Our Favourite Summer Party Themes for 2018

Oh we do love summer. Not just because the weather’s warmer and it gives us an excuse to wear our favourite maxi dresses, but because it’s also the perfect excuse to get a summer knees up organised at work. There’s so many reasons to get a corporate summer party arranged this year and it’s the perfect way to increase motivation and productivity within your team.

If you love the idea of a summer celebration, but you’d like a theme for your event, then don’t worry, because we’ve rounded up the hottest summer party themes for 2018, and we guarantee that your team will love them as much as us. The tricky part is just deciding what one to go for!

Arabian Nights

Get ready to rub the genie’s lamp and have all your Arabian party ideas granted with this exciting and popular theme that’s bursting with vibrancy and colour. The best way of experiencing an Arabian Nights themed party is to arrange hire of a marquee, which can be transformed into a lavish Morrocan paradise that will be guaranteed to impress.

Think stunning silky drapes, striking decorations and large floor cushions, that’s teamed with delicious Middle Eastern food! You could even arrange for some exciting entertainment such as exotic Belly Dancers? This decadent theme has to be one of our most popular and it’s not hard to see why!

Tropical Beach

Beach Party Silhouette

Welcome to your very own paradise where it’s always Pina Colada O’clock! A tropical beach theme is a great way to bring all those relaxed feelings from the Caribbean straight over here. Whether you fancy themed cocktail bars surrounded by real sand or whether you want exotic dancers and a disco (or all of the above) then a tropical beach party won’t fail to disappoint.

As far as food is concerned, a BBQ has to be the only way to eat at a themed event like this! So throw on your Hawaiien flower garland and get ready to celebrate all the fun of what’s arguably the best season of the year with a tropical beach party.

Vintage Tea Party

Enjoy the very best of British with a vintage tea party theme for your corporate summer celebration. Experience the likes of an indulgent afternoon tea with buttered scones and fruity jam, chocolate eclairs bursting with cream and a variety of teas and coffees. You’ll need a marquee and plenty of bunting for this one (we’re getting serious bake-off vibes here!) and how about some giant novelty garden games like hoopla or Jenga that will promise plenty of fun for everyone. Keep with the vintage theme by adding a vintage fancy dress theme into the mix and sip upon classic cocktails.


carnival dancers

Bring all the colour, sound and passion of Rio to your summer party this year by creating your very own carnival celebration! Let the rhythm from the drums and the aromatic smells of delicious street style food entice you in to the vibrant world of the carnival!

Ensure you hire a DJ to play some seriously catchy Latin beats that will have everyone flocking to the dancefloor after dinner and why not incorporate a photo booth that comes with plenty of flamboyant props? If you really want to push the boat out, then you could hire professional dancers and entertainers such as fire eaters to keep everyone entertained throughout the evening!


Not going to Glastonbury or the IOW festival this year? Not to worry, as the festival can come to you with this laid-back theme which includes all the good parts and leaves out all the bad bits (the mud, the crowds and don’t even get us started on those gross porta-loos). Our ideas for an unforgettable festival includes a chill out area marquee, a bar, food stalls and a live band. Of course, you can’t forget about the professional face painter and fire eaters! It’s time to leave the stressed of work in the office, grab an ice-cold beer or cocktail and get ready to party as the sun sets!

If you love the idea of hosting a themed summer party, then please email us at Enquire@eventa.co.uk where we’ll be able to help you with your every party need!

Experience an unforgettable night in Manchester this Christmas with an incredible line up of entertainment!  

We know that entertainment at your Christmas party is important, and if you’re struggling to decide where to go for your evening, then Eventa are more than happy to help, especially if you are looking at Manchester. In this blog we’ll go over one of our favourite venues in Manchester and what to expect from it in 2018. Hopefully, it’s just what you’re looking for!

For those looking for a large venue to match their lofty party ambition, then we have just the ticket. One of the biggest venues in Manchester is now opening its doors for Christmas parties. They are used to big sporting events, so crowds are no problem. Their three separate nights will also mean you get to choose which best suits you, each of which comes with some truly incredible entertainment which we’ll detail for you below.


Work’s Finished for Christmas!

