The Eventa year gone by…

What a year it’s been here at Eventa. Our very own CEO and founder  of the company – Rob Hill won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award at this year’s Sussex Business Awards and a week later The Eventa Group (of which we’re part of) was added into this year’s Virgin Top 100 Fast Track League table, as the 80th fastest growing company in the UK. This is an incredible achievement considering that over 4.8 million companies in the UK are registered!

Also, 3  of our staff members won some company awards for their dedication and hard work, with Sian, Nikki and Jamie winning “Best Newcomer of the year”, “Best administrator” and “Best salesperson if the year” respectively. We’re very proud of them and they all deserved their awards! Saying that though, we’re really proud of all the Eventa staff!

We also had our logo redesigned this year and because we believe in getting everybody involved we sent emails to our customers, staff and suppliers in order to collect a wide range of information to base the design around. The final design is one that we believe embodies the Eventa brand spirit.

Not to mention that it’s only 4 days till Christmas now! Not that we’ve had too much time to think about it, after all, the festive season is our busiest time of year! So we’ve pretty much been working non-stop to ensure that everything goes perfectly for all exclusive and shared Christmas parties booked through us.

So on behalf of everyone here at Eventa, we want to thank all our lovely suppliers and customers for their continued support, as well as our dedicated staff who work tirelessly all year round. They really do make the company what it is and finally we hope you had/have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Top 3 Trending Event Themes in 2012

O.K. so the year isn’t over yet, however the Christmas season is fast approaching (yes we’ve seen the adverts on the T.V too) and we’ve been getting requests for Christmas party theme ideas.

So to help you all out, we’ve had a look through our party records and come up with this list of top 3 party theme ideas. Some of these themes have been inspired by T.V, some by film, others are tried and tested themes that we’ve seen countless times. What do they all have in common? Well they were all very popular this year! So without further delay let’s start with…

Mad Men

Since hitting our screens back in 2007 “Mad Men” has catapulted all things retro back into fashion with its style and flair. Naturally it wasn’t long before people started having “Mad Men” themed parties. These parties saw guests dress up in their finest 60’s gear and enjoy true retro themed drinks and cuisine. So if you don’t mind dressing up in “office clothes” for a themed corporate party then this is a stylish theme that will certainly have everybody looking smart and sharp!

Rule Britannia

This year has been a great year for Great Britain: we’ve had the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee all in the same year! As a result of this, patriotism has gone through the roof and everywhere we look UK citizens are embracing “all things British.” So if you’re feeling the Union Jack love then why not have a British themed party? Guests can come dressed as their favourite UK heroes and the food & drink can be an extravagant homage to the best of British.


Now this may seem more like a Halloween theme but believe us zombie parties have been cropping up everywhere (we blame “The Walking Dead” which has been huge this year.) The great thing about this theme is that guests can really go all out and really get into character and costume. Plus those who don’t fancy getting “zombie-fide” can just come dressed as themselves (or as we like to think potential “zombie victims”.) Perfect for a fun office that wants a break from conventional themes!

So if you’ve stumbled across this whilst Googling for “Christmas party Leeds 2012” then consider yourself lucky. After all, now you might not need to think of a theme! But if some of these trending themes seem a bit too much or too “out there”… Then you could always just go with the classic “Celebrity red carpet” theme (it is a classic after all!)

This year celebrate your office Christmas party… Medieval style!

We love a good old classic Charles Dickens-esque Christmas here at Eventa, but after a while it all starts to blur into one big evening of crackers and Christmas pudding. So if like us, you’re aching for something a little out of the ordinary (and dare we say it… a little bit more “magical”?) then our Medieval Christmas parties are just what you need! In fact you have three parties to choose from…

A Medieval Banquet Christmas

The king of all our themed parties, this event is a fantasy spectacle to behold! Guests will be whisked away from the 21st century and seated in a superbly decorated venue, before being served a hearty five course meal (which even includes unlimited wine and beer too!) The evening also includes two hours of live medieval entertainment, from sword fighting knights, aerial hoop artists to hand balancing performers. This event is not to be missed! Ah but I bet your thinking, “What!? There’ll be no disco?” Of course there’ll be! Because even though the 16th century wasn’t famous for its disco, we’ve made a special exception and made sure that there’ll be an opportunity for you to show off your amazing “robot” to all the knights and princesses present at the event.

