourself how much you are going to drink, especially if alcohol is complimentary as it can be difficult to pace yourself if you don’t have to pay for it. Try alternating an alcoholic drink with a soft drink and if food isn’t provided at the event, make sure you eat something before you go out. This will help you avoid being the one dancing on the table to the YMCA wearing reindeer antlers. It will seem like a great idea at the time but trust us, unless you are one of the Village People, this is never a good idea.

Keep your tongue in check

Parties are perfect to let your hair down, but bear in mind that you should still keep an eye on what you say to your colleagues. It may feel after a few drinks that everyone is being open and honest but remember that once you’ve said something, you can’t take it back. Even if your boss does seem more relaxed and at ease, the Christmas party is not the time to tell him what you really think about his management style. The same goes for co-workers, though it might feel like a bit of gossip is just harmless bonding, making sure that you don’t say anything that might come back to haunt you is a much safer way to go.

Avoid romance…

When Christmas spirits are high and the party is in full swing there is always the romantic temptation to involve yourself with a colleague. A few glasses of wine and the flash of the photocopier can make you see the girl from admin in a whole new light, but chances are there will be regret on both sides, as well as a ton of gossip the following morning. Much better to play it safe and pursue it when you’re sober if you still feel the same way!

Following the above will make sure you have an enjoyable office Christmas parties with long lasting memories for all the right reasons.