If you want to pull out all the stops then this is one of the best shared parties on our books. The festive atmosphere and decorations will certainly take your mind off work and remind you that the holidays are here! This ‘Work’s Finished For Christmas’ party comes with some top drawer live entertainment, three course meal and interactive festive games. No one can get bored here.

The live entertainment comes from award winning, international saxophonist May, who has played on chart topping single ‘Changing’ by Sigma and featuring Paloma Faith. If that wasn’t enough then DJ Viva Ems will create an epic show for the crowds. DJ Viva Ems has performed at festivals like Parklife, so you know that you’ll be in good hands for the evening!

If dancing isn’t your thing, then after the meal, you can try your hand at the interactive elements. A graffiti wall will see if you’re the next Banksy, while an adult face painting booth will create some great pictures. For an unforgettable night that’s filled with top quality entertainment and fun, then make this your first and only stop for a Christmas party night.


A Christmas Extravaganza

If you are looking for something a little more traditional at the end of the year, then the Christmas Extravaganza has everything you need to celebrate the coming festivities and yuletide joy. The large venue is kitted out like a winter wonderland creating a snowy Lapland in the middle of Manchester.

When you arrive for this shared event you are treated to a glass of bubbly and some live acoustic music in a mezzanine bar. Your meal awaits after and provides a beautiful selection of dishes to go with the Christmas theme.

When you have finished the food, ‘Under the Covers’, a seven piece live band will have you dancing in no time and is one of the best acts on the circuit in the UK. The baton is then passed to resident DJ Paul Atkinson who will see you into the early hours.

To make your night even more special you can have a go at the selfie mirror, which has plenty of props to make your pictures fun and a roll a ball reindeer fairground game.


Exclusive Private Party

While some people are happy with a shared night, others want a more bespoke party and this venue can provide you with an exclusive event tailored for you. Whether your group is 20 or 1200, they can accommodate.

A professional events team will work with you and guide you on the journey to your perfect Christmas do! You can decide on the theme, entertainment style and dietary requirements.

Decorate the big events rooms how you see fit, whether that is a traditional white Christmas or perhaps you want to get away from the cold with a beach party?Everything is customisable including the menu which you can work with the head chef to create something special that everyone at work will remember.

This is the choice for those who want to be in control of the party and have some creative ideas in how to make it the best night ever for their colleagues.


If you’re looking to make a night of your party, then why not stay onsite at the venue’s Hilton Hotel, where you’ll enjoy well appointed, modern rooms that will provide you with everything you need for a comfortable nights sleep. Send an enquiry through on the party night of your choice and mention that you’re interested in a room to enjoy excellent rates!

How to survive working in the events industry

Working in the events industry is without a doubt one of the most exciting and thrilling careers around, but it doesn’t come without dedication, hard work and plenty of late nights, all of which can take a toll on our health and energy levels.

It’s important that if you work in the events industry, to take on board some simple self-care rules to have you looking and feeling great with the challenge that everything in the events industry presents. We’ve rounded up some tips which will help you switch off after an event and will help you sleep soundly, so read on and get ready to build a healthier you!

Keep Hydrated

Although cocktails may seem more of a fun options (and let’s face it, who can resist a cheeky Pornstar Martini?!) do keep drinking water to ensure you stay hydrated through the event. It will also help with the after effects of alcohol and keep your body and mind feeling healthy and refreshed.

Limit your alcohol, caffeine and sugar intake

It’s all too tempting at events to live on a diet of coffee, cocktails, canapes and sweet sugar treats to keep you going. It’s okay to enjoy a little of what’s on offer, but watch your alcohol intake if you’re attending events most days. All those calories can add up! Although it’s not a crime to have a coffee or two to get you through the day, just try not to have caffeine in the evening, as this will keep you buzzing when you’re home and ready for bed!

Steer clear of electronic devices once you’re home

As tempting as it is to see if you’ve been tagged in any photos online or if you fancy a scroll of your timeline whilst you’re tucked up in bed, then some words of advice? Just don’t. The same goes with watching television before bed, or using any electronic device with a screen for that matter (setting your alarm doesn’t count as it’s quick!). All of these electronic items stimulate our brains and body in a way that can interfere with our sleep.