A Medieval Christmas Luncheon

For those who are too busy slaying dragons in the evening, we’ve taken our renowned Medieval Banquet Christmas party and made it available during the day time! This party includes a sumptuous five course meal and half a bottle of wine per person. Not to mention the fantastically themed venue, which will be decorated in a way that will have you convinced your back in the middle ages. Entertainment for the evening will consist of jugglers, jesters and jousters (just to name a few!) As well as a very (un)authentic medieval disco. So grab your armour (coat) and prepare the steed (car) because this party is going to be quite an adventure!

Snow White’s Winter Nights

O.K. so this party is more Brothers Grimm than it is King Arthur but we included it in this trinity anyway! Hosted in a giant Gothic cellar, this party will see you and yours being served by friendly tavern girls who will serve you your five course meal, as well as top up your glass with unlimited wine/beer.  To keep you entertained there will be magicians, acrobats and costumed actors to really bring the theme to life. Plus, this year (for the first time ever) the venue will be holding a winter market which can be included in your group’s plans (please enquire for availability.)

Trust us these fantastical parties are definitely a unique experience that need to be sampled (if you haven’t done so already!) Even if you aren’t a fan of all things dungeons and dragons, these events will have you immersed in the medieval atmosphere and wanting your own coat of arms in no time.

For more information or to book a party please Contact Us.

Our Top Three Birmingham Christmas Parties

The party planning season is fast approaching us here at Eventa, and we’ve pretty much been swept off our feet for the past months!  Maybe it’s because most companies are planning the annual Christmas party earlier and earlier nowadays! Speaking of Christmas planning… one destination that’s been getting a lot of attention lately is Birmingham. So in recognition of this, I’m going to focus on Birmingham for this week’s “Top 3 Favourite Parties!”

Back to School Thursdays!

If you thought Christmas parties were all about Santa hats and baubles then you’re sorely mistaken: this festive fest is going “back to school!” So dig out your striped ties, grey skirts/trousers and your prefect badge (if you ever had one!)

Now I should mention that dressing up is optional but for those who do, there will be a prize for the best dressed “pupil” at the end of the night. However before the big prize give away there’ll be a delicious 3 course meal to enjoy – one that we’re sure will be a lot tastier than the school dinners you used to remember!After you’ve finished tucking into your dinner, there’ll  even be a professional DJ who’ll spin out some classic “old skool” tunes (yes I went there- no I am not sorry) for you to strut your stuff to.


Ah the glamour of Paris! No one can seem to resist it, not even the French! So we’ve decided to bring a little Parisian style and influence to good old Birmingham by hosting a Christmas party extravaganza worthy of the great French capitol.

The evening will include a special pre-dinner performance by stars from the West End which will is just a taster of things to come! Food is decadent 3 course affair which you’ll get to enjoy under magical starlight cloth. There’s also balloon modelling, a dance competition and a final spectacular show from the performers which will have you up on your feet and ready to dance.

Masquerade Ball

There’s something to be said for a good old masquerade, it’s a party that has withstood the test of time and one that continues to be popular even now. So make sure you invest in a sophisticated mask because this 15th century Venetian affair is one that will dazzle.

Your meal is a 3 course delicious feast and there’ll even be a live band playing, so once you’ve finished you meal it’ll be time to slip on the masks and get back on the dance floor. Plus once midnight has hit and you find yourself a little peckish there’ll even be bacon baps for everyone to enjoy! Hurrah! Admittedly not  very Venetian we know but welcome nonetheless!

And that’s it folks! So if you searched for “Christmas parties Birmingham 2012” and landed here then you’re in luck! Because (as I’ve just explained) we have several Christmas corporate parties ready and waiting (from as little as £13.50!!!)

Our Top Three Glasgow Christmas Parties

Here at Eventa we’ve had a really busy week! What with several new packages being added to our website and with peak Christmas party planning season fast approaching – the party planners here at Eventa HQ have been off working their little socks off!

