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Five Essential Christmas Party Don’ts

Over the course of our last few Christmas party blogs we’ve been telling you all about things that we think you should do. So with that in mind, we thought it was high time we let you know about a few things that you shouldn’t be doing at your Christmas party. We’ll own up here, we’ve found ourselves in several of these ill-advised situations ourselves over the years but hey, we’re all human and we like to think that we’ve lived and learned. We’ve done it so you don’t have to, hopefully! So without further ado, here’s our five essential Christmas party don’ts.

Kiss The Boss’ Wife/Husband

Pretty self-explanatory this one. If you find yourself flirting with or, in a worst case scenario, kissing the boss’ wife or husband, expect to find your P45 waiting on your desk the next morning, and that’s if you’re lucky!

Drink Too Much Before Dinner

We’ve all been found guilty of this one a few times. Being excited about your Christmas party and wanting to celebrate the festive season wholeheartedly is great, but we advise that you pace yourself with the drinks, especially before you’ve had a chance to eat anything. A pre-dinner drink or two, followed by bottle of wine with dinner and plenty of water is usually the best way to celebrate without overdoing it.

Expose Yourself

This doesn’t happen too often at Christmas parties but when it does it can sour the whole event. Remember that if you are attending a shared Christmas party you’ll be sharing the room with a number of other groups that probably won’t see the funny side. In any case, keep your shirt on and look the part in a classy way!

Declare Your Undying Love For A Colleague

After a few tipples it might seem like a good idea to take the plunge and let that office crush know how you feel about them but we speak from experience when say that this is not such a good call. This is one Christmas party trick that usually leads to embarrassment the next morning. Don’t get us wrong, office romances can of course blossom if both parties are willing, but on the whole it is one-way traffic!

Pass Out Before Midnight

You shouldn’t be passing out full-stop but if you are nodding off before Midnight, whilst all your friends and colleagues are having the time of their lives on the dance floor, you’ll look really silly and be the butt of all jokes from now on.

So there you have it! Follow these five easy Christmas party ideas and you are halfway towards having a cracking festive event. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for our five Christmas party DOS!

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