Your favourite cocktails are making you fat!

Summer’s in full swing, which means two things – health kicks and calorific cocktails!

However if you’re wondering why you’re struggling to shed the pounds (even though you’ve been hitting the gym) we have some sad news: your favourite cocktail tipples contain a ton more calories than you thought. The scrumptious combination of spirits, juices, fresh fruits, and creamy mixers aren’t just a recipe for an unwelcome hangover, but an unwelcome, expanded waistline too!

Just check out the infographic below to see if your favourite drink made the list,

your favourite cocktails are making you fat

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The unhealthiest cocktails

Topping the unhealthy chart is a Long Island Iced Tea, boasting a whopping 720 calories a glass! That’s the equivalent to two Gregg’s sausage rolls! To put in to perspective, if this is your go-to drink during happy hour, then two contain almost 60% of a man’s recommended daily calorie intake, and a staggering 72% of a women’s daily calorie intake.

the long island iced tea

There are a few reasons for the skyscraper sized calorie count; the first being a Long Island Ice Tea is easily one of the booziest cocktails – containing vodka, gin, triple sec, rum and tequila – and alcohol. It’s sadly packed with sugar. The second is largely down to the tall glass it’s traditionally served in.

In a close unhealthy second place comes the Margarita at 680 calories. Or a roast dinner, for those seeking a tangible comparison.

It should be mentioned that the calorie count will vary considerably depending on the drink and how it’s served. In the case of the Margarita, the glass size factors massively, as Margaritas are often served in ‘fishbowls’ or pitchers. Another contributor is the type of mix used: pre-made mixers are crammed with sugar. So it’s always best to knock up a batch from scratch – it could cut your calorie intake by half!

Other juice-based cocktails, like Sex on the Beach and Zombie, wrack up high counts too, thanks to multiple spirits and sugar-packed juices served in tall glasses. Unsurprisingly, creamy cocktails are horribly calorific. For example, a Pina Colada’s calorie count is the equivalent of a single portion of a microwave lasagne meal. Whilst a White Russian’s calorie count equalled that of a medium portion of onion rings.

The ‘healthier’ cocktails

G&T drinkers will be pleased to hear this ranked towards the lower calorie end of the spectrum, but only if you opt for slim line tonic. Forgetting to order diet or slim versions means adding at least an extra 100 calories to your drink.

It’s the same situation for the Cuba Libre (AKA a rum and coke), which is the lowest calorie drink you can have – if made with diet cola.

How to be drink calorie savvy – tips and takeaways

If you’re looking to cut calories, then (unfortunately) fancy cocktails with fresh juices and various spirits should never really be on your list of drink options. If you can’t resist though and you simply must have a cocktail, then sticking to one spirit and a diet mixer is the way to go (we recommend trying a diet ginger ale for a bit of a kick!)

Avoid pre-made mixers and frozen drinks: these are packed with sugar and will undo all your hard work in the gym. Instead, we’ve found that the best calorie-cutting option is to make the mixer from scratch.

If you’re set on a fruity tipple however, then reduce the calories by opting for fresh juice over concentrated fruit juice and when serving, go for smaller glasses laden with ice.

If you’re a sucker for creamy cocktails – go  for a low/no-fat milk option in place of cream. It might skimp slightly on flavour, but your waistline will thank you for it later!

Have any tips on cutting calories? Let us know by commenting below

Wimbledon themed party ideas

Wimbledon themed party ideasWimbledon starts this week (29th June to 12th July) and the whole nation can’t wait to watch Andy Murray and the rest do what they do best – play tennis. However, if you haven’t managed to get a ticket or you can’t make your way to “Murray Mound” this year then why not throw a Wimbledon watching party and bring the excitement of the championship home instead?

Just imagine it, friends and family breathlessly watching the matches, nibbling on the delicious food, joking, laughing and generally having a fabulous time at this unique and fun-filled party. Fit for every age group too may we add (just keep the kiddies away from any alcohol!)

Sounds good right? Of course it does! But if you’re not sure about where to start or if you just need some ideas – then fear not! Because we want to help you throw the perfect Wimbledon themed party!