However we haven’t forgotten our weekly “Top 3 Parties” articles. In fact we’ve reviewed some of our popular destinations and this week we’re going to share with you our favourite Christmas party nights in Glasgow! So let’s get started…

Party Nights in the Restaurant

If it’s a classic Christmas party you’re after then, Party Nights in the Restaurant is the party to go to! Situated right in the heart of the city, the event takes place in one of Glasgow’s best loved restaurants.

However it gets even better, because the meal is an all you can eat carvery! So we suggest you eat a light lunch beforehand, that way you can pack in as much tasty food as you can at the party! Then after you’ve finished off the last remnants of your meal, it’ll be time to get up on the dance floor and bust out some of your best moves while the DJ provides you with some body moving tunes.


What could be more magical than a Narnia themed Christmas party? The answer – not a lot. Guests to this event will start the evening off by stepping through the “wardrobe” entrance and  once they do they’ll find themselves in a beautiful venue decorated with sparkly star cloth, ice sculptures, a vintage sleigh and even the famous Narnia lamp post!

Guests will also be greeted by hosts dressed as Narnian Fauns who will greet you and provide plenty of photo opportunities throughout the night. Plus guests will also enjoy a delicious three course meal complete with Turkish delight (of course!)  Before stepping onto the dance floor to dance the night away!

Grand Ballroom Party Nights

Every once In a while we feel that office Christmas parties need to be a sophisticated affair (not every year but sometimes!) So if you’re longing to get dressed up in your best threads and enjoy a luxurious evening in the company of your work piers, then the Grand Ballroom Party Nights is just what you need.

Guests of this event will enjoy a festive feast with all the trimmings and half a bottle of wine per person! Afterwards there’ll be musical entertainment from a live band and then a DJ who’ll spin out some classic disco tunes to keep you and the dance floor moving.

So if any of these parties take your fancy and you’d like to enquire about any of these Christmas parties, then please go to our contact page or call us on 01273 225 078. We also sell other festive office parties (in several other locations) so please visit the Eventa website for more information.

Our Top Three Bristol Christmas Parties

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our “Top Three Party Guides.” Last week we talked about some amazing Leeds Christmas parties which included themes such as Back to the 80’s, Rio Carnival and Music Legends.

This week we’re going to review some of our favourite Bristol Christmas parties and boy have we got a great selection to choose from! There are Masquerade parties, Moulin Rouge themed parts and even Prohibition themed shindigs! However we’re only allowed to bestow the title of “Top Bristol Christmas Party” to three of our packages.

So after assessing and debating amongst ourselves we think we’ve come up with our top favourites…

A Hogwarts Christmas

Hogwarts??? Yes Hogwarts, well not quite… but close enough! However this exciting Christmas party is sure to bring out your inner child by sweeping you off your feet with the stunning decorations, convincing costumed actors and delicious magical food.

You can even join in on the fun by helping yourself to fancy dress props that are provided (just in case you forget to bring your own wizard hat) and pose for pictures in the photo booth. We should mention that the meal is a four course affair, so make sure you have a light lunch. Then after you and your colleagues  have finished your food you all get to enjoy some of the fun activities such as the magic potion oxygen bar, Hagrid’s shisha grotto and even Hogwarts karaoke!

A Fantasy Christmas

Ah the classic winter theme, believe us it’s a winner every time! If you choose to book this party then you’re in for a treat! Because they really go to town with the decorations. Imagine a gorgeous winter wonderland complete with ice palace and you’ll get the idea! Guests are welcomed in my costumed hosts and hostesses, who’ll introduce you to the numerous fun activities dotted around the venue.  These include a dress up photo booth, face painting stations, oxygen bar, and lots of other fun party games.

There’ll also be a mouth-watering four course meal for you and all your colleagues to enjoy as well as a casino, karaoke booth and live band so you can dance off the delicious feast you just finished!