Our circadian rhythm (also known as the boy’s internal clock) is disrupted when we look at screens/electronic devices at night, and our sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin becomes suppressed. This happens because of the short wave-length, artificial blue light that’s emitted from these items. So the longer you use these devices in the evening, the more of an effect it will have on your brain and body – as a result, you’ll find it harder to fall and stay asleep! In the long-term, this can have a drastic impact on our state and can lead to sleep deficiency!

Lavender pillow spray

If you’re not home till some kind of hideous hour in the morning after a late event, then you’ll probably just want to jump into bed rather than a relaxing bath, so a product that we feel is particularly good is a Lavender pillow spray. Simply spritz onto your pillow and inhale the soothing aromas of lavender which will be sure to help you unwind and drift off into a deep sleep.

Our Favourite Long-Haul Holiday Destinations for 2018

We all need something to look forward to, whether that is the office Christmas party or a summer holiday. It is always good motivation and gets us through those tougher days at work when we’re bogged down with endless lists of tasks.

If you’re looking to go further afield this year for your 2018 holiday, then we’ve got just the places for you to inspire your travel plans.

Mexico, Caribbean Coast


With its glorious white-sand beaches and luxurious hotels, Cancun and Rivera Maya really is the place to go for scorching sunshine and an unforgettable holiday. The hotels and resorts are huge, and commonly offer numerous onsite restaurants and bars to eat and drink in, along with spectacular entertainment and activities. Whether you’re after lazy days at the pool sipping cocktails or whether you want to get out there and check out some of the ancient Mayan ruins, there’s something for everyone here!

Flight Time:  Flight time from London is around 11 hours and 05 minutes

When to go: We recommend visiting Cancun in peak season, which is December to April. During this time, you’ll be able to enjoy near perfect weather. But do be aware that Cancun’s a hot spot for the famous ‘Spring Break’ holiday, which runs throughout February, March and into early April.

If you prefer slightly cheaper prices, then consider going in May and June where you’ll avoid the masses of ‘Spring Break’ tourists, however these months are slightly less dry, so you may experience rain showers. The hurricane season is said to run from June 1st right through to November, however the country is said to be at its highest risk from August through to October.

Currency: The local currency is the Mexican Pesa, but many resorts accept US Dollars

Make sure you see: Coco Bonga Show and Disco, The Mayan Ruins, Xcaret Park, and Garrafon.

Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya

sri lanka

Famous for being one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet, let Sri Lanka tempt you with its magnificent array of wildlife and fantastic mix of cultures. Treat your taste buds and awaken your senses with the incredible food and drink that’s on offer here and get stuck into the Sri Lankan lifestyle.

Flight Time: Flight time from London to Columbo Bandaranayke is around 10 hours and 30 minutes

When to go: January to March a pleasant time to visit all over Sri Lanka, with plenty of sunshine, whilst April brings with it increased temperatures and an extremely dry atmosphere. Ensure you avoid the hottest hours of the day (11.00am – 3.00pm) when visiting in April. In May to June, the South-west monsoon makes an appearance, but only affects this particular area of the country and is the gentler of the monsoons.

July to September is known as the ‘Inter-monsoon’, which just means that the off shower is likely, but apart from that the weather is hot and dry, making it a great time to visit.

October to November is the period of the year where the North-East makes an appearance and affects the whole of Sri Lanka. This monsoon is the heavier of the two and can be unpredictable, which isn’t great for those looking to soak up the sun. The monsoon comes to a gradual end in December and is replaced with hot and dry weather – do be aware that the monsoon can drag into to December for anyone thinking of travelling here during this month!

Currency: Sri Lanken Rupee

Make sure you see: The sacred city of Kandy, The Perideniya Royal Botanical Gardens



Situated in the heart of the Indian Ocean, this tropical nation is the stuff dreams are made of; unrivalled luxury, picture perfect white sandy beaches and a breath-taking underwater world filled with magnificent corals and some truly incredible marine life.

There’s over 1200 islands in The Maldives, however only 200 of these are inhabited by local Maldivians. Many of the main resorts are in North Male, South Male, Ari, Felidhu, Baa and the Lhaviyani Atolls.

The capital of the Maldives is Male and features some beautiful mosques and colourful buildings and is the perfect spot for exploring and taking in some spectacular sights. For a holiday of a lifetime, then the Maldives really is the destination for you.

When to go: Generally, the best time to take a trip to the Maldives is May to November, however do be aware that there will be some rain during this time.

