Escape the heat and celebrate summer in the city of London!

Although it doesn’t seem it today with the grey skies, cloud and heavy downpours of rain, summer is on its way! With that in mind, there’s never been a more appropriate time to think about planning your summer party so that you’ve got something to look forward to.

There’s plenty on offer in vibrant London with some great exclusive parties to choose from, so check out our top selection of options with this afternoon’s blog. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to take some time out, unwind from work, let your hair down and have some fun this summer!

Beach paradise in the city

Don’t have the time to nip over to a tropical island for a holiday this year? No problem! This relaxing paradise is available at a top four-star venue in London and is the ideal way to unwind with your whole team. This summer beach bar party features a tropical style bar with a thatched roof and is surrounded by real sand and palm trees to get you in the mood!

On arrival, everyone will be treated to a refreshing cocktail and after that, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited wine, bottled beer and soft drinks for three hours. If you’re hungry then there’s a seriously good BBQ finger buffet available with options that everyone will love. If that’s not enough, the venue will run a selfie competition for one lucky guest to win a fantastic two night stay for two people, so get ready to pose!


Experience summer on the Thames

Fancy a summer celebration that’s not on dry land? If so, you’ll love this brilliant floating party down the Thames. With a choice of two great themes of either a Garden Party or Festival, you’ll feel suitably summery once you’ve boarded and you’re greeted with a chilled glass of Prosecco. Once everyone’s arrived, you’ll set sail and embark on a tour of London’s most famous landmarks, all whilst enjoying some mouth-watering food from a tasty BBQ menu.

Also included is a DJ and disco, so you’ll be able to throw a few shapes whilst on board, a cash bar to keep your drink supply flowing and there will also be oversized novelty games so you can compete against your friends – who’s for a round of giant Connect Four?

thames-boat-party (2)

Garden party in Chelsea

This summer party at an iconic venue in Chelsea will provide everything you and your colleagues need to escape the office and relax for an evening. You’ll enjoy semi-exclusive hire of the stylish summer garden and exclusive use of the fabulous Marco grill.

Lounge around on the deckchairs, watch the sports on the large TV’s or just soak up the sun! No summer celebration is complete without some ice cold drinks, so how about enjoying unlimited jugs of fruity Pimm’s, beer, wine and soft drinks which will keep that merriment flowing all evening! You’ll also enjoy a selection of canapes from the grill and tubs of ice cream. What’s not to love?

chelsea summer

Enjoy awe-inspiring views on the South Bank

Celebrate your summer in style with a party on this dazzling terrace which offers some incredible panoramic views of the city along with sumptuous food and drink. Start the night right with a glass of Pimm’s or Prosecco before tucking into the delicious BBQ menu. Enjoy tasty meat, fish and vegetarian options along with salads and a blissful choice of desserts.

Unlimited drinks are available for five hours and guests will also be able to take part in fun novelty games and dance the night away to the DJ’s top playlist which will create the perfect party atmosphere.


Italian meal with alfresco dining in Covent Garden

Make your way to buzzing Covent Garden and relax with your colleagues and enjoy some delicious options from the fantastic summer menu at this top restaurant. This particular restaurant is owned by one of the most popular TV chefs in the country, so you know that you’ll be in for a sumptuous dining experience.

This venue offers plenty of alfresco dining space where you’ll be able to tuck in and watch the world go by – why not order some tasty cocktails to accompany your meal and enjoy the true taste of summer?


We have plenty of other summer parties in London, so make sure you check them out here for more variety and get your summer event organised today! You should also check out our London Christmas parties while you’re at it!

Our Very First Summer Most Wanted & Lust Haves

Here at Eventa we are obviously the experts in putting on the kind of parties and events that are designed to live long in the memory and stand above everything you’ve experienced in the past, but this doesn’t mean we’re just all about the events themselves, table furnishings, sorting out the performers and making sure our glasses are constantly being topped up… Oh no, we are also experts in how to make sure these events go swimmingly for you personally – always ready to offer tips on the do’s and don’ts of the office Christmas party, how much you should be drinking and now – what you should be wearing, packing in your pockets and making sure is inside your handbag.

Yes, we have launched our very first Summer survival guides in the form of The Eventa Summer Lust Haves (for the party going ladies) and The Eventa Summer Most Wanted (for the party going guys) – both of which are designed to provide you with inspiration to see you through the party with success and not a red wine stain or heel stuck in the soft ground in sight.

