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Alice in Wonderland

If you had a world of your own would everything be nonsense? Well at an Alice in Wonderland themed festive party, that’s exactly what you’ll find! Take your guests on a journey down the rabbit hole and into a land brimming with giant playing cards, toadstool seating, rose topiary trees, and gargantuan clocks. You might even get to meet Alice and the Mad Hatter! 

What’s included with the Alice in Wonderland theming package?

We’ve put together a sample package below, but as with all of our bespoke packages, they are created to please you. So if you need anymore more information - please get in contact via the enquiry form.

  • ‘Drink Me’ welcome drink
  • 2 course sit down meal
  • ‘Eat Me’ cupcakes for dessert
  • Character actors
  • Giant drink me bottle
  • White picket fence
  • Rose topiary trees
  • Giant playing cards
  • Giant key
  • Ornate mirror
  • Gold bird cages
  • Giant clock
  • Toadstool seating
  • Queen throne
  • LED uplighter bars
  • Black and white dancefloor
  • DJ and disco

Can I customise the Alice in Wonderland theme?

Absolutely! Alice in Wonderland is one of our most popular themes for parties at any time of year and with so many different twists to take on the much loved classic our events team are confident they’ll find the right wonderland to leave your guests grinning like Cheshire cats by the end of the night. The Mad Hatters Tea Party is a popular variation for a corporate Christmas party, but how about spending the evening getting to know the tyrannical and deranged ruler of Wonderland by theming your event around the Queen of Hearts garden, populated by flamingos of course! Theming an event isn’t just about the props and décor though, we can bring together character actors, magicians and dancers to really transport your guests on a journey they won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has influenced many a party and with so many fantastic theming ideas out there it’s not hard to see why. We can also look at different ideas to bring in your corporate branding or colours to tailor your party to suit your needs.

What now?

You’ve chosen your theme so your one step closer to planning the festive event of the season but where do you go from here? Contact the experts! With venues getting booked up months in advance it’s advisable to contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We will be on hand every step of the way, from finding you the perfect venue, to putting together your bespoke theming package and organising every little detail in between.  

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