Flight Time: Flight time from London Gatwick to Male, Maldives is around 10 hours and 20 minutes

Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa

Make sure you see: A trip to Maldivian capital Male, The fish market in Male, National Museum of Male, Swim with a Whaleshark in Ari Atoll, Thoondu Beach and The Grand Friday Mosque

Thailand, Chiang Mai

chiang mai

For a beautiful location to chill out and recharge your batteries, then look no further than the Thai city of Chiang Mai. Home to over 300 Buddhist temples which includes some of the most sacred in the country and home to some of the best street food around, along with Lanna Khantoke meals, food lovers will be in heaven with the multitude of gastronomic food options available here.

Chiang Mai is located alongside the picturesque Ping River and is surrounded by majestic mountains so you can expect to catch sight of incredible and breath-taking scenery during your trip here.

 When to go: For tourists, we’d recommend visiting Chiang Mai between October and April as these months are pleasant with a nice cooling breeze. Generally in May, things start hotting up and many tourist will spend the afternoons in the shade or chilling in the pool and venturing out to explore in the cooler evenings.

June to October is classed as the rainy season and is cooler, however do be aware that humidity rises. Just make sure that you’re equipped with an umbrella, because the rain showers can get heavy!

Flight Time: Flight time from London Gatwick to Chiang Mai Thailand is around 14 hours and 45 minutes

Currency: Thai baht

Make sure you see: Elephant nature park, Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar and Art in Paradise.

Everything You Need to Know about Hiring a Celebrity Speaker for Your Work Event

Hiring a celebrity host is a great way to spark excitement and interest in any work event you are putting on, whether it be the annual office Christmas party, a charity fundraiser or a motivational training day for employee development. And while the idea of hiring a celebrity might seem like a risky venture, there’s several key points to consider to ensure you receive good ROI and are able to create a long-lasting buzz amongst attendees.

Choosing your celebrity

Choosing your speaker can prove to be a daunting task, particularly if you operate a big business with 200+ employees. Finding someone who will satisfy such a diverse range of people may be difficult and it’s wise to remember that you probably won’t be able to please everyone. Unless your business is niche and attracts a specific type of person, it’s a good idea to pick a celebrity speaker who is versatile and can easily entertain a large crowd of diverse backgrounds, age groups and interests.

Likewise, if your core employee base is predominantly a crowd of young millennials, it’s perhaps best to steer clear of that 80’s pop star you’ve been eyeing up, however much you might love their music! To get your money’s worth and make the most of your booking, be sure to hire someone who will resonate with your audience in a positive way.


Fees for hiring a celebrity host vary greatly, but of course, the more in demand and famous your speaker is, the more you can expect to pay. That being said, it’s worth noting that sometimes the smaller, lesser known stars are the ones which contribute to the best events, so don’t rule them out in your search for the perfect host.

Most talent agencies will have speakers to suit a wide range of corporate budgets, from the small to the very large, so make sure you discuss all your requirements with them and be prepared to negotiate in order to find your ideal match.


Many employers like to make their work event all that more special by giving guests the opportunity to interact with the celebrity host afterwards. It may well cost a little more, but it’ll certainly give your event and your brand the ‘wow-factor’ if employees are able to meet-and-greet with the star and have their photo taken. You could even go the extra mile and include their autobiography, CD or t-shirt in goodie bags so that guests can get them signed after the event.

How to book

There are many experienced booking agencies in the UK which specialise in sourcing speakers for events from a wide-range of talent areas, including musicians, athletes, celebrity chefs, reality stars and motivational speakers. Make sure you shop around to find a suitable candidate and then discuss your needs with one of the talent experts, who will work closely with you each step of the way to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Having celebrity guests for your corporate events provides a great opportunity to enhance your brand, drive important messages and boost employee morale. By setting a realistic budget, choosing the right guest and using a respected talent agent, you’ll ensure that things go off without a hitch and your event is the talk of the town for a long time afterwards!

20 Blog Ideas for your company website and why blogging is so important

When it comes down to blogging, it can be challenging to think of different themes and topics for your weekly blog, and it’s hard to feel inspired when your line of work may be particularly limiting. And when those creative juices aren’t flowing, then it’s all too easy to skip the blogging. But one word of advice…don’t.