A Comedy Christmas

They say laughter is the best medicine, so if you find yourself sick of work and no play, then this party is a great one to break the ice and bring everyone together! Because aside from the sumptuous 2 course meal, champagne reception and traditional party DJ. This office party also includes 2 top class comedians to entertain you all night long! So get ready to split your sides with laughter and enjoy a party that promises to be one of the best (and funniest) nights out you’ll have experienced all year!

And that’s it for our best Bristol Christmas parties. If you’re planning an office party in Bristol then we hope our suggestions have inspired you and (just in case you didn’t know) we also offer more parties in other destinations too so make sure you check out for more details!

Christmas Parties 2012 | It’s On!

We may only be in April but are thrilled to announce that our first Christmas bookings for 2012 are starting to come in. We believe the term is signed, sealed and delivered! The enquiries begun flooding in last week, leaving us with no choice but to recall our resident Mr. Christmas Jimmy Dean from his state of hibernation/role with our sister events company (delete as appropriate). Jimmy has been busy manning the phones, looking after your festive enquiries, dealing directly with the venues and generally taking the hassle off your hands. Welcome back Jimmy, it’s good to have you on board for the Christmas parties 2012 season!

In terms of packages that we’ve been asked to promote on behalf of our trusty suppliers so far, London has been getting in on the act as it seeks to stake its claim as the capital of company Christmas parties once again. Popular packages such as Christmas At The Aquarium and Studio 54 return for more high quality fun and frolics in 2012 and the famous London Dungeon shall be opening its gates once more for a blood-chilling evening of haunted delights with its Twilight Supper offering.

“Filling our London parties is a breeze, because there really is something for everyone,” states our man Jimmy. “Big companies with big budgets are catered for, just as small groups looking to have a great night on a shoestring are too. Christmas parties in London certainly aren’t the reserve of the lucky few.”

Thanks Jimmy, that’s good to know! We’ve already detailed in some earlier blog posts about how the rest of the country is vying for a place at the festive top table alongside our capital, but it would certainly seem on the face of it that for the most unique and mind-blowing Christmas parties London is once again the place to spend a night or two this December!

First Christmas Parties Of 2012 Announced. Time To Get Planning!

Whilst the UK basks in a welcome March heatwave, details of the first Christmas parties of 2012 have started to reach us here at Eventa HQ. To say that we are excited is an understatement. We can already reveal that this year’s events are looking bigger and better than ever as our wonderful portfolio of venues and suppliers seek to better the amazing parties they hosted in 2011. Some pretty amazing themes including Moonlit in Marrakesh, The Roaring 20s and Magical Montmartre are set to hit rooms up and down the country this December. London once again will be surpassing expectations, with amazing sounding Christmas party themes including Spectacular, Fairytale Of New York and Encore, Las Vegas all in the pipeline.

You’re probably thinking ‘why on Earth are they talking about Christmas parties 2012 when it’s currently hotter than Barcelona outside’? Well dear readers, there is good reason behind our apparently premature festive musings; companies are planning their festive bashes earlier and earlier each and every year, meaning party dates are filling up faster than ever before. Last year, the busiest booking period ran from June to November, dispelling the notion that a Christmas party is something you can plan a few weeks in advance. Many employees take time off over the summer, making it difficult to arrange suitable dates with everyone in the business, and once they have all returned in September it may be too late to bag that best deal on a date that is right for everyone.

When it comes to the most popular Christmas parties London is undoubtedly the frontrunner and therefore the place where prime events get snapped up the quickest. In light of our recently launched summer events offering, there’s now even better reason to get all of 2012’s corporate events planned at once, leaving you and the organisation free to concentrate on having a great year of business!

Recycled Christmas Trees Part Two | Festive Art

The underside of a nondescript New York bridge has been given a rather festive makeover by a local artist. Michael Neff, the man in question, had had his scheduled display in a conventional gallery delayed, so decided to hang his eight Christmas trees of varying sizes from the underside of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway where all the passing traffic could see them instead.

The trees, swinging nonchalantly in the breeze, look superb and definitely bring a drab and grey roadway to life. Whether or not they’ll still be there when the Christmas parties 2012 season rolls around is another thing but with New York’s famously icy winters blanketing everything in white these trees should provide a welcome burst of colour. As you can see from the picture below, they are well protected from the elements!

