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Mel Gibson Is Back For His Summer Vacation!

Witnessing Mel Gibson back on the silver screen in a major production after a spectacular fall from grace and subsequent period in the cinematic doldrums, it is easy to see how the toils of divorce, accusations of various misdemeanours and smoking like a chimney have aged him. Gibson is 56 but could easily pass for a man ten years his senior.

The surprising thing is that ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation’ is pretty enjoyable stuff. Although the self-indulgent swagger of the career criminal Gibson has been typecast as is all present and correct, a sensitive side to his character shines through in the film. He becomes emotionally attached to a young boy and his mother’s unique predicament.

It is the latest in a long line of action films being released this summer, headed up of course by The Avengers. Whilst the rain continues to fall across Britain you could be forgiven for thinking that summer had come and gone in the space of three marvellous weeks in March, meaning that it might not just be Mel Gibson taking a summer vacation this year after all.

If you are planning on remaining on British soil and work for a company who fancies treating you to mid-year bash then your summer parties needn’t be a washout. Thankfully we’ve been working on some super indoor themed balls such as The Bootlegger’s Ball, Cocktails & Dreams and Arabian Nights. The latter takes place in a Bedouin-style tent, one good reason why you’d want it to actually carry on raining, not that you need any excuse to head inside for this one!

Besides, who needs the sunshine to enjoy the summer? We ventured out to an old favourites of ours, Middle Farm, to pick up some organic cider and cheese on Sunday whilst the heavens opened above us. You can see photos from this and some of our other out-of-work summer activities over at the Eventa Facebook page.

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