The office Secret Santa doesn’t have to be a present buying minefield

As Christmas begins to creep up on us (I noticed DFS have started mentioning Christmas in their adverts, before we know it that Coca Cola advert will be on our screens), all that comes with the festive period starts to cloud your thoughts. With so much to consider, arrange and worry about, the last thing you probably want to be thinking about is what to buy a work colleague. Yes, I’m talking about the office tradition that is Secret Santa! As if the office Christmas party wasn’t enough huh?! Some people may find this a daunting and draining experience, but it doesn’t have to be!

First of all you’ll find out who you’ve got in the Secret Santa draw. For some people it feels like a lottery where there are only losers, but take just a few things into consideration and you’ll be able to unearth a present no matter who you have to buy for.

Type of person, how well do you know them?

Now you know who you are buying for, but how well do you know them? If they’re a casual workplace acquaintance you may have your work cut out a little bit, but you can still do this!

Take a look at their work desk, if they have a lot of ‘stuff’ then chances are you’ll be able to get away with something simple that will still be appreciated. For instance, a jar of sweets for the office sweet tooth, or a USB drink warmer for the office caffeine addict show thought, time and effort have gone into your gift.

If you’re lucky enough you may get a close work friend in the Secret Santa. I’ll assume you know enough about each other to be able to find a suitable present no matter the price limit.

Is there a price limit?

That leads me rather nicely onto my next hint. If there is a price limit this can make your life a whole lot easier, or even harder. If the limit is a low price, say £10 or even £5 you can probably get away with a fun present. That’s how I’ve always done it, if it’s £5 or under you can definitely go down the joke present route.

The best Secret Santa present I received for under £5 was a gold shower radio in the shape of a microphone, which my better half absolutely loved.

If the limit is a little higher then thought and time definitely needs to enter the equation. Like I’ve already said, a quick look at your colleague’s desk (or even their social media profiles) can provide you with plenty of ideas and inspiration. Hey, they might even have an Amazon wishlist, in which case you’ve struck gold!

Still stuck? Wing it

OK, not the best piece of advice to give, but if you are absolutely stuck just go for it. If your colleagues are a fun loving bunch (like we are here at Eventa!) then you can get away with buying almost anything for your Secret Santa. I’ve been with Eventa for a couple of weeks now but I already know that if Secret Santa makes an appearance that there will be some incredible presents doing the rounds.

No Secret Santa? No problem

Your office may forego the Secret Santa tradition, in which case you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, it won’t be quite as fun for your office come that last day before your Christmas break!

Hopefully these hints and tips will help take some of the stress away from buying your Secret Santa present, and make this time of year more enjoyable no matter who you’re buying presents for!

Our Top Three Bristol Christmas Parties

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our “Top Three Party Guides.” Last week we talked about some amazing Leeds Christmas parties which included themes such as Back to the 80’s, Rio Carnival and Music Legends.

This week we’re going to review some of our favourite Bristol Christmas parties and boy have we got a great selection to choose from! There are Masquerade parties, Moulin Rouge themed parts and even Prohibition themed shindigs! However we’re only allowed to bestow the title of “Top Bristol Christmas Party” to three of our packages.

So after assessing and debating amongst ourselves we think we’ve come up with our top favourites…

A Hogwarts Christmas

Hogwarts??? Yes Hogwarts, well not quite… but close enough! However this exciting Christmas party is sure to bring out your inner child by sweeping you off your feet with the stunning decorations, convincing costumed actors and delicious magical food.

You can even join in on the fun by helping yourself to fancy dress props that are provided (just in case you forget to bring your own wizard hat) and pose for pictures in the photo booth. We should mention that the meal is a four course affair, so make sure you have a light lunch. Then after you and your colleagues  have finished your food you all get to enjoy some of the fun activities such as the magic potion oxygen bar, Hagrid’s shisha grotto and even Hogwarts karaoke!

A Fantasy Christmas

Ah the classic winter theme, believe us it’s a winner every time! If you choose to book this party then you’re in for a treat! Because they really go to town with the decorations. Imagine a gorgeous winter wonderland complete with ice palace and you’ll get the idea! Guests are welcomed in my costumed hosts and hostesses, who’ll introduce you to the numerous fun activities dotted around the venue.  These include a dress up photo booth, face painting stations, oxygen bar, and lots of other fun party games.