Why is blogging so important for your site?

There’s many perks of producing fresh weekly content for your site, including one of the most important factors, which is frequent indexing. This doesn’t mean that your site will instantly provide you with a high organic ranking on search engines, however, the more, fresh content that’s produced on the regular, will mean that search engines will look at your site more often, meaning that there’s an opportunity to improve your rankings based on the content you’ve created. Remember, the more content you produce, the more keywords you’ll be using!

That’s not the only benefit of creating fresh content though, you’ll be keeping your audience updated with the latest news from your company/industry and you’ll be keeping things up to date. After all, it doesn’t look great when someone visits your site and the latest blog piece is from a year ago..even worse if it’s from a few years ago!

You’ll also be able to generate more search traffic and will be able to tackle those low bounce rates, so keep the content coming! If you’re still finding yourself stuck on what to write about, then we’ve got plenty of ideas that are applicable to all areas and industries…see what you think and get inspired!

20 blog ideas that will work for any type of business

  1. Latest company news and updates
  2. Meet the team and find out more about their roles
  3. Interview with clients/suppliers
  4. Competitions
  5. Frequently Asked Questions Explained
  6. Shared success stories about one of your customers or clients
  7. Write about any events you’ve attended
  8. Write a recap about what you’ve learnt on a training day/session
  9. Interview an influential person within your industry
  10. Run a survey and produce an infographic detailing the results
  11. Make a list of useful books and reading material about your industry
  12. Recruiting? Tell your visitors all about the roles that you’ve got on offer!
  13. Write about team building days that you’ve participated in and the take home message
  14. Fundraise for your company’s favourite charity and plan a special fundraising event
  15. Publish photos of where you’re based – whether it’s in a bustling city or a rural hideout
  16. Any office dogs? If so, people LOVE animals and will always love to read more about them
  17. Compile a list of the best places to go for a working lunch in your city/town
  18. Advertise and write about any deals/offers that you currently have on and provide a discount code to for your visitors
  19. Had any office/building makeovers this year? Take photos of the before and after and write about all the logistics of the transformation such as how long it took, what you had done, why you prefer it etc
  20. Create an office playlist on Spotify and get each employee to contribute some of their favourite songs – write down every track and incorporate it into a blog post

Take home message

As standard practice, you should normally make your blog post at least 500 words long and incorporate use of H2 headings. This makes it easier for your visitors to read. Anything more than 500 words is brilliant and as long as it’s easy to read, then you’re onto a winner! Also, don’t forget to share your work across your social media channels to gain more exposure and perhaps some potential new customers/clients –  Happy blogging!

The Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

With World Sleep Day taking place tomorrow, (Friday 18th March), we thought it would only be fair to dedicate this week’s blog to it all and highlight why getting a decent night’s sleep is just so important, along with some tips on how to achieve this! World Sleep Day is organised by the World Sleep Society and aims to celebrate all those benefits of healthy sleep and to highlight to society the negative impact of sleep problems and disorder.

Why is sleep so important?


Improves concentration and productivity

As we all know, sleep is vital for brain functioning which includes concentrating, productivity and performance and getting a decent sleep is thought to increase problem solving skills, the ability to rationalise and increase memory function. It’s also ideal for boasting physical performance, including speed, accuracy, reaction times and mental wellbeing.

Immune function

Research has found that sleeping for more than seven hours a night is thought to increase immune function and can fight factors such as the common cold.

Reduces risk of certain illnesses

Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night is thought to decrease your risk of particular health disorders, both physical and mental. Poor sleepers are at risk of increasing the chance of experiencing chronic illnesses, such as heart attacks and strokes. Furthermore, the risk of Diabetes Type 2 was more common in those that only slept for four hours each night, along with Depression.

Prevents weight gain

Bad news, a lack of sleep has been linked to obesity. Studies have shown that those that sleep well tend to opt for healthier food choices with fewer calories. Sleep deprivation can disrupt the daily fluctuations in appetite hormones, which is thought to lead to poor appetite regulation.

What can you do to improve your sleep?


Make sure your mattress is under eight years old

The Mattress industry and the sleep council suggest scrapping your current mattress every eight years and purchasing a new one, as mattresses any older than this lose their original comfort and support and won’t provide the best quality of sleep. So if you’ve got a mattress that’s any older than this, it may be time to invest in a new one and revel in the delights of a brand spanking new mattress!