Michael Neff

The news comes hot on the heels of other Stateside goings on that we reported on last week, namely the move by New Orleans’ city council to recycle Christmas trees for use in coastal restoration. We’ve considered getting in touch with Neff in order to commission him to provide some foliage-focused artwork for a Christmas party or two of ours later this year and then that made us think of another idea.

We’d like you guys to submit your crazy ideas for festive art that could bring any number of parties to life this year. As you can see from an earlier post we managed to turn an empty room in Nottingham into a beautifully decorated and authentic-feeling ‘Speakeasy’-type drinking den. But in terms of the more traditional Christmas party nights we want to hear what you’ve got in mind. It could be a Banksy-style graffiti painting on the walls, some kind of festive fountain to welcome guests or even a hand-sculpted model of Father Christmas. Get those thinking caps on people, the 2012 festive season needs you already!

From Elf To Stripper | How Students Spent Their Christmas

Having spent all of their loans on books and booze (mainly the latter) during term-time, students usually try to find part-time work in bars, restaurants or cafes during the holidays in order to fund their between-semester trips down the pub. But with competition for casual roles always high, just how far would they go to find a job?

The Huffington Post collared two students this week to talk about their respective festive employment exploits and the results were interesting to say the least, one taking up a post as an elf in Hamley’s toy store in London and the other spending her evenings serenading as a stripper. Safe to say the latter wouldn’t exactly go down well at one of our corporate Christmas parties! The position of Christmas Elf, despite apparently being one of the most sought-after, actually turned out to be hell according to student ‘Charlie’.

“It’s horrible, unbearable even,” he claimed. “It’s a sea of people, minimum wage and everyone catches each other’s coughs and colds.”

At the other end of the Christmas pay scale, ‘Hannah’ spent the festive period stripping for between £400-£500 per night, claiming that she “couldn’t turn down the opportunity to earn that much money.”

Guys, this year you should get in touch and we’ll find you something a bit more wholesome to do during our Christmas parties 2012 season! We could certainly use a few elves (Hannah we are sure you’d make a great elf, with your clothes on of course). And Charlie, if you still want to earn your crust during the day in Hamley’s we can definitely squeeze you onto one of our top London Christmas parties held at the nearby Dartmouth House at night. Just promise us you’ll remain in costume to help us welcome the guests! Dinner and drinks on us for your troubles, we promise.

Recycled Christmas Trees Used For Coastal Restoration!

The city of New Orleans has come up with a novel use for its old Christmas trees. Officials have asked residents to place their festive foliage outside houses alongside all their other recycling, for the trees to then be collected and planted in the city’s damaged coastal wetland areas to encourage their restoration. They say that Christmas is a time for giving, but this surely takes it to the next level!

Meanwhile, back on our side of the pond, researchers at Imperial College London have been busying themselves in the post-Christmas period, concluding that if all of the nation’s cards, wrapping paper and crackers were turned into biofuel then it could run a London bus for 18 million kilometres! So, if they did Christmas party nights 2012 on Mars and buses could fly….well, you see where this going.

With London set to host the Olympics this summer and Mayor Boris Johnson’s planned reintroduction of the updated Routemaster buses in the capital, we reckon now is the perfect time for Bozza to appeal for the population’s leftover Christmas paper and card. In a city desperately in need of cutting its carbon footprint, being able to fuel its buses entirely on festive biofuel for years to come would surely represent a political victory, and one for the environment, unlike any before.

For 2011’s Christmas party nights London did its utmost to get on the environmentally-friendly map. The Gherkin for example hosted a series of exquisite events, all within perhaps the city’s greenest skyscraper. Its unique shape maximises the amount of natural light entering the building, thus reducing energy consumption throughout the day. By night, the need to artificially heat the place is reduced via a complex system of cavities containing solar panels that are charged up organically during the daylight hours.

So New Orleans, we may not be using our old Christmas trees to restore damaged coastal areas or fuelling our buses with cards and paper just yet, but London Christmas party venue The Gherkin is staking its claim as the nation’s greenest. Nice to see our industry doing its bit!