There’ll also be a mouth-watering four course meal for you and all your colleagues to enjoy as well as a casino, karaoke booth and live band so you can dance off the delicious feast you just finished!

A Comedy Christmas

They say laughter is the best medicine, so if you find yourself sick of work and no play, then this party is a great one to break the ice and bring everyone together! Because aside from the sumptuous 2 course meal, champagne reception and traditional party DJ. This office party also includes 2 top class comedians to entertain you all night long! So get ready to split your sides with laughter and enjoy a party that promises to be one of the best (and funniest) nights out you’ll have experienced all year!

And that’s it for our best Bristol Christmas parties. If you’re planning an office party in Bristol then we hope our suggestions have inspired you and (just in case you didn’t know) we also offer more parties in other destinations too so make sure you check out for more details!

From Heatwave To ‘Sleetwave’: Sun And Shorts Replaced By Snow

Well that was short-lived wasn’t it? After (correctly) predicting that the UK was about to bask in a heatwave a couple of weeks back, we were shocked to hear that temperatures were set to plummet and that snow was expected to render Scotland and parts of Northern England an icy shade of white. Did we hear that correctly? Snow?! It was only last weekend that we were in a t-shirt and shorts sipping cider and getting a tan in the garden.

Which is why we were shocked to hear that part of the M62 in Greater Manchester had been closed due to heavy sleet and snow, causing untold chaos for drivers. Maybe with all the white stuff around it’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas parties after all! Forecasters for the region said that between 6 and 8 inches fell over high ground in the Pennines, Peak District and Cumbria last night. Being southern fairies based in sunny Brighton the worst we’ve had are a few clouds and a spot of overnight rainfall, but we will be keeping an overcoat at the office just in case the weather should turn without notice. And let’s face it, being England, that could well happen!

In brighter news, loads and loads of new office summer parties have been added to our roster since we last blogged for you. Mayfair’s Dartmouth House is going to come alive over the summer with the ‘Director’s Choice’ series. Delicious canapés and cocktails are served in the venue’s unique courtyard and a string trio will be providing musical entertainment. Glory be!

But for now let’s watch with baited breath for the forever changing British weather’s next move. Will it be a scorcher of an Easter Bank Holiday, or will snow bring roads and railways to a halt? Perhaps quite apt then that we’ve just added a series of Bristol Christmas parties called ‘Fire & Ice’ to our roster. Just saying!

Bristol Christmas Parties | The Jewel Of The South West

Things are really starting to kick off here at Eventa HQ. We’re just days away from an incredibly exciting and ground-breaking announcement, one that is set to change the Christmas party landscape forever (hint: it’s something to do with a brand new website), packages are going live on the site with increasing regularity and we’ve already seen a massive surge in enquiries for Christmas party nights when compared to the same point last year.

After a run on events in London in particular, we are excited to announce the first series of Bristol Christmas parties going live! This jewel of the South West is well-known for being a cultural hotspot as the home of famous street artist Banksy and is quickly gaining a reputation for hosting memorable festive events. What can you expect from a Bristol Christmas party in 2011? Well, for a start, you’ll experience the warmest of welcomes right from the moment you walk through the door. The two packages on the site at the moment both include a welcome cocktail, the ideal way to get your Christmas party in Bristol started.

Going live on the site in the next few days will be a series of Bristol Christmas party nights entitled ‘Fun & Games’. These superb packages come equipped with a games room, where a Snowboard Simulator and giant Jenga and Connect Four will be housed, 80s and 90s disco and even a ‘Chill Out Zone’, full of comfy chairs and funky uplighting. Christmas parties in the South West can be proud to call Bristol their central hub. If you are looking to combine your Christmas party night with a day or two in the city, we recommend taking a flight with Bristol Balloons. Imagine taking in this beautiful city in the comfort and splendour of a hot-air balloon hundreds of feet up! See the Clifton Suspension Bridge, grand Temple Meads Station and River Avon stretching out towards Wales and the Bristol Channel. A Christmas party in Bristol is surely where it’s at in 2011!