Leave the screens alone

Seriously. Just stop updating your Facebook and Twitter feed and look after yourself. Staring at screens all evening (and especially in bed in the dark!) can interfere with our circadian rhythm and reduce the production of melatonin (more specifically the blue light emitted by our electronic devices). All of this can trick our brains into thinking it’s daylight outside, and making us feel more awake!

Quit the caffeine

Coffees all fine and well, but if you drink it too late in the day, then it can really can wreak havoc on your sleeping pattern later in the evening making you feel restless and unable to wind down and relax. Generally speaking, a 2.00pm cut off for coffee is advised, but if you can make it earlier, then we’d highly recommend this!

Make an evening schedule and stick to it

This is a helpful idea that will help your body get used to a nightly routine – state times that you want to achieve things by, like getting your packed lunch ready for work by or having a wash by. Also set a time to stop looking at screens and electronic devices (preferably an hour or two before you go to bed) and consider using a lavender pillow spray to help you feel relaxed.

Interview with an Events Professional: Lucy from All Star Lanes

Forget the bowling that you know and wave farewell to sticky floors and warm beer, and say hello to proper bowling. And here at All Star Lanes, that’s what it’s all about. Expect glamorous interiors, luxurious cocktails, crisp beers and some absolutely sumptuous food options. This week, we catch up with the lovely Lucy who works in sales and events to find out a bit more about her and her role!

  1. Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at your venue

I have been with All Star Lanes for over four years now and have been an AGM, and then a GM for our London venues and now I look after sales and events! I only took over in October so now that the rush of Christmas is over, I am really getting stuck in.

  1. What do you love about your role?

I love working with people, I love planning their parties and I love working for a venue that is all about having a great time! Everyone that books and visits us wants to have a fab time, it is an easy job really helping them to do that.


  1. What would you say that most challenging aspect of your role is?

Being creative and inventing new ways to excite people and keep them coming back. We used to be the only and original activity based boutique venue – but not anymore! We need to keep up with the times.

  1. What’s the most exciting event that your venue has ever hosted?

We are famous for our Manchester opening party… I say no more haha and I organised the most gorgeous pins and pin ups event last October. It was absolutely fabulous fun and allowed me to get a bit more creative with the event planning side of things.


  1. Why do you think that it’s important for employers to plan events such as Christmas and summer parties for their employees?

It keeps them motivated, I think employees almost measure their company by the perks and treats offered to its workforce. Christmas parties are expected by teams of staff these days, it is crucial that an organisation throws a good party – it represents a lot. It is also an important marker for the end of the year, successes and learnings from the year gone and looking forward to the year coming.

  1. What sets your venue apart from the rest?

We are super unusual, unique and COOL! We are the granddaddy of posh activity venues and manage to combine boutique bowling with gorgeous bourbon and cocktails, fab American food and packages that allow something for everybody.

Our client base is extremely varied with a good mix of corporate, private and family events and parties all of the time. This is pretty different I think, I had never worked anywhere like this before.


  1. Christmas party season is over at present, but when do you start planning your Christmas parties and brochures for 2018?

We want to be ready by MAY this year, so planning has started already. Woohoo.

  1. What kind of bespoke elements could you incorporate in and personalise a client’s exclusive party?

I love event planners and organisers that want to do something a little bit different with us. We love fashion shows that throw carpets down our lanes and turn it into a runway, we love corporate events that turn the room from a beautiful office space immediately into a party destination.

We use logos, and bespoke package options for all clients allowing them freedom over their menus and options for the night with a personalised touch. Our events team solely look after large parties and do so with so much love and care. So booking with us means you always get a super special planning service with your booking – guaranteed.


  1. Do you offer corporate summer parties? If so, what kind of themes do you offer?

We do indeed, and we are the safe bet as we are good in all weathers. We normally go with a tiki theme as it matches our retro, American brand. Our zombies are delicious and deadly to watch out – and the Kamaniwanalaya is easier to say the more you drink weirdly enough…  

  1. Finally, what’s your favourite cocktail to enjoy at a party?

I hadn’t even read this question yet, how funny! My favourite drink to enjoy at a party is actually our Charles Chaplin cocktail… Hayman’s Sloe gin (my new Fave), Old Forester bourbon, Campari, apricot liqueur and elderflower, shaken with lemon and cherry bitters. Or our all star martini, less sweet than the classic porn star martini so you can keep drinking them all night… oops!


