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Hot Weather Not Going Anywhere!

We don’t know about you but we’ve spent this past week with all the windows here in the office wide open and the fans on maximum. Several staff members have even been rocking the shorts and flip flops. Yes it would appear that summer is here at long last and we’d certainly rather be a bit hot at our desks than for the rain to come back again. After all, we can be on Brighton beach with a glass of wine in hand in five minutes, so it’s not all bad!

The good news is that the gorgeous weather is here to stay, for the time being at least. Temperatures have soared to 27 degrees in London, coinciding perfectly with the Chelsea Flower Show and Olympic torch relay. Weather managers at the BBC have been talking about conditions ‘jumping from mid-winter to mid-summer in the space of a few days.’ It has certainly been a case of up and down, the third hottest March on record being followed swiftly by the wettest April in 100 years, the coolest for nearly quarter of a century.

The good weather has prompted our boss to start making plans for our own office summer party and it is something that more companies than ever before are now doing. Our man Jamie has been helping organisations plan their summer event, with the cocktail making challenge and Summer Barbecue package proving particularly popular.

The disposable grills may be lighting up the UK’s beaches, but our barbecue days are slightly more refined affairs. You can expect state-of-the-art equipment and skilled chefs grilling up all manner of