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Top 3 Trending Event Themes in 2012

O.K. so the year isn’t over yet, however the Christmas season is fast approaching (yes we’ve seen the adverts on the T.V too) and we’ve been getting requests for Christmas party theme ideas.

So to help you all out, we’ve had a look through our party records and come up with this list of top 3 party theme ideas. Some of these themes have been inspired by T.V, some by film, others are tried and tested themes that we’ve seen countless times. What do they all have in common? Well they were all very popular this year! So without further delay let’s start with…

Mad Men

Since hitting our screens back in 2007 “Mad Men” has catapulted all things retro back into fashion with its style and flair. Naturally it wasn’t long before people started having “Mad Men” themed parties. These parties saw guests dress up in their finest 60’s gear and enjoy true retro themed drinks and cuisine. So if you don’t mind dressing up in “office clothes” for a themed corporate party then this is a stylish theme that will certainly have everybody looking smart and sharp!

Rule Britannia

This year has been a great year for Great Britain: we’ve had the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee all in the same year! As a result of this, patriotism has gone through the roof and everywhere we look UK citizens are embracing “all things British.” So if you’re feeling the Union Jack love then why not have a British themed party? Guests can come dressed as their favourite UK heroes and the food & drink can be an extravagant homage to the best of British.


Now this may seem more like a Halloween theme but believe us zombie parties have been cropping up everywhere (we blame “The Walking Dead” which has been huge this year.) The great thing about this theme is that guests can really go all out and really get into character and costume. Plus those who don’t fancy getting “zombie-fide” can just come dressed as themselves (or as we like to think potential “zombie victims”.) Perfect for a fun office that wants a break from conventional themes!

So if you’ve stumbled across this whilst Googling for “Christmas party Leeds 2012” then consider yourself lucky. After all, now you might not need to think of a theme! But if some of these trending themes seem a bit too much or too “out there”… Then you could always just go with the classic “Celebrity red carpet” theme (it is a classic after all!)

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