Cambridge Christmas Researchers: Who Colour Coded Christmas?

When you think of the festive season there can be no more resounding an image than that of the almighty ringleader, Santa Claus, all dressed up in his red garments, plus the brilliant green glow of the Christmas tree. This combination of colours has traditionally been thought to have originated from the Victorian times, a period when the celebration process surrounding Christmas as we know it today, such as giving cards and dining on turkey, was really brought to life.

However, researchers at the University of Cambridge have found reason to believe that the colour coding of Christmas originated from centuries before and that the Victorians were merely modernising an age old celebratory concept, an interesting revelation ahead of Cambridge Christmas parties season. The artwork on rood screens used to separate church navels from the chancel in the 14th and 15th centuries were often painted in red and green, as a way of expressing a particular feeling. This, the researchers say, is where the festive colours were first conceived before the public eye.

Christmas in Cambridge this year is all about tradition. It was always an objective of ours in 2011 to ensure that each of our Christmas party locations promoted events that reflected an element of that place’s vibe. For example, our Manchester parties are all about music and Cambridge sees Santa’s Rudolph, Dasher and Comet immortalised over the course of three exciting events in December. Reindeers may not have much in common with Cambridge, you may be thinking, yet the traditions of Cambridge’s University and architecture tied in nicely to the concept of Santa and his reindeers.

As far as Christmas party ideas go, our Cambridge events are looking rather bold this time around. The Rudolph chapter sees an exquisite four course menu lining up alongside picturesque festive decorations and a rocking disco running through to the early hours. We suggest a red tie and green hat pulled from your crackers for these Christmas parties!

Cambridge Christmas Parties | The Reindeer Diaries

When you think of Cambridge you immediately think of meticulously manicured lawns, cosy quadrangles and historic University buildings, not to mention punting boats down the River Cam whilst students study and sip drinks on the banks. We’ve been particularly fond of Cambridge Christmas parties over the years, as well as these beautifully wistful qualities one frequently attributes to the town. Indeed, a few of us here in the office made a trip up for a Christmas party in Cambridge several years ago. We ended up spending the night, enjoying the delights of the town the next day and then decided it would only be right to attend a second Christmas party that evening. True story!

A number of this year’s Cambridge Christmas parties have been named in tribute to three of Santa Claus’ most trusted companions, his reindeers Rudolph, Dasher and Comet. These shared Christmas parties will be held in a beautiful venue right alongside the river, between Queens College and the Fitzwilliam Museum. The leader of the pack is undeniably Rudolph, whose Christmas party package includes a four course dinner, coffee and Petit Fours and a late night disco. The Comet package offers up a three course seated dinner and disco, whereas the Dasher offering is ideal for smaller groups on a budget, coming in at under £20 per head.

The very same venue will also play host to a series of superb Christmas party lunches, the ideal event for groups that can’t organise an evening to get together on. Just picture it now: a couple of hours in the office followed by you all heading down to the venue in convoy and sitting down together for a wonderful Christmas party lunch. What could be better than that? The party will be all wrapped up by the evening, meaning you can spend the night with loved ones without arriving home at 2am in the morning. Perfect!