Eurovision Once Again Leaves Great Britain High And Dry

So another Eurovision song contest has come and gone, with Great Britain once again putting in a comparatively weak showing and finishing second from bottom, a whopping 360 points behind eventual winners Sweden. Admittedly, Englebert Humperdinck’s effort wasn’t all that bad, but was clearly no match for all manner of dazzling delights from across the continent, including two tone-deaf elderly ladies from Russia, Albania’s answer to Bjork, or Jedward. Still, at least The Hump came out of the experience with his head held high, claiming to be ‘so proud.’ What a good sport!

We actually quite enjoyed it ourselves, having stopped organising office summer events for the evening and retreating to the quiet Sussex countryside for a barbecue at a good friends’ house, accompanied as we were by a baby tortoise, huge ginger dog and an overexcited four year old girl. It actually made the whole Eurovision experience quite enjoyable as the pictures from Azerbaijan were beamed out to us in the garden via the medium of iPad.

As we sat there watching the show, sipping on chilled wine and feasting on hearty barbecue food, the Euro 2012 summer party screenings we’ve got in the pipeline sprung to mind. Essentially they are going to involve some kind of outdoor venue with plenty of Pimms, finger food and of course huge screens to bring you all the action live from the tournament. They will be on offer in all of the locations that we are promoting summer events.

Coming back to Eurovision, we can also imagine it fitting in pretty nicely with one of our most popular summer ball themes so far, Hollywood. Just picture it, a red carpet arrival and sparkling wine reception, followed by a seated meal surrounded by musical-themed decorations, during which the contest is beamed directly to you as if it were live in that very room.

And then we could have all cheered on The Hump together!