Everybody will be watching the matches on T.V. so we suggest not cooking/preparing anything that’s fiddly, tricky to eat or sticky. People need to be able to eat the food without having to drag their eyes away from the screen and they certainly don’t need to be putting too much thought into it. Making finger food the perfect solution for this food conundrum! We suggest going with a British theme (it is Wimbledon after all!) so think cucumber sandwiches, tiny sausage rolls, mini quiches and cheese twists. For dessert? Keep it simple by going with tennis themed cupcakes (buy or bake yourself) and/or small cups of strawberries with cream (just like they offer at the event!)


Pimms, No Wimbledon party should be without it: the drink has been synonymous with the tennis championship since the first Pimm’s Bar opened at Wimbledon in 1971. So make sure you have cucumber, mint, orange slices, strawberry slices and lemonade ready!  It’d also be worth having something sparkly like champagne for guests to enjoy as well, maybe as an aperitif or as a welcome drink?

Alternatively you could make Wimbledon themed cocktails.  Our favourite is the Strawberry Wimbledon Cocktail aka the “Magic Murray.”  You’ll need 75g hulled strawberries, 50ml vodka, 30ml Bottlegreen strawberry & elderflower cordial, Bottlegreen elderflower pressé (chilled) and ice cubes.  All you have to do is put the fruit into a clear jug, add the vodka and Bottlegreen strawberry & elderflower cordial. Using a stick blender, blend until smooth.  Then pour the blended mixture into tall glasses with two or three ice cubes in each glass and top up with bottle green elderflower pressé.  “Magic Murray’s” are served – cheers!

Fancy Dress

It wouldn’t be a Wimbledon party without tennis whites, so get everybody in on the theme and into the spirit! The more enthusiasm the better! Think white tennis gear, sweat bands, rackets and tennis shoes (or just trainers.) If other people can think of more creative Wimbledon fancy dress then encourage it (a dress made out of tennis balls a la Bethanie Mattek-Sands maybe?) Besides, nothing gets everybody in a party mood faster than fancy dress!


Lots of green, yellow and (of course) tennis balls! These can be bought cheaply off the internet and are incredibly versatile as a decorating item. Put them in glass vases instead of water then put flowers on top. Remember the flowers should be yellow or white and while you’re at it, why not add some green and white streamers, banners or balloons around the room?  Plus if you want to go all out, you could event put up tennis themed signing, posters and even buy little trophies to put up/place around the room as an extra touch!


Finally, if you want to play a game at your Wimbledon party then why not buy a tennis ball piñata? Or if you’re feeling creative you could even make one yourself! That way, during a break (or at the end of the party) guests can enjoy hitting the piñata (best to do this outside) with an old tennis racket till the sweets come out! Trust us this game goes down a treat and everybody gets to reap the delicious rewards!

Meet the Eventa Team – Joe Mitchell-Charman

Winner of the 2014 Eventa sales person of the year, Joe has been a stellar party planner since the first day he started the job! Coming from an experienced events background, we  were more than happy to welcome Joe to our  company family almost two years ago: we’re pretty sure he could sell ice to Eskimos! However, what’s the man like behind he “sales machine”…?

How long have you been part of the Eventa family?

I started in April 2013, so coming up 2 years.

What is your favourite part of working for Eventa?

The best part for me is no two events are ever the same. Every client has different requirements and taste, so it’s refreshing to be part of delivering a broad variety of amazing corporate events!

What is your background and experience in the events sector?

I have worked in corporate events for over 6 years – specialising in corporate parties. I also have experience in theming events and event production too.

How did you get into the events industry?

I have always worked in sales, so when I saw an advert for an Eventa sales position I couldn’t help myself! Prior to this, I sold stag & hen weekends but it wasn’t long before I moved into the corporate market and I’ve never looked back!

And what would you suggest to those out there who are looking to get into the events industry?

First and foremost, you have to be passionate about events, and be enthusiastic! Also, having an eye for detail is paramount: no stone can ever be left unturned when it comes to organising events. Especially when it comes to large clients. 

Don’t worry the easy questions are coming now; what is your favourite drink?

I like my lager of course, but I’d say a nice Rioja is top of my list.

What about your favourite canapé?

Rare roast beef on a mini Yorkshire pudding.

What are your 3 top tips to ensure a successful event?

