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You’d be hard pressed to find a part of England that’s as unique as the South West. At times it even feels like a country all of its own. At Eventa we love that character, because we know the best parties have character. In every one of our parties in South West England we try and bring that vibrant, lively character to the unique atmosphere of locations like Bristol, Gloucester and Cornwall.


Eventa know the importance of corporate events. Especially the Christmas party – it’s a key event on the social calendar that shows your team how valued they are. It brings together teams and helps cohesion. As well as being a great excuse for a great party! Below are a selection of our packages in the South West region, have a browse and see if any are suited to your team!


The cultural identity of the South West is particularly strong and it has often marched to the beat of its own drum compared to the rest of the nation. But it does have a rich heritage that is fundamentally linked to the make-up of England – with Stonehenge, the Legend of King Arthur, Glastonbury Festival and of course Cheddar Cheese all originating in the region.


Why does this matter to us at Eventa? Well we love to bring out that heritage in all of our parties. Whether it’s using local caterers who utilise the best sourced ingredients or its bringing your Christmas event to one of the fantastic venues in the area, we love the South West because we can throw such amazing events there!


One of the real jewels of the region is Bristol. And we always receive a huge amount of enquires for parties in the area. Our experience working in Bristol stretches back to our very first year of business in 2009 and our relationship with the diverse venues in the area means we can arrange some incredible events. This year one of the most popular packages is the Venetian Masquerade Ball that brings some incredibly high levels of production for a night of Grandeur.


For some incredible levels of service and event quality – at Eventa we know Cheltenham is an incredible location for a Christmas event. Cheltenham’s history as a Regency spa town has given it a tremendous legacy. Where once it served the royalty and nobility, the doors of its heritage venues are now open to the public for Christmas events. And the service level hasn’t dropped.


Christmas parties are split into two separate kinds of events. The first, which we recommend is called a shared – or joiner – party. Your venue space is shared with other local teams – and in locations as friendly as Cheltenham, it means that your party comes with a built in party atmosphere from the moment you enter. The other benefit of shared parties is that they often don’t stretch the budget too much, and still let you have an incredible festive party.


If you’re a larger company, you can opt for an exclusive only party. This is more of a private party, where you’re the only team in attendance in your chosen venue. We here at Eventa are only too pleased to provide you with incredible venues ready and willing to create you a fantastic Christmas party from theming to dining and all those personalised touches you would expect. If you are undecided on a package we list here please feel free to email and we'll be happy to help you find that perfect venue. 

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  • Build Your Own Christmas Party

    Exclusive party in Bath

    From £70.00pp +VAT

    • Exclusive Venue Hire
    • Bespoke Theming & Production (Optional)
    • Champagne Cocktail Reception (Optional)
    • Min: 150 | Max: 800
    • Dress Code:: You decide!

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