Eventa Summer Lust Haves 2013

So if you’re a woman in need of some Summer Party assistance, simply CLICK HERE.

Eventa Summer Most Wanted 2013

Or if you’re a guy looking for exactly the same thing so you can stand out from the troves of guys sweating it out in their winter suits, CLICK HERE.

We hope both of them help and that your Summer Party with Eventa is a big hit with the rest of your staff. Believe it or not though as the sun is shining and we’re all out sipping on cider, it’ll be the winter before you know it and that means one thing and one thing only: it’ll be time for your company Christmas party, so be sure to keep an eye out for our Winter Lust Haves and Summer Wanted.

The dos and don’ts of office night out etiquette

Fantastic guest article from Andrew at Quidco. Amusing, informative and pretty much spot on!

If you sometimes find yourself groaning at inopportune moments having just had a hazy flashback to your behaviour at the last office party you’re not alone.

It’s rare that a work social passes without someone, somewhere having a little too much to drink and getting a carried away on the dancefloor…or err, elsewhere.

Naturally we can’t be there to stop you getting your groove on to a Wham medley, but with all the best will in the world we suggest you read our hints and tips on how to keep your dignity intact:


  • Some people absolutely love work parties, while others despise the idea of having to spend any more time than necessary with their colleagues. Naturally if you don’t want to be typecast as the office spoilsport you should at least make some effort to attend…assuming you’ve no viable excuse.


  • If you’re determined to make your stay a short one, try not to look too much like the experience is akin to having your teeth pulled out and do your utmost to avoid being the first to leave. Lighten up; a couple of drinks and a little idle discourse won’t do any harm and you can always set Sky + to record Masterchef.


  • It doesn’t matter where, when or what you’re doing the chances are your work party will begin with small talk predominantly based around work matters. That’s fine for a while, but don’t be the person moaning for hours about lazy colleagues, insubordinate minions and the awfulness of the canteen menu.


  • When the boss turns up don’t see it as your cue to deliver a lecture on all the things they’re doing wrong. They won’t appreciate it and unlike you they probably won’t forget it either.


  • If you’ve had the office shindig circled in your calendar for months it’s fine to be the first to arrive, just don’t be the last one still throwing shapes on the dance floor.


  • While there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of a jive, try and battle the temptation to take off your clothes. There are few sights more depressing than a room full of 40-something men slyly slipping off their dinner jackets with competitiveness burning in their eyes.


  • Keep guitars, air or otherwise, at home and while we’re on the subject of music, unless clubbers in Ibiza know who you are, don’t ever offer to be the DJ.


  • If karaoke is on offer under no circumstances should you dedicate a song to a married colleague and then blubber your way through the chorus of a heartbreaking ballad. Unrequited love made public is just unseemly.


  • If you’re in a situation where alcoholic beverages are on offer (let’s be honest if you work for a British company this is a given) then it goes without saying that you should drink responsibly. As the old saying goes, “Beer after wine and you’ll feel fine, beer after tequila shots, a tray of Jaegar-bombs, and wine and you’ll feel like you want to die the following morning.”


  • If you’ve been handed the credit card to buy a round of drinks don’t go overboard on the order. The accounts team have a canny knack of piecing together the evidence and finding the culprit.


  • If you’re out for a sit down meal, the usual rules of dining etiquette apply. If finger food and hors d’oeuvres are on offer the waiting staff are well within their rights to look at you in disgust if you treat their platters as an excuse for an eating competition. Before you make the usual mistake, those little pastry parcels do indeed contain cheese that is hotter than molten lava. Try not to be taken by surprise.


  • It’s perfectly acceptable to put a little extra effort into what you’re wearing. Gents, if you’re required to sport a tie don’t allow it to form an integral part of a Rambo impression later in the evening. Ladies, you don’t need to be lectured on the dangers of too much cleavage; one too many undone blouse buttons can turn a classy outfit into a trashy one in the blink of a pervy eye.


  • Letching after interns, ogling the hot guy in finance and publicly re-enacting that scene from Ghost with Jane in accounts are all no-go areas. In fact if you want to save yourself from grovelling apologies (and keep your job) you’d be well advised to keep untoward physical contact to an absolute minimum!


