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The Christmas party night is one of the most exciting social events of the year, so make sure you celebrate in style by opting for one of our listed venues in Scotland this festive season! We’ve got plenty of excellent choices available in two of the biggest cities in this country; Edinburgh and Glasgow.

You won’t find a much better selection of party themes than in these two incredible cities. There really is something for everyone here, from spectacular themed party nights that will take your breath-away to festive dinner and dances that will feature turkey, tinsel and all the fun of a festive party night!  

Why not take a browse of our top Christmas celebrations in Edinburgh and Glasgow today and send an enquiry through to one of our top venues?


Did you know that many millions of years ago, Scotland’s landmass was once totally separated from jolly old England and Wales – it was joined to America and Greenland!




For the best part of a decade, we’ve been working in Scotland and our most popular location is Edinburgh. And it’s easy to see why. The capital has a character that is totally unique to itself, as you would expect from the city that hosts The Edinburgh Fringe. The quirky venues of modern Edinburgh sit alongside the classic spaces of the Auld Town meaning that there is literally something for everyone.

But that’s not forgetting Glasgow! In the past couple of years, we’ve seen the demand for a festive bash in this city soar drastically. As a result, we’ve increased the numbers of incredible venues that we offer, so that our customers have a great selection of Christmas parties in Glasgow to choose from!


Before you start looking at Christmas party themes in Glasgow or Edinburgh, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like to opt for a shared or an exclusive Christmas party night. Shared parties are one of our most popular options and exactly what they sound like – on the night of the event, you’ll join other groups and teams from the area and will come together to celebrate in serious style.

It will create a buzzing atmosphere and ensure that the party vibes are kept going! Another reason why our venue’s shared party nights are so popular is because of the price; you’ll simply pay per head and that’s it. You won’t need to pay for event space hire as that will all be included in the price, along with dinner and entertainment. Some shared packages also include drinks on arrival or wine with dinner - so take a look at our great selection in these fabulous Scottish cities and see what takes your fancy!

If you prefer the idea of enjoying a private Christmas celebration this festive season, then one of our venue’s offered exclusive events are ideal for you and your group, You’ll have private hire of an event space, area (or the entire venue if available and you’re a particularly large group), so you won’t be joined by any other guests of the venue on your special night.

The great thing about exclusive Christmas events is that your group will be afforded an extra level of flexibility for your event – maybe you’d like to include a festive cocktail to begin with or you’d like to factor in a speech during the night? Whatever you’re after, the venue will be happy to speak with you and help make your ideas a reality!



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