5 Quick Christmas Hacks

Christmas has to be one of the busiest times of the year in the house, so make sure you take note of Eventa’s 5 Quick Christmas Hacks which will help you enjoy a stress-free holiday! From beating the hangover to packing away the Christmas tree lights, these nifty little gems will make life that little bit easier!


1.      Wrap your presents as you go

There’s nothing worse than leaving all the present wrapping till Christmas eve, so why not wrap as you go? It makes things much easier and then there’s no mad rush! If you can’t wrap as you go, then why not aim to wrap a few presents each day in the lead up to Christmas eve, leaving you with more time to chill on Christmas Eve and enjoy a festive glass of mulled wine?

2.      Chill the drinks in the freezer

Forgotten to chill the bottles of soft drinks? No ice? If so, no problem! Pop them in the freezer for 30 mins and enjoy speedy, cold drinks!


3.      Beat the hangover!

Research has proved that the best way to tackle a hangover on boxing day is with a delicious Sprite. So make sure you stock up by purchasing a multipack to help ease those headaches!

4.      Retro wrapping

If you’ve run out of festive wrap, then there’s no need to panic – brown parcel paper will do just fine, and it’ll give your gifts a quirky retro look too. Just tie with strong once you’re done and voila! Cheap and easy wrapping paper at your disposal!


5.      Packing away the Christmas lights

Make things easier for next Christmas when it comes to unravelling the festive lights by using an extremely, simple device. A coat hanger. Yep, it’s that straightforward! Just wrap the lights around the coat hanger for a stress-free experience the following year.

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