  • By all means pose for pictures at the beginning of the evening, however, if you see someone pointing a camera in your direction after a few drinks duck for cover; it’s not a signal for you to pretend you’re on America’s Next Top Model. The last thing you want is your behaviour being dissected on social media for weeks on end or some smart arse including a snap of you doing an Abba impression in the company newsletter.


  • Always check that taxis can be claimed on expenses before taking a cab on a 50-mile journey home via the kebab shop. If you can recover the costs, make sure you keep the receipt and give up trying to fiddle the amount. We stress again, the accounts team are crafty and they won’t be fooled by your forgery attempts, The Talented Mr Ripley you are not!


This article is by Andrew Allen, the editor of – the UK’s number one cashback website. 

New Year, New Logo

In our first blog post of 2013 we just wanted to let everyone know about our recent rebrand. We’re not changing our name or anything equally as drastic, but we do have a nice, sleek new logo to use as we look to improve on our performance and figures from last year. Cat revealed this at the end of last year in her year in review post, now expect to see this new logo a lot more often.

Last week saw us take delivery of our compliments slips, headed paper and our delightful new business cards, which we’ll be dolling out at the next networking event you see us at.

Already we are seeing more enquiries than at this stage last year, so all signs are pointing towards 2013 being just as eventful and exciting for Eventa as 2012 was. It is crazy to think that Christmas parties are arranged and booked quite so far in advance but in most instances these bookings are coming from happy customers and clients that were so pleased with their Eventa 2012 events that they want to get their 2013 events all booked and taken care of as soon as they can.

We oversaw a lot of parties and the feedback we received was fantastic, with too many compliments and positive feedback to list here! If you’re a follower of our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter you may have seen some of the great photos that we’ve been taking to share with everyone, if you haven’t perhaps you need to take a look after you’ve read this blog.

So, a new year and a new logo, so here’s to 2013 being the best yet for Eventa, and we hope that you’ll be a part of that as we continue to show you just why we should always be your events department.

The Eventa Group Finish 2012 in Award-Winning Style

As well as December being the month for Christmas cheer and navigating your way through the office Christmas party, it is also the month for end of year awards, where the best businesses from across the country are awarded for their hard work and dedication to not only their own company and region, but the defining factor of any business – the customer.

In between making sure your Christmas parties are running smoothly, you might have guessed from the photo above that we have something very important to shout about. You’re right – because to be specific, The Eventa Group has 2 very important things to shout about, so read on to find out all about them…

The Sussex Business Awards 2012

In that photo above is our Managing Director Rob Hill with Lord Brett Mclean holding his award for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ – one of the main awards of the night and one hell of an achievement for a man who has continued to innovate and build year after year, or as The Argus put it afterwards – ‘a proven classic business entrepreneur whose determination and passion has led him to great success’.

Held at the South Lodge Hotel last Thursday 6th December, the Sussex Business Awards saw 500 of the county’s leading business people in attendance as well as VIPs that included Hugh Burnett OBE, Jason Kitcat – Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council and host – England Rugby Star Martin Bayfield. We were also there as a finalist for the award for Leisure & Tourism, which in the end went to the Brighton Seafront based Grand Hotel – but just being a finalist in a category with a hotel that has been a permanent fixture on Brighton’s seafront for so many years is an achievement in itself. We’re just looking forward to taking home more next year!

For a list of all winners, simply click here.

The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100

Last week’s award and nomination was the icing on the cake to what was already an amazing week, because on Sunday 2nd December The Eventa Group were named by The Sunday Times as one of the companies that had made it onto the Virgin Top 100 Fast Track League table – making us the 80th fastest growing business in the whole of the UK in 2012 and with 4.8 million registered companies vying for these levels of growth, this is an achievement that is hard to even measure in its scale!

To read more about this, do the same and click right here.

Now that we’ve gave ourselves a good long pat on the back, all that’s left to say is that we wish your own business all the best in 2013 and look forward to working with you soon – whether that is through sorting out summer parties or creating the perfect pre-nuptial celebrations with The Stag Company & Hen Heaven.

Why companies should invest in team building events

Many companies are built on dedication, expertise and trust. It goes without saying but trust in particular is an attribute that is valued both in life as well as business. However (as they say) trust is earned not given. So if you want your staff to work better together and trust in the abilities of one another, then you need to take them out of their routines/office situation and put them in a scenario with new challenges and new people to really see how they develop.