Thorough research, meticulous preparation and the highest level of customer service

Finally, what are the best and worst secret Santa gift(s) you’ve received?

Best would have to be a miniature dart board ( I still use it today!) and the worst would be a Keith Chegwin’s Greatest Hits CD!

Top ten tips of organising a cocktail party

Choose your venue

Obviously! However where you choose to do host your event will matter as well. Always keep your objectives in mind as well as the size of the venue and its facilities. Make a note of these and assess whether the venue meets those.

Parking and transport

If your venue is hard to get to and there’s nowhere to park then you’re going to have some very annoyed people turning up (if they turn up at all…) So heed my warning when it comes to parking and transport. Have taxi numbers ready and know the nearest public transport routes: I guarantee your guests will ask.

Negotiate a price

Once you have a venue and you’re happy with the parking/transport situation then it’ll be time to negotiate a price. If you want to save money then book your event during an off season and during a week day. Be clever about it though, because the date is everything and it will determine the cost and it may effect if people turn up to your event or not.

Use an online RSVP system

Take the stress out of snail mail RSVP’s and do everything through Eventbrite. It’s easy to keep an account of who is turning up to your event and what numbers you should be planning for. Plus it comes with several different tools such as real-time analytics to your event, promotional tools and page customisation.


You may choose not to have one but we always find that a theme works very well for events. Even if customers don’t get dressed up in costumes themselves doesn’t mean effort can’t be made with the surroundings. Yes it’ll add to the overall cost but it really depends on what theme you choose and how far you go with the decorations.

Food portions

Are you serving food buffet style? Or are you going to serve canapés/nibbles? The way you decide is pretty easy. If you want people to stay for a few solid hours then serve food, however if you’re happy for people to go in and out as they please then canapés are probably a better choice.


Do you want people dancing? Do you want people to network or chat? Decide beforehand so you can pick the music. Loud music = bad for conversation.  Dance music = bad for concentration. I’, sure you knew that already and if you didn’t then I’m sure you get the general idea now.


Personally, I always think it’s best to provide at least some seating for your guests. Because there’s nothing worse than standing up at an event all night (especially if you’re in heels!) Additionally make sure the venue isn’t’ saturated with seating, so much so that guests can’t walk around comfortably.

Coat room

If you live somewhere cold and want to minimise coat theft and clutter in general, try and supply your guests with a coat room facility.


Do you plan to have any entertainment during the event? Magicians? Palm readers? Jugglers? Fire breathers!? (O.K. maybe not fire breathers…)  The point is don’t book something that will require people to stare at a stage for long portions of time. It’s a cocktail party and the aim of the game is civilised mingling with other guests!


Meet the Eventa Team – Sophie Bonwick

Sophie joined us in 2013, and straight away she set about being one our best party organisers. She has set multiple records for booking the most people into events across the country this season! Let’s find out a bit more about one of our star party planners!

Hello Sophie! How long have you been part of the Eventa family?

Hiiii! I started back in June 2013, so I’ve been here for about a year and a half now.

What is your favourite part of working for Eventa?

The events we get invited to, it’s great to see how all of our hard work and planning pays off, and also to see all those happy faces of our clients. Not only that, sometimes you read a menu for an event and really want to try it, so we’re really lucky that we get that opportunity from time to time.

What is your background and experience in the events sector?

I used to work for Thomas Cook as a Holiday rep but I thought it was time to return to the UK and ‘get a proper job’ as people say, so I wanted to get into a fun working environment and Eventa is just that.

How did you get into the events industry?

I liked the sound of the job advert for my role here at Eventa, so I went for it. My previous job as a travel rep really helped to land this one, although when I was repping I never really saw it as being part of the events industry. However, looking back it was and I’d say with that experience I wouldn’t be here now.

And what would you suggest to those out there who are looking to get into the events industry?

Just go for it! The events industry is wide and varied, so if you can’t get into the part of the industry you want to straight away, there is always another way in to get the experience that you need.

Don’t worry the easy questions are coming now; what is your favourite drink?

Vodka Redbull. Next!

What about your favourite canapé?

Mini Burgers, I do love a slider.

What are your three top tips to ensure a successful event?

