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Ever since the medieval period, when Northampton castle was constructed, it’s been a significant part of the country. Even through to the Industrial Revolution when the Grand Union Canal was built through it. This has meant that Northampton has always had a strong link to British heritage, and the easiest way to see this is in the huge amount of stunning stately homes and listed buildings across Northampton and the landscape of Northamptonshire. Why do we know all of this at Eventa? Because working in Northampton means that we get to plan stunning events at these stunning venues. It’s one of our favourite places to work out of anywhere in the UK and part of that’s because of the venue spaces, the other reason is because Northampton knows a good party – something they share with the Eventa team!

Whether it’s a chilled mid-week party, or a paint-the-town red weekend bash Christmas parties are becoming more and more popular. And it’s more than just a few drinks in the office. Companies realise the value of a Christmas party. It’s more than just a good time. It’s about showing your team how valued they are, and to celebrate their hard work across the year.

Northampton Shared Christmas Parties

Christmas shared parties are hugely popular in Northampton, and they’re a great way to maximise the potential of your budget in the festive season. A shared – or joiner – party sees the venue space full of various different companies, making it ideally suited for smaller teams. It can even offer up the opportunity for some impromptu networking. Who knows who you’ll meet? A shared party is a fantastic way to explore some of the larger venues in Northampton this festive season!

Northampton Exclusive Christmas Parties

For the bigger teams out there, a private event may be more your speed. Your exclusive event means that you get one of Northampton’s spectacular spaces all to yourself. And it means that you get a certain freedom. If you want to alter any aspect of your party, you can! After all, it is yours! To help with this, a member of the Eventa team will work with you to create your perfect party. Your dedicated event organiser takes care of it all. From big stuff like sourcing venues through to the small touches like place-cards – we do it all. And you still get to take the credit!

Summer Parties – Northampton

Eventa specialise in corporate events of all sorts, such as team-building days, or even a summer party. The great British summer is at its best in Northampton, where all those fantastic manor houses across the Northamptonshire open their doors for summer soirees. Is anyone else peckish for a Pimms now?

To discuss your corporate event, whatever it may be we can be reached at 01273 225 078 or

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