Team building activities make good icebreakers and are a great way for company employees to meet other employees from different departments. The nice thing to do before planning a corporate event is to ask the opinions of all the employees attending. That way they’ll feel involved, which itself makes them feel more respected as professional individuals. Trust us this is a great feeling to evoke before the actual event!

The great thing nowadays is that corporate team building events have come on leaps and bounds since “the trust test “(i.e. falling backgrounds without stumbling while your colleagues catch you.) Now we have game shows, Krypton mazes, and cocktail making events just to name a few.  So there’s plenty of options to choose from!

Seeing as it’s technically summer and London are hosting some very special games in this year, the sports day event is a great one to book this year. It brings out everyone’s inner competitive spirit (friendly competitiveness of course!) and encourages employees to work within their teams to win.

Don’t fancy running around and getting sweaty? Then the Murder Mystery event is a good choice as it’s less physically exerting but it still brings everyone together in order to solve the “mystery” but if none of those take your fancy, then there’s always the chocolate making course. Which is by far the most relaxed (and arguably most enjoyable) team building activity we offer!  Now we won’t give too much away but let’s just say that this session involves lots of chocolate and lots of goodies to take home…

However regardless of what you choose, our belief still remains the same. Companies need to invest in their workforce both in terms of training and team building if they want to be successful. Because there’s really no point in having knowledgeable staff working together, if they don’t even trust or even know one another very well!


What to wear to a company picnic/BBQ – The men’s edition

Office summer parties are like shared Christmas parties, they are an important part of the working calendar and because we’ve written the female version of this article already. It only seemed fair to write a version for all the working men out there too! After all, it’s not only women who have to make sure they look sharp and smart at the workplace.

Problem is, men can find summer office parties harder to dress for than women. As you want to appear polished and respectable but you don’t want to be boiling in a suit either. So what’s the right balance? How can you keep cool, look cool and inject a bit of corporate style into your outfit – all at the same time?

Well to help you out we’ve asked all the stylish people here at Eventa HQ and we’ve come up with a list of do’s and don’ts to help you make the right impression…


• Plan your outfit -Now we know this may seem a girly but just grabbing the cleanest thing out of the laundry basket (or heaven forbid off the floor…) is not going to cut it. Your peers and your superiors will be at this party, so if it’s that promotion and/or pay rise you’re after then you want to make a good impression. Plus planning ahead will ensure that you won’t be faffing around the next day trying to find something.

• Accessorize – Ok I appreciate that (again) this doesn’t sound very manly but it’s important! So make sure your shoes are smart casual (try to avoid your dirty trainers unless of course you’ve been told otherwise) and that you’re wearing a smart belt with your outfit. As this will help tie your ensemble together and portrays to others that you are well put together individual.

• Ensure your clothes fit – There’s nothing sloppier than a person in clothes that are too big and (come to think of it) there’s nothing more embarrassing than someone who’s wearing clothes that are too small and tight. Avoid this by making sure that your clothes fit you before the day, that way you’ll look respectable.

• Groom the night before – Make sure you look in top condition by grooming any facial hair (if you have any) and making sure that your hair is presentable. No one will take you seriously if you look like a shaggy haired hobo – especially the boss.


• Wear T-shirts with loud/obscene prints on them – Although technically a party, a company BBQ is still “work” related. This means that (whilst at the event) you and your colleagues all represent the company. So put the Spongebob T-shirt away. It’s embarrassing and you should in no way be embarrassing to your company.

• Leave the house in unclean/stained/ripped clothes- This is just not acceptable in any scenario, let alone for a work do. So don’t do it. There are no excuses.

• Socks with sandals/Bum bags/Baseball caps –Not appropriate fashion for a corporate party. So please don’t do it. Unless of course, you want to look like an out of date, 65 year old European tourist.

• Overload yourself with jewellery – You want to look professional and covering yourself with bling is not the way to achieve it. So even if you have a penchant for all that “glistens and shines.” Tone it for events like these as you want to be attracting the admiration of your co-workers –not magpies.

And that’s it for our tips on what to wear for your office summer party! Don’t worry about it though, because if you follow our tips (and maybe get a second opinion from someone you trust.) We’re sure you’ll have no problem!


What to wear to a company picnic/BBQ – The woman’s edition

Office summer parties are a tricky thing. After all you work with the people who’ll be attending, so you want to appear groomed and professional but you also want to be able to show off your fun side too. However getting your work wear done right every day is hard enough as it is without throwing in company functions into the mix!

