Experience London’s Tropical Beach Bar This Summer!

With the weather hotting up, that can only mean one thing – it’s time to celebrate and organise an exclusive summer party for you and your team! There’s never been a better time to escape the office and make the most of the gorgeous warmer weather with your friends and colleagues!

When it comes to finding the perfect venue, London can be tricky to choose from with the vast amount of options available. But if you’re looking for something extra special and completely memorable this year, then you’ll love this venue’s award-winning beach bar party.


Step on in and discover a serene and tropical paradise, where you’ll find real sand, a beach-hut style thatched roof, sumptuous cocktails, palm trees and a backdrop of a beautiful beach, you really will feel as though you’re basking in the Bahamas rather than the centre of London!

Having won ‘Best Summer Party Venue’ at The London Event Awards in 2017, you know that you’ll be in good hands with the exceptional, professional team, who will be ready to help you and your guests experience the party of the year!


The venue’s flexible spaces can accommodate up to 200 guests for an exclusive summer beach bar party, whilst The Great Russel Suite is available for those who want to take their party into the night with a DJ and dancing. Boasting a built-in dancefloor and private bar, this is the place be after the summer beach bar closes!

As for food and drink, you and your guests will be spoiled with tasty treats! Enjoy cocktails served in coconuts on arrival for that taste of the tropics, whilst the venue’s outstanding chef will be cooking up a delectable BBQ feast, which includes plenty of meat, fish and vegetarian options. Dessert options will also be included, so those with a sweet tooth won’t be disappointed!


There’s an excellent variety of packages available for your beach bar party, with something to cater for everyone’s budgets! With the food only packages starting from £41.67 per person excluding VAT, The All-Inclusive Beach Bar package at £82.50 per person excluding VAT and The Deluxe, VIP Beach Bar Package at £107.50 excluding VAT, you and your guests really will be spoiled for choice.

For those that want to make their summer beach bar experience even more luxurious, why not opt for unlimited drinks with your package? This will enable party guests to enjoy unlimited red and white wine, bottled beers and soft drinks for three hours.


A complimentary DJ will also be provided for those groups with a minimum spend of £10,000, so get ready to let your hair down and party the night away with this stylish summer beach bar themed party in the heart of London!

Available until the 15th September 2019, this venue truly is the place to party this summer – make 2019 a summer to remember with a tropical celebration at this unique, Central London venue! Send an enquiry through to this venue in Central London today to find out about availability for your exclusive summer beach bar party!

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What to wear to a company picnic/BBQ – The woman’s edition

Office summer parties are a tricky thing. After all you work with the people who’ll be attending, so you want to appear groomed and professional but you also want to be able to show off your fun side too. However getting your work wear done right every day is hard enough as it is without throwing in company functions into the mix!

Another thing to remember is that corporate summer events are like shared office Christmas parties, they’re a great opportunity to mingle, network and hopefully impress your superiors (always a good thing if you’re after that promotion!)

Hang on though because before you start grabbing things out of the closet, there are a few important things to remember. Then check the weather/forecast, even if you don’t trust the weather report. So you can prepare an umbrella and/or a classy mac just in case it does rain. Once you’ve done that remind yourself where the event is taking place. Because if it’s in a field then wearing heels might not be a good idea (trust us you don’t want to be “that girl” who looks pitiful wading through the mud in stilettos.)

Now that you’ve done your research and refreshed yourself on the details, you can get styling! So to help you out we’ve compiled a list of fashion dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind…


• Wear a pretty and practical summer dress – Dresses tend to make a better impression than any other type of outfit. So if you have a sophisticated summer dress (that you can comfortably move about in) then we suggest wearing that. That way you’ll be dressed up, confident and able to express your fun side through your clothing too. Maybe even consider adding a smart blazer  on top to make the outfit more professional looking?

• Make sure your clothes fit right – ill-fitting clothes make a very bad impression and can make you look scruffy and neglectful. So make sure your outfit fits you so you won’t be self-conscious during the party.

• Pack emergency items – These include an umbrella, mints, tissues/wet wipes, female sanitary things, comb and deo. If you carry a handbag then you’ll probably have these things already, however it’s always a good idea to  double check. That way if you or anyone else needs any of the above, you’ll come across as prepared and organised.

• Think about your outfit – This may be a fun day out but it’s still technically work. So enjoy yourself but maintain composure and don’t just grab the first thing from the clean clothes basket. Really think about your outfit and make sure that you look polished and presentable.


• Wear high heels/Wedges – never really a good idea on grass or on the beach (but if the event is not being held on either – then knock yourself out!) you’ll just end up walking like a duck and getting stuck in mud/getting sand in your shoe. So save yourself the embarrassment and wear some pretty flats or some fashionable sandals instead.

• Wear short skirts/short shorts – For obvious reasons. It’s an office party not a club. Your professional piers will be there and you really don’t want them raising their eyebrows at your hemline if you want them to take you seriously.

• Pile on the make-up – We’re not saying don’t wear make-up just don’t decide to get experimental with the eye shadow. Now is not the time to try and master the “smokey eye”(after months of failed attempts.) Just wear the amount you’re comfortable with and remember the aim is to look neat and professional – not like a MAC model.

• Low cut tops – Again for obvious reasons. You want to look professional and this is not the time or place to bust out mega cleavage. So if you are going to wear something lower cut, be critical because if you think the neckline is too low – it probably is.

Anyway that’s it! We hope you found our article useful (and enjoyable!)

Just remember, whether you’re going to a Bristol summer party or any other summer party for that matter – the style principles are the same. Ensure you look polished, professional, and presentable and you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Hot Weather Not Going Anywhere!

We don’t know about you but we’ve spent this past week with all the windows here in the office wide open and the fans on maximum. Several staff members have even been rocking the shorts and flip flops. Yes it would appear that summer is here at long last and we’d certainly rather be a bit hot at our desks than for the rain to come back again. After all, we can be on Brighton beach with a glass of wine in hand in five minutes, so it’s not all bad!

The good news is that the gorgeous weather is here to stay, for the time being at least. Temperatures have soared to 27 degrees in London, coinciding perfectly with the Chelsea Flower Show and Olympic torch relay. Weather managers at the BBC have been talking about conditions ‘jumping from mid-winter to mid-summer in the space of a few days.’ It has certainly been a case of up and down, the third hottest March on record being followed swiftly by the wettest April in 100 years, the coolest for nearly quarter of a century.

The good weather has prompted our boss to start making plans for our own office summer party and it is something that more companies than ever before are now doing. Our man Jamie has been helping organisations plan their summer event, with the cocktail making challenge and Summer Barbecue package proving particularly popular.

The disposable grills may be lighting up the UK’s beaches, but our barbecue days are slightly more refined affairs. You can expect state-of-the-art equipment and skilled chefs grilling up all manner of meats, fish and vegetables. Camden’s The Adelaide is going to be throwing some awesome summer parties in their heated garden, with an all-inclusive drinks package added to good food and lots of music.

For this and all our other summer party themes, check out the summer section of our website.