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Christmas Parties – Warwickshire

Nestled amongst the huge cities like Birmingham and Coventry, Warwickshire offers something different. Each of the townships have their own particular, distinct personality. But what they all share in common, is an appreciation of a good party. The festive season is fast approaching and with it, the Christmas party is as well. Christmas parties are becoming an increasingly essential part of a businesses’ social calendar and there’s an increased expectation of great parties. This is something that at Eventa we’ve noticed in the Warwickshire area, with so many thriving businesses the demand for creative and exciting office Christmas parties has surged. But planning the Christmas party can feel like a chore, especially during the already hectic Christmas season. You have to buy presents, fit in meeting friends you want to see and relatives you have to – and more! That’s why it’s best left to an event management company, someone who can take away your woes and deliver an incredible party this year.

At Eventa we understand that experience is everything. So we use our experience in event organisation to give you and your colleagues an incredible experience to take home.

Warwickshire Shared Christmas Parties

The rise in the popularity of the Christmas party has also seen a rise in the popularity of the shared party. A shared party is where you and your team share a venue space. With the welcoming Warwick atmosphere it creates a great feel to your event. And a shared party can even offer you the chance to talk to these other companies, and if you think it’s too much fun you can even call it networking and pretend you’re getting work done while you party. Below are a selection of our shared Christmas parties, but do keep checking up until the big day on the 25th as more and more venues will confirm their packages with us.

Warwickshire Exclusive Christmas Parties

If you want an event that you’re in total control of then exclusive is the way to go. You don’t just get private access to your event, you also get total control of your night when it comes to creative freedom. It’s all about celebrating the way you want to. So a member of Eventa’s organisation team will work with you to build your perfect festive package. All of our events are high-quality, brief conscious and guaranteed to please.

Warwickshire Christmas Party Venues

Location, location, location. Every location in Warwickshire offers something different, so we’re guaranteed to find the perfect venue for you. Nuneaton offers member’s clubs that have the absolute highest levels of service. Rugby provides modern, contemporary hotels with stunning, huge suites ideal for festivities. Leamington Spa has historic, luxurious grand manors on its outskirts, whereas Warwick boasts more rustic, unique country houses.

If you and your team are based in Warwickshire, you already have a spectacular backdrop to your events, and Eventa can make it even better. We can bring excellent theming, catering, entertainment and more to your Christmas corporate event and we’re only a call or email away.

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