Festive Cocktail Ideas for Your Christmas Party

Whether it’s at home with the family or at your office Christmas party, cocktails are always a winner with everyone, so why not take some inspiration and spice up your usual festive drinks this party season? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite festive cocktails, so why not have a go at mixing some up and deciding what ones you’d like to enjoy at your festive celebration this year?

Gingerbread Bellini

Juice 1 lemon

1 tbsp ginger cordial (gingerbread syrup also works well)

50ml hazelnut liqueur

350ml Prosecco

25g roll-out icing or marzipan

Mini gingerbread men

Enjoy the usual delicious serving of Bellini with a scrumptious festive twist this Christmas! It’s really simple to make and will be sure to delight guests on arrival to your Christmas celebration. This recipe should be enough for four flutes.

First of all, make sure you’ve got some nice chilled prosecco to use for the drinks, if not keep the bottle in the fridge until it’s suitably chilled. Also place some ice cubes into each champagne flute to ensure they’re kept cool. Mix the lemon juice, ginger cordial and liquor into a jug, before removing the ice from the champagne flutes. Pour some of the mixture from the jug into each flute and top up with some prosecco. Then, apply a small ball of icing sugar on the edge of the glass and stick a mini ginger bread man on the side to complete the look and there you have it.

Chocolate Orange Cocktail

100g golden caster sugar

zest of 1 orange

 or clementine

grated dark chocolate, to decorate

100ml vodka

100ml crème de cacao

60ml orange syrup

40ml orange juice


This one’s perfect for all those chocoholics’ out there! This cocktail is a delicious treat that will really please your palette. First of all, you’ll need to create an orange syrup, which involves 100ml of water that’s mixed with the golden caster sugar and orange or clementine zest in a pan and bought to boil.

Introduce a little water to the rims of your glasses and turn upside down and dip onto a plate of grated chocolate. Throw in the vodka, crème de cacao, orange syrup and orange juice with ice into the cocktail shaker and shake away! Once you’ve shaken to your heart’s content, then pour your mixture into the glasses and enjoy!

Christmas Alexander

40ml cognac

30ml Crème de cacao white

15ml almond milk

15ml double cream

To garnish:

1-star anise

1 tsp peeled pistachios

This creamy, decadent brandy cocktail is the ideal way to bring in the festivities, and we just know that you’re going to love it! It’s super easy to make and is a real crowd pleaser. To start, throw all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker containing ice. Once you’ve had your fill of feeling like a professional mixologist, pour your creation into some glasses, before grating over a pistachio and garnish with nuts and star anise. This one’s perfect for enjoying with all of your friends and family.

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