Another thing to remember is that corporate summer events are like shared office Christmas parties, they’re a great opportunity to mingle, network and hopefully impress your superiors (always a good thing if you’re after that promotion!)

Hang on though because before you start grabbing things out of the closet, there are a few important things to remember. Then check the weather/forecast, even if you don’t trust the weather report. So you can prepare an umbrella and/or a classy mac just in case it does rain. Once you’ve done that remind yourself where the event is taking place. Because if it’s in a field then wearing heels might not be a good idea (trust us you don’t want to be “that girl” who looks pitiful wading through the mud in stilettos.)

Now that you’ve done your research and refreshed yourself on the details, you can get styling! So to help you out we’ve compiled a list of fashion dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind…


• Wear a pretty and practical summer dress – Dresses tend to make a better impression than any other type of outfit. So if you have a sophisticated summer dress (that you can comfortably move about in) then we suggest wearing that. That way you’ll be dressed up, confident and able to express your fun side through your clothing too. Maybe even consider adding a smart blazer  on top to make the outfit more professional looking?

• Make sure your clothes fit right – ill-fitting clothes make a very bad impression and can make you look scruffy and neglectful. So make sure your outfit fits you so you won’t be self-conscious during the party.

• Pack emergency items – These include an umbrella, mints, tissues/wet wipes, female sanitary things, comb and deo. If you carry a handbag then you’ll probably have these things already, however it’s always a good idea to  double check. That way if you or anyone else needs any of the above, you’ll come across as prepared and organised.

• Think about your outfit – This may be a fun day out but it’s still technically work. So enjoy yourself but maintain composure and don’t just grab the first thing from the clean clothes basket. Really think about your outfit and make sure that you look polished and presentable.


• Wear high heels/Wedges – never really a good idea on grass or on the beach (but if the event is not being held on either – then knock yourself out!) you’ll just end up walking like a duck and getting stuck in mud/getting sand in your shoe. So save yourself the embarrassment and wear some pretty flats or some fashionable sandals instead.

• Wear short skirts/short shorts – For obvious reasons. It’s an office party not a club. Your professional piers will be there and you really don’t want them raising their eyebrows at your hemline if you want them to take you seriously.

• Pile on the make-up – We’re not saying don’t wear make-up just don’t decide to get experimental with the eye shadow. Now is not the time to try and master the “smokey eye”(after months of failed attempts.) Just wear the amount you’re comfortable with and remember the aim is to look neat and professional – not like a MAC model.

• Low cut tops – Again for obvious reasons. You want to look professional and this is not the time or place to bust out mega cleavage. So if you are going to wear something lower cut, be critical because if you think the neckline is too low – it probably is.

Anyway that’s it! We hope you found our article useful (and enjoyable!)

Just remember, whether you’re going to a Bristol summer party or any other summer party for that matter – the style principles are the same. Ensure you look polished, professional, and presentable and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Top Five Corporate Party Venues In Eastbourne

Here at Eventa, we’ve been responsible for some of the UK’s best corporate events since 2009. So we like to think that we know a thing or two about how to organise them! Now seeing as its summer time, many companies are deciding to get into the summer spirit by hosting their office events near the good old British seaside.

Each year we host several summer parties (and several office Christmas parties) in Brighton, and whilst it’s near Brighton, many people seem to forget about the pretty town of Eastbourne! In fact we’d go as far as to say that this scenic, seaside town is the perfect place to host your office event and if you’re still not convinced we’ve handpicked some of the top 5 venues in Eastbourne

All Saints Chapel
Named as one of the most beautiful venues in Sussex the All Saints Chapel is actually a fully licensed venue and not a church (despite the name.) The chapel is a grade II listed gothic revival building with beautiful stained glass windows and a full alcohol license. The venue are happy to accommodate most themes and if you want to visit the beach then it’s only a short walk away! Definitely (in our opinion) the most glamorous place to have an office party in Eastbourne!

Winter Garden
Built in 1875 and designed by Henry Curry, the Winter Garden consists of two parts the Floral hall which was originally a skating ring and the grand Gold Room. Both parts have been used for conferences/office parties and they both have fully licensed bars. Plus with a huge seating capacity and gorgeous high ceilings this venue is very popular for large office Christmas parties.

Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club Ltd
Considered to be Eastbourne’s most impressive venue, the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club has stunning views over the harbour. It also has free all day parking and is able to cater for approximately 150 guests. Plus the venue comes with all the latest visual and audio instalments (including Wi-Fi) so whether you’re planning a riveting conference or a glamorous office party the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club can accommodate all your needs.

The Pavilion
Perfect for smaller companies The Pavilion is a unique venue that seats approximately 50 guests and it’s right on the Eastbourne seafront! It’s a wonderful place to enjoy canapés and drinks and with a choice of menus to suit every taste this venue it a great place for a cosy company party.

The International Lawn Tennis Centre
Complete with panoramic view and a wide range of function rooms The International Lawn Tennis Centre (ILTC) is the perfect modern setting for conferences and office parties. On site caterers offer delicious meals to suit all tastes and a fully licensed bar means that you and your colleagues can have a fun filled day to remember!

So that’s it from us! We hope this post has helped inspire you to host your company event in Eastbourne, as we’ve tried to include venues of all shapes and sizes to accommodate all company sizes. However if you’d like to know more about these venues then please visit for more information.

Mel Gibson Is Back For His Summer Vacation!

Witnessing Mel Gibson back on the silver screen in a major production after a spectacular fall from grace and subsequent period in the cinematic doldrums, it is easy to see how the toils of divorce, accusations of various misdemeanours and smoking like a chimney have aged him. Gibson is 56 but could easily pass for a man ten years his senior.

The surprising thing is that ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation’ is pretty enjoyable stuff. Although the self-indulgent swagger of the career criminal Gibson has been typecast as is all present and correct, a sensitive side to his character shines through in the film. He becomes emotionally attached to a young boy and his mother’s unique predicament.

It is the latest in a long line of action films being released this summer, headed up of course by The Avengers. Whilst the rain continues to fall across Britain you could be forgiven for thinking that summer had come and gone in the space of three marvellous weeks in March, meaning that it might not just be Mel Gibson taking a summer vacation this year after all.

If you are planning on remaining on British soil and work for a company who fancies treating you to mid-year bash then your summer parties needn’t be a washout. Thankfully we’ve been working on some super indoor themed balls such as The Bootlegger’s Ball, Cocktails & Dreams and Arabian Nights. The latter takes place in a Bedouin-style tent, one good reason why you’d want it to actually carry on raining, not that you need any excuse to head inside for this one!

Besides, who needs the sunshine to enjoy the summer? We ventured out to an old favourites of ours, Middle Farm, to pick up some organic cider and cheese on Sunday whilst the heavens opened above us. You can see photos from this and some of our other out-of-work summer activities over at the Eventa Facebook page.

Until next time…

Summer T-Minus 4 Days (And Counting)

After all of the talk of the approaching warm weather every time the sun comes out or people walk past our offices wearing a t-shirt and shorts (ill-advised), we are now just four days away from the official start of British summertime. We would also like to point out that the decision to write a blog about the impending summer parties season was in no way influenced by the fact that there isn’t a cloud in the sky today, possibly.

This morning we received the news that everybody’s favourite summery 90s pop group S-Club 7 are set to reform for a series of shows in the sunshine. The band have reportedly signed a seven-figure deal to reunite, a source explaining that the imminent summer Olympics and Queen’s Diamond Jubilee has led to a ‘real British feel-good factor at the moment’. Whilst we of course agree, that feel-good factor might be a little dented by the outcome of the Budget later today. But we’re a fun corporate events organisation at the end of the day, so we won’t get into politics!

Also on the topic of summer, patriotism and pop music, former Spice Girl Geri Haliwell today launched a clothing range based on her famous Brit Awards Union Jack dress. The ideal way to really capture the nation’s mood before the summer games? You bet!

But enough about millionaire pop stars, let’s talk parties! Venues across the capital in particular are gearing up for a busy season to tie in with the games. Corporates are looking to impress both their employees and their competitors with big, bold events and we’ve got a feeling that rivals are going to be spending all summer trying to outdo each other in the party stakes. A few years ago the idea of a summer party was restricted to only the largest organisations as budgets were squeezed to within an inch of their lives. But now, with many affordable options available to groups, that is changing.

Click here to check out some of our themed outdoor events on offer this summer. The good news is that you aren’t tied down to a certain venue, so if there’s a fabulous country mansion or picturesque outdoor space that you want to make use of to bring one of these sophisticated soirées or roaring barbecue parties to life then we can make it happen. Let the good times roll!