Healthy breakfast ideas that are perfectly acceptable to enjoy at your desk

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when we’re rushing around getting ready for work in the mornings, it can be hard to make the time to enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast to equip us with energy throughout the day.

The good news is that you can give up grabbing a croissant and full fat latte on the way to the train station each morning and get stuck into something tasty at your desk at work and no, they won’t stink out the entire office. Get ready for some yummy foodspiration with our delicious breakkie ideas!

Joe Wicks Overnight Oats

This brilliant overnight oats recipe from Joe Wicks (AKA The Body Coach) that takes literally minutes to prepare the night before. It’s ideal for those that incorporate a training session into their mornings before work with its hearty protein content. The beauty of this option is that you can experiment with an assortment of different protein powder flavours or a variety of fruit assortments. All you need to do is pull it out of the fridge in the morning, wrap some cling film around it and bring it along with you to enjoy at work. Easy peasy.


Yoghurt, Berries and Granola

This idea isn’t so much an idea that needs a recipe, but more something that you can just throw together yourself. Treat yourself either the day before or swing by your local convenience on the day, and purchase some granola and a pot of yoghurt (Greek style, vanilla or strawberry is always good, but it’s totally dependent on your preference) along with some fresh fruit (we can’t recommend blueberries and raspberries enough with yoghurt and granola!) and get it all prepped at work ready to enjoy at your desk. Nom Nom.

Egg Breakfast Muffins, by Slimming World

Delicious, filling and easy to pack in your lunch box, we’re certain that you’ll love these quick and easy egg breakfast muffins by Slimming World as much as we do! All you have to do is whip these little beauties up the night before and cook them, and you’ll have a yummy start to the day just waiting for you.

The recipe we’ve provided features ham, but this can obviously not be included for any vegetarians out there that don’t want to miss out. Also if you’re not a fan of ham, then you could always switch this for smoked salmon, or if you’d prefer to avoid any meat the how about adding cheddar cheese or goats cheese with spinach and peppers into the mix?


Smoked Salmon, Avocado, Egg and Spinach Breakfast Bowl

With this one, no recipe is needed. Simply boil a couple of eggs the night before and just bring in the other ingredients from home (if you have them). Take a bowl and scatter a couple of handfuls of spinach to create the foundation for your healthy breakfast bowl, before cutting your eggs in half and adding them to bowl (it’s probably best to peel your eggs before so you don’t stink out the office kitchen!). Mash your avocado and add to the bowl and top with the desired amount of smoked salmon and voila! A lovely, tasty, and healthy breakfast to enjoy at your desk!

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

This smoothie is amazing. Not only is it ridiculously delicious and filled with anti-oxidants but it’s also versatile for people with all kind of dietary requirements, as you can use whatever milk you desire. Whether it’s coconut, almond or just good old-fashioned cow’s milk. It only takes a minute to throw in all the ingredients blend it up and pour it into a portable cup and take it with you to work. The recipe is available on ‘Alaska from Scratch’ – check it out here!


Interview with a Events Professional: Jade from Revolution

This week, we catch up with Jade from Revolution who looks after the corporate events side of things and find out a little bit more about her role with one of the most popular venue chains across the UK!

  1. Hi! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at your venue

I am the UK Corporate Agency Sales Manager for Revolution Bars Group Plc – Revolution and Revolucion de Cuba. My role is to help our clients find the perfect venues for their events, myself and the corporate team will ensure that we go through every fine detail to plan and execute our client events to perfection.   

  1. What do you love about your role?

I love the fact that every day is different, I get to deal with so many lovely people from all over the UK on a daily basis and I have so many beautiful and unique venues to offer to our customers.


  1. What would you say that most challenging aspect of your role is?

The most challenging aspect of my role is trying to manage availability on peak dates during busy periods.