  1. Be prepared, anything can happen, and sometimes anything will.
  2. Be happy, nobody likes someone who looks like they don’t want to be there
  3. Be approachable at all times, even helping with the slightest thing can make a huge difference to the event as a whole, not just for us as organisers but for those attending the party


Finally, what are the best and worst secret Santa gifts you’ve received?

Best – Perfume (Cool Water), because who doesn’t love getting perfume as a present?

Worst – Bottle of Lambrini, but only because that meant whoever bought it for me was waaaaay under the £10 limit that was set, haha!

The 2014 Eventa Group Christmas Party

So we had our company Christmas party last Friday and everyone at The Eventa Group had a fantastic time! Several of our fantastic company employees helped to plan and organise the event which took place in Al Fresco’s in Brighton, and this year we decided to try out the “Stick It On” a DJ hire service that lets the party guests DJ. The idea is that everybody picks a DJ name and chooses a selection of songs to play on the night.

However, as a company we had limited set spaces (10) so people had to submit their songs to our company party planners and they picked the final winning DJ’s (below)…


We also had a photo booth too which proved to be incredibly popular during the evening! This enthusiasm was fuelled by the massive box of props that was supplied and many of the staff had a blast getting dressed up…






I’d love to tell you more about it but what happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party. So my lips are sealed, my memories are a bit hazy and my feet still ache from all the dancing!

Last but not least, I’d like to take the time to thank some people on behalf of everyone who attended the event. For contributing to the planning and organisation of our company Christmas the party we’d like to thank Kate and the incredible party planners at Eventa. We’d also like to thank Lynsey, Beck Taylor, Beth Gale, Miriam and everyone in our Social Club who helped. Finally, a massive thank you also goes to our big bosses Rob “The Party King”, Nick and Pat for paying for the entire event!

Meet the Eventa Team – Megan Lewis

Megan is one of the nicest people I’ve met and not too long ago she joined the Eventa family. Leaving Uni with determination and enthusiasm, Megan quickly immersed herself in the events industry and her hard working nature, and excellent customer service has served her (and our customers) well! So we thought it only right to interview her for this months “meet the team” article …

Hi Megan! How long have you been part of the Eventa family?

I have been working for the The Eventa Group for almost a year now but specifically Eventa for 6 months. It is definitely one big family and I feel very much at home now.

What is your favourite part of working for Eventa?

I love my team! We help each other out and there isn’t one person I couldn’t count on. Also we get to meet some interesting characters and see some amazing venues.

What is your background and experience in the events sector?

After I left University I worked for a Digital and Live Events agency in London for a few years before moving back down south where I began to work for a local Events agency before moving to Eventa. I’ve done a bit of everything from weddings, festivals & club nights to AGMs and corporate parties.

 How did you get into the events industry?

It all started while I was studying at Kingston University. I helped promote and run a few DJ nights around the town for a small promotion company and then also worked at the legendary London club Fabric in the promotions team. I realised I loved organising events but wanted to move into the corporate side. 

And what would you suggest to those out there who are looking to get into the events industry?

It’s all about experience, get out there and learn on the go. It’s not as glamorous as most people think it will be but you get to work with some fantastic people and help everyone have a bit of fun!

Don’t worry the easy questions are coming now; what is your favourite drink?

Depends on the occasion! For a night out it would be a vodka ginger ale, my choice of cocktail would be a Daiquiri but Prosecco is my all round favourite.

What about your favourite canapé?

I went to an event once where the canapé was a platter of Steak with a garlic butter sauce. Not really canapé sized I know but it was divine!

What are your three top tips to ensure a successful event?

  1. Plan, plan and plan some more!
  2. Only work with venues and suppliers that care as much as you do about putting on a good event.
  3. Don’t stress! There are inevitably things that happen that you don’t plan for but as long as keep calm things will fall into place.


Finally, what are the best and worst secret Santa gifts you’ve received?

The best was a hat. I have had it for 5 years and it’s still my favourite. I’ve never had a bad secret Santa myself, but I have heard that someone in the office got packets of ketchup from MacDonald’s last year. I would not be happy with that!

