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Scotia. Alba. Bonnie Scotland. At Eventa we like to look at locations and try and pick out a quality that they have, something unique about that area to help us construct a party that’s ideally suited. But how do we do that for Scotland when there are so many things that make it unique? Trying to pin down one quality for the whole of Scotland is a difficult thing, but there is one thing all of it shares in common. From the Lowlands to the peak of Ben Nevis, the people of Scotland love a good party!


The corporate party is becoming increasingly important. Companies are realising that it’s a fantastic way to keep your team motivated. Throwing an event over the Yule season isn’t just a good excuse for a party – but a way to thank your team for all of their hard work across the year. Eventa understand this and it’s why we’ve worked with so many venues for events across Scotland. A list of our packages can be found below.


Trying to fit the history of Scotland, from its Pictish origins to the modern day, into only a few words is an exercise in futility. But suffice to say that is incredibly rich in heritage, history and culture that incorporates great figures from Robert the Bruce to Rabbie Burns. How does this all pertain to your event? (Don’t worry, we’re getting there!) That Scottish heritage has left stunning architectural sights across the landscape. And these spaces are often available for your corporate event.


Yuletide is a traditional time of year, and is there a better way to celebrate it than in a traditional country manor? An open fire crackles and the smell of fresh pine fills your nostrils. Decorations adorn the hall and your Christmas dinner is being brought over to your table, you’re surrounded by friends. It’s what Christmas is about.


For the best part of a decade we’ve been working in Scotland and our most popular location is Edinburgh. And it’s easy to see why. The capital has a character that is totally unique to itself, as you would expect from the city that hosts Edinburgh Fringe. The quirky venues of modern Edinburgh sit alongside the classic spaces of the Auld Town meaning that there is literally something for everyone.


Scotland doesn’t end at Glasgow and Edinburgh. Aberdeen is one of our very favourite locations to work with. The Granite City has grown into an economic powerhouse in recent years, and with that it now plays host to countless prestigious companies. And those prestigious companies expect only the very best when it comes to their corporate events – so all the venues and parties we get to throw are of the very highest quality.

The Christmas party generally comes in two different formats, as you can see from the below packages which are broken down into Shared and Exclusive. Shared parties are what they sound like – where your event space is shared with other teams. Rubbing shoulders with all these other local teams means that there’s a buzzing atmosphere at any shared party. It’s also an option that’s less stressful on the budget, something that smaller teams will appreciate as they can still celebrate Christmas in one of the more spectacular venue spaces.


The other option – exclusive – affords you and your team a private party and the ability to do with that party…. Well, whatever you want (within reason). We have a fantastic range of venues who are willing and ready to help you create your perfect party unique to you. We only work with venues which we trust, therefore you will be in safe hands with us. To enquire, feel free to contact us at to discuss how we’re going to make this year’s Christmas party the best one yet.


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