This year celebrate your office Christmas party… Medieval style!

We love a good old classic Charles Dickens-esque Christmas here at Eventa, but after a while it all starts to blur into one big evening of crackers and Christmas pudding. So if like us, you’re aching for something a little out of the ordinary (and dare we say it… a little bit more “magical”?) then our Medieval Christmas parties are just what you need! In fact you have three parties to choose from…

A Medieval Banquet Christmas

The king of all our themed parties, this event is a fantasy spectacle to behold! Guests will be whisked away from the 21st century and seated in a superbly decorated venue, before being served a hearty five course meal (which even includes unlimited wine and beer too!) The evening also includes two hours of live medieval entertainment, from sword fighting knights, aerial hoop artists to hand balancing performers. This event is not to be missed! Ah but I bet your thinking, “What!? There’ll be no disco?” Of course there’ll be! Because even though the 16th century wasn’t famous for its disco, we’ve made a special exception and made sure that there’ll be an opportunity for you to show off your amazing “robot” to all the knights and princesses present at the event.

A Medieval Christmas Luncheon

For those who are too busy slaying dragons in the evening, we’ve taken our renowned Medieval Banquet Christmas party and made it available during the day time! This party includes a sumptuous five course meal and half a bottle of wine per person. Not to mention the fantastically themed venue, which will be decorated in a way that will have you convinced your back in the middle ages. Entertainment for the evening will consist of jugglers, jesters and jousters (just to name a few!) As well as a very (un)authentic medieval disco. So grab your armour (coat) and prepare the steed (car) because this party is going to be quite an adventure!

Snow White’s Winter Nights

O.K. so this party is more Brothers Grimm than it is King Arthur but we included it in this trinity anyway! Hosted in a giant Gothic cellar, this party will see you and yours being served by friendly tavern girls who will serve you your five course meal, as well as top up your glass with unlimited wine/beer.  To keep you entertained there will be magicians, acrobats and costumed actors to really bring the theme to life. Plus, this year (for the first time ever) the venue will be holding a winter market which can be included in your group’s plans (please enquire for availability.)

Trust us these fantastical parties are definitely a unique experience that need to be sampled (if you haven’t done so already!) Even if you aren’t a fan of all things dungeons and dragons, these events will have you immersed in the medieval atmosphere and wanting your own coat of arms in no time.

For more information or to book a party please Contact Us.

Recycled Christmas Trees Used For Coastal Restoration!

The city of New Orleans has come up with a novel use for its old Christmas trees. Officials have asked residents to place their festive foliage outside houses alongside all their other recycling, for the trees to then be collected and planted in the city’s damaged coastal wetland areas to encourage their restoration. They say that Christmas is a time for giving, but this surely takes it to the next level!

Meanwhile, back on our side of the pond, researchers at Imperial College London have been busying themselves in the post-Christmas period, concluding that if all of the nation’s cards, wrapping paper and crackers were turned into biofuel then it could run a London bus for 18 million kilometres! So, if they did Christmas party nights 2012 on Mars and buses could fly….well, you see where this going.

With London set to host the Olympics this summer and Mayor Boris Johnson’s planned reintroduction of the updated Routemaster buses in the capital, we reckon now is the perfect time for Bozza to appeal for the population’s leftover Christmas paper and card. In a city desperately in need of cutting its carbon footprint, being able to fuel its buses entirely on festive biofuel for years to come would surely represent a political victory, and one for the environment, unlike any before.

For 2011’s Christmas party nights London did its utmost to get on the environmentally-friendly map. The Gherkin for example hosted a series of exquisite events, all within perhaps the city’s greenest skyscraper. Its unique shape maximises the amount of natural light entering the building, thus reducing energy consumption throughout the day. By night, the need to artificially heat the place is reduced via a complex system of cavities containing solar panels that are charged up organically during the daylight hours.

So New Orleans, we may not be using our old Christmas trees to restore damaged coastal areas or fuelling our buses with cards and paper just yet, but London Christmas party venue The Gherkin is staking its claim as the nation’s greenest. Nice to see our industry doing its bit!

London Olympics Will Leave Legacy Of Events Venues

There has been a palpable feeling of scepticism in certain circles relating to the fact that the venues hosting the 2012 London Olympics could become ‘White Elephants’ upon the games’ conclusion, just as the Millennium Dome did shortly after the turn of the new century celebrations. Thankfully, the Olympic Park Legacy Committee have begun to reassure the public by stating confidently that the vast majority of Olympic venues shall become fabulous events spaces shortly after the closing ceremony. The 3,500 seat Aquatic Centre could be turned into a dry venue thanks to rising floors within the pools and a 20,000 square metre events lawn is to be built alongside the main stadium, to be used for exhibitions and conferences.

What really drew us towards this story however was the feasibility of utilising the towering Orbit, a grand structure with a viewing platform over a hundred metres up and offering views across the city, for the most unique of Christmas parties London style. According to organisers, this platform could be used to host events, such as Christmas parties, for up to 300 people. According to head of corporate events at Eventa, Lara Behrens, the Park could become something of a hotbed for festive bashes:

“Absolutely; the OPLC have stated that bringing events to the area once the games have ended is of paramount importance. We have singled out the Orbit as a venue that we’d like to host parties at. It won’t be ready in time for Christmas parties 2011 of course, but just imagine standing up there on that heated viewing platform, sipping Champagne and looking out over London’s twinkling landscape?”

In case you hadn’t noticed, we here at Eventa are big fans of our ‘Christmas parties in the sky’. We are proud to be promoting events in such high places as the Gherkin and the Millbank Tower. We’re taking things underground with Christmas parties being held in the London Dungeon and even onto the River Thames with our festive dinner cruises. London Christmas parties won’t know what’s hit them in 2011!

Christmas Party Venues Revel In Attention To Detail

There was a time (a dark, dark time, may we add) when Christmas party venues would be content to simply lay out tables, clear space for a dance floor, stick up a bit of tinsel and call it a Christmas party. Nowadays thankfully venues up and down the country, even those throwing events on a shoestring for groups with smaller budgets, are fully aware of the importance of this once-yearly party and have been going to great lengths in insuring that every last detail is seen to. From elaborate table centres, lighting themes and props through to the choices of food, drink and entertainment, nothing is skimmed over. This trend has been continuing apace in 2011 as more and more Christmas party venues get in touch to tell us all about the exciting stuff they’ve got planned for the festive season.

Word has it that suppliers started dreaming up all of these crazy Christmas party ideas as soon as the 2010 season was over, making use of feedback from customers and getting straight to work on ways to better themselves. 2010 was after all a great year for Christmas parties, the Battersea Evolution event coming to mind immediately as a stand-out affair, so would take some beating. What we’ve seen already has simply blown us away. Madame Tussaud’s, the famous wax-model museum in central London, has provided us with a meticulously thought-out itinerary that takes into account all of its famous residents and makes use of them for these Christmas party nights London style. A drinks reception is served in the A-list party room, meaning guests are surrounded on all sides by celebrities from across the years. Dinner is served in the World Stage Ballroom, the tables within reach of iconic sporting stars and world leaders.

Speaking of attention to detail, the events to be held in the London Dungeon kick off with a reception drink mixed to resemble curdling blood. They’re much tastier than they sound, believe us! A judge will be present to sentence a random guest to their ‘doom’ and ghost hosts will accompany you throughout the evening. Venues are indeed making the most of their surroundings to create truly immersive Christmas party nights for everyone involved and there really is no better time to be planning your ideal festive event than in 2011.