How to survive the work Halloween party with class and dignity

Many UK work places don’t throw Halloween parties for their employees because admittedly it’s a holiday that’s celebrated more in the states than it is here. However, we’ve noticed (being a party company and all) that more and more UK companies are getting on the Halloween bandwagon and throwing parties to celebrate this spooky holiday. So if you find yourself being invited to a ghouls and goblins gathering with your co-workers and you’re not sure how to navigate this minefield. Then read on for our fail safe tips…

Don’t wear a racy costume (even if you would outside of work)

The fact that I’m even typing this is almost laughable but leaving this point out doesn’t seem entirely wise. Yes, it might be Halloween and though you might be tempted to dig out your skin tight cat woman costume or your itsy teeny weeny He-Man trunks THINK. You’re going to a party with your co-workers, the people who you talk budgets/campaigns/payroll/projects with. The people who you work with, the people who see you from a professional viewpoint, the people who may give you future references, the people who may be responsible for giving you a pay rise… Let that sink in for a moment. Yeah, that provocative costume doesn’t seem like such a good idea now does it?

Be creative with your costume

Just because you can’t be revealing with your costume, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! You do want to impress your co-workers after all, so dig around on the internet. Have a look on Pinterest and see what other people have done to get some inspiration (obviously make sure it’s not offensive and won’t hurt anyone else’s feelings!) Show a bit of your personality and let everyone see your creative side!

But don’t drink too much

This is just a general rule for all office parties: it’s never a good idea to drink too much. You’ll be surrounded by important people who ideally need to take you seriously. So getting blind drunk is never a good idea. Knocking back the alcohol is going to have a knock on effect on your professional life: you don’t want to be seen as that person who needs booze to have a good time, nor do you want to be the person who needs Dutch courage in order to start conversations with unfamiliar co-workers. Pace yourself, have water in-between drinks and if you accidently spill red wine down yourself then hopefully your costume will have some fake blood on it to disguise the spill!

Have fun

Company parties are a great way to get to know your co-workers better, which means that (if you can) you should attend them. Integrate, mingle, ask questions, and crack out that killer joke (again make sure it’s not horribly offensive.) Use this opportunity to attract the right kind of attention and elevate yourself in the eyes of your colleges.

Worst case scenario – don’t go if you think you can’t behave

If you don’t think you’re going to be able to control yourself and behave during the party then it’s best not to go. If people ask why you’re not going, don’t give them that reason. Make up a legitimate sounding excuse or say you’re not feeling well. Yes it’s a good chance to get to know your co-workers better but if you don’t trust yourself to behave or be good with the booze, then for the sake of your professional career, missing out one on party is better than making a completely fool of yourself in front of everyone at work.

Meet the Eventa Team – Kate Packham

Not too long ago we welcomed a new General Manager to Eventa – Kate Packham. She comes from a fantastic events background and now that’s she’s settled in quite nicely. We thought it was only right to introduce her…

Welcome to Eventa Kate! How does it feel to be part of the Eventa family?

I’ve been in the role just a month and yet I feel like I’ve been welcomed into the family with open arms. I’m lucky to have inherited a really strong team in the Eventa corporate events arm of the group, and the solidarity between the brands and shared departments has been really reassuring.

What is your background and experience in the events sector?

Where do I start?! I’ve done everything from weddings, catering events, parties & club nights, charity functions and local festivals! However a huge proportion of my experience is in corporate events, meetings and teambuilding. I’ve always been very hands on and thrived on the client facing, onsite delivery of a carefully planned event, so this new more strategic management role is an exciting new path for me and my team. You won’t just see me at my desk though; I’ll be out and about alongside the events team delivering events whenever I can!

How did you get into the events industry?

My degree was in Business and Marketing so I initially went into marketing.  However it was always the events side of my marketing roles I really felt at home with. The exhibitions, PR events, product launches and networking, so it was a natural redirection for me. The Eventa Group has a great marketing department though, so I’m hoping we can work very closely together to help drive Eventa forward in the corporate market.

And what would you suggest to those out there who are looking to get into the events industry?

I’d say it’s so useful to understand as many elements of event management as possible, and that work experience, volunteering and internships are invaluable to prove you are serious about a role. It’s a competitive industry and when starting out it could stand you out from the crowd.  I still volunteer for a local charity and run festivals for the community in my spare time! 

Now for some easier questions; what is your favourite drink?