  1. What’s the most exciting event that your venue has ever hosted?

All of our events are exciting and there are so many to choose from, we had one in 2017 across a two-floor venue with something going on in every area from a string quartet, cocktail making classes, DJ, band, fun casino, ice luge with our handcrafted vodka, photo booth, snow machine, different types of food and drink stations – It was just brilliant and nobody wanted the night to end, the CEO of the company looked like he was having the most fun!


  1. Why do you think that it’s important for employers to plan events such as Christmas and summer parties for their employees?

I think that it keeps everybody engaged and gives employees a chance to relax and socialise outside of their normal working environment. It is always important to have fun and that’s what we do best at Revolution and Revolucion De Cuba!

  1. What sets your venue apart from the rest?

We have 70+ stunning venues across the UK and each Revolution and Revolucion De Cuba venue is unique yet we have the same service standard and passion for events across the board. We work with our clients offering flexibility, commitment and support to create their best company event to date. Our corporate team work across the UK, offering our clients that personal touch and main point of contact whether it’s a one off event or a series of events taking place across multiple cities.


  1. Christmas party season is over at present, but when do you start planning your Christmas parties and brochures for 2018?

Our Christmas brochures will be ready in March however we have been taking Christmas 2018 enquiries since 2017, the peak dates tend to fill very early on in the year.

  1. What kind of bespoke elements could you incorporate in and personalise a client’s exclusive party?

Absolutely anything is possible and we love to be creative, we can source any type of entertainment, we can run cocktail masterclasses during your event for that bit of added fun, we can theme venues, we can personalise food and drinks and much more.


  1. Do you offer corporate summer parties? If so, what kind of themes do you offer?

 We love a corporate summer party, many of our venues offer outdoor space, some have retractable roofs and courtyards and in others, we can bring the summer party indoors as you never can be too sure of the weather!

Any theme is possible from festival, to British, Hawaiian or Yorkshire themed parties – We’ve got it covered and we can tailor the event around your company branding and values. Not forgetting the awesome ‘Cuban-style fiesta’ parties that we offer at Revolucion De Cuba all year round.

10. Finally, what’s your favourite cocktail to enjoy at a party?It has to be a Pornstar Martini or a Strawberry Daquiri.


Ideas for socialising after work that don’t involve alcohol

Sure, Dry January finished last month and as much as we like going out with our work besties to the pub and a multitude of swanky cocktail bars, we can’t help but feel that there’s extracurricular activities out there that are slightly healthier to get involved with. That’s why we’ve come up with five after work socialising ideas that don’t involve alcohol! Read on and get inspired for some serious non-alcoholic fun.

Dinner Party

Why not host a dinner party? And, no. It won’t be as expensive as you think. Each person can buy something for the dinner. Why not have one person sort out the starters, another the dessert and others the main. It’s definitely cheaper than heading to a restaurant, so make sure you hit the supermarket after work and hurry back to your nominated colleagues home of choice, ready to create a sensational feast!


Quiz Night

It’s time to pick those brains with the team to win the prestigious title of quiz champs. Most quizzes do generally take place in a pub of some description; however, it doesn’t mean that you have to drink alcohol (mocktails are actually really nice). It’s also a great way to get to know your work bunch a little bit better outside of the office

Twilight spa session

Probably not the cheapest thing to do, but it’s definitely relaxing and everyone deserves a nice treat now and again right? Hotels with leisure facilities will often sell day passes for a spa session where you’ll be able to take advantage of the swimming pool, steam rooms, sauna and relaxation areas. If you really wanted to relax, then you could get yourself a facial, massage or beauty treatment booked in for the same night for the ultimate evening of pamper!


Bowling and Laser Quest

You may not have played a game of bowling or laser quest since you were a kid, but that doesn’t as an adult you can’t get involved in this super fun activity. Round up the work lot and feel the adrenaline flood your body as you make your way round a shadowy labyrinth, as smoke swirls and lights flash. hide in the shadows and hit a colleague’s laser packs to score points. It’s a brilliant way to have a laugh and there’s a little bit of exercise thrown in there too… right?

Health and fitness class

There’s nothing more satisfying then pushing yourself in a fitness class and sweating like no one’s business. So why not try a new class with your buddies and get those endorphins flowing? But if you don’t fancy getting too sweaty, then what about trying something a bit more relaxing like a Yoga or Meditation class? It’s a great way of trying something new and you’ll be doing your mind and body a favour too!