Oh come on, that’s still tough! It’d be Rioja with dinner, Espresso Martini out with the girls, or a Bloody Mary with my Sunday Roast. Just one? Oh, water, you must keep rehydrated running events!

What about your favourite canapé?

Well, being a cook and a bit of a foodie I love both cooking and eating most canapés.  But my most recent memorable one I’ve tried was at Dirty Blonde in Brighton. Kensington Roof Gardens event team took us there and one of the canapés blew us all away… Deep fried Macaroni Cheese cubes. Oh my god, so naughty but so good!

What are your three top tips to ensure a successful event?

1. Know your client and their needs

2. Careful venue and supplier selection in your detailed planning stage

3. Deliver your event with energy and passion – your enthusiasm and attention to detail will go a long way!

Finally, what are the best and worst secret Santa gifts you’ve received? (No naming and shaming please!)

Well the worst one I can remember is actually one I gave.  I made handmade chocolate truffles for a colleague, which was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever given. However it backfired, because they melted under the tree lights and ended up as a pile of brown sludge in a box! Very embarrassing!

The best secret Santa I received was a Vietnamese phrase book: I was off travelling for a month across Indo-China. Not that my pronunciation got me far… but still it was a useful present none-the-less!

What the Events Industry can learn from the World Cup

As July is ending, it’s worth looking back at something that came to a close earlier this month – yes, the World Cup has been a celebration of all things football, resulting in some truly brilliant games, goals and of course – a healthy dose of controversy. But at the same time, it has also been when you strip it all down, one of the biggest events you’re likely to see…

For the most part, this event went incredibly well, with basically everyone in agreeance that it was a successful World Cup, but at the same time there has been quite a few lessons any event professional can learn from across the World Cup’s tenure in Brazil – coming from before the tournament even started right up until the trophy was lifted by a typically efficient and solid German side.

Plan and Plan again… then Execute

The first of these lessons is to plan, plan and then plan again. Any event deserves the right planning no matter its size – and in terms of the World Cup, it deserved everything to be planned right down to the nearest second.

To be fair, that might have been the case, but you also need to execute these plans properly and that is where, at times, the Brazilian World Cup faltered. Before the tournament started, most of the news reports coming out about the country were surrounding the stadiums and how they still weren’t ready, or in terms of England, how the pitch was so bad before their game against Italy that it needed to be painted green.

When applying that to events that aren’t a 32-team football competition that the world is watching, this means ensuring that everything and anything planned needs to be ensured that it can actually be pulled off on time. Many can argue that the stadiums did end up being ready and the competition was fantastic, but the build-up didn’t fill anyone with hope. If your client is left worrying because everything you promised isn’t being delivered on time, in terms of the venue or even a menu tasting – confidence will plummet and could create even more problems.

Book the Right Entertainment

Pitbull. Need I say any more at all? While the overall tournament was a success, its opening ceremony was met with confusion by many. To put it short, the entertainment (and those white Pitbull trousers) bombed – especially when placed in front of a world of beer swigging football fans.

Entertainment is key and knowing the audience/the client before choosing it is essential.

Use your Technology Properly

Goal line technology has been a huge debate for years and years, and the World Cup became the first tournament to fully implement it, so no more Frank Lampard fiascos took place like in the 2010 World Cup but what replaced them were unnecessary replays every single time there was a goal… and in a World Cup that was packed with goals, it grew tiresome pretty quickly with every obvious goal being replayed with the use of the ‘Goal Cam’ to confirm that yes, yes it was in fact a goal.

Those replays were soon phased out once it was realised by the technical team that they were unnecessary for 99% of the goals, so the lesson to be learnt here is know your technology well and use it properly. Depending on the event, tech is having a bigger and bigger place in events from social media plugins to eye-catching new installations and it’s essential to know exactly how they work and not to overuse them. Use tech to complement the event, but not overwhelm it, as the human element is still hugely important.

Keep to your Timings

Timing is everything when it comes to a well-ran event so rehearsals and strict time-keeping are an absolute must. With the World Cup earlier this month, all eyes were on the final and of course, the trophy presentation that closed the entire competition. It took what seemed like an eternity to get the presentation going, leaving Argentina (the losing side if you didn’t know) waiting around solemnly for far too long.

There was no tangible reason for the hold up, but with extra time also being played, they had more than enough time to prepare for the presentations. Plan, prepare and make sure these mishaps don’t take place at your event because with a rigid time schedule and execution, it won’t happen!

The World Cup was all about the football but beneath the surface, it was about hosting an event, so hopefully as events professionals we can all learn something from it and apply it to our own work, no matter what kind of event it is!



Google’s Offices and how they create a Happy Working Environment

Last week, myself and Marketing Manager Keith White were lucky enough to visit Google’s London headquarters for the ‘ixdisplay’ day they were holding. And aside from a day of learning from talks hosted by companies such as Hearst and Reed, what really hit us were Google’s offices and the working environment they have created.

You wouldn’t come to expect anything less from the company that have slides installed for their employees in their LA offices – and it’s safe to say that their relatively new London offices (they were opened towards the tail end of last year) do not disappoint. With differing themes running throughout the office, chill out zones where you can still work, a state of the art conference room (where most of our day took place) and multiple terraces that look over the whole London, it begs the question: what can you do in your own office to emulate the Google office ethos?

Of course most of us don’t have the location or office space to completely replicate everything Google are doing but there are definitely some aspects of their working environment that any business can borrow from, so let’s take a look at what me and Keith learnt…


The main air about Google’s offices is that they are relaxed and no where will you find a stuffy, corporate environment. The prerogative here seems to be that its 2014, and it’s time to start treating employees like adults that can manage their workflow freely rather than children that are hemmed in with what they’re doing.

At one point we stumbled upon a room with ‘Google Green’ lit up above the door, everything was plush green and there was an employee relaxing on a bean bag (green of course) but at the same time, getting on with their work. Google is one of the most successful companies in the world, so you know that their employees are actually doing their work – but they’re being allowed to do it in a relaxed environment that puts trust in their skillset and ability to work!


Your office is the biggest and most important member of staff you have, so it shouldn’t be seen as just a room you work in but instead something that should have personality and say what your company really is to the core. Google are of course a young, fun (just think of their Google doodles) and modern business – so their office suits this with the aforementioned themed green room, the fact that there are photo booths in the general work space and all the door handles resemble the circular turn locks you would find on a ship.

It’s these touches that make employees realise they’re not just working in any bare office, but at Google’s offices – and it might not have to be extreme but there are many things you could do to add the same to your office – be it with artwork or something like the following…

Something Extra

Along with the decoration, Google also adds some extra little bursts of fun and class to their offices, with the aforementioned slides over in LA, or in the London office, the kind of photo booths you would usually find at an event, just sat there constantly in the office – in addition to the luxury of multiple roof terraces overlooking London that add a huge draw for anyone looking to work at Google.

Now as I said earlier, roof terraces overlooking London probably aren’t much of a possibility for most businesses, but it doesn’t take much to add something exciting to your office, be it a staff room with table tennis, an Xbox or an inner-office addition that’ll get people talking!


All of the above is all well and good but it’s worth nothing if you don’t cover the fundamentals – and that means keeping it clean. Google is immaculate through and through – from the toilets to reception and through every desk in between. This doesn’t take much but it’s worth a whole lot, so don’t get lost in a world of adding quirks and eye-catching decoration to your office, while forgetting about the necessity of cleanliness. It counts for a lot!


Not exactly a tangible addition to your office like decoration or that really sweet photo booth, and only achievable with certain lines of work, but days like Google’s iXDisplay day definitely add something extra to the office, bringing in a certain buzz with them and of course the opportunity to network – boosting your contacts in the process. If you’re a business of a certain stature or have something to say about your industry, why not set up a day of talks?

And this is where we come back to our day at their offices and after dissecting what was great about them, it is also worth mentioning that the day was a well-run event – and being events professionals this was a major plus for us. Everything was kept to time, the food was great and for us there was the added extra of being interviewed about the day and our business for a video that’ll be up for all to see soon. Here it is taking place!

Google iXDisplay

So there you have it, Google isn’t just a search engine, but a great blueprint to base your office environment off of. Learn from the best and apply it to your business – because by achieving a happy working environment, you in turn achieve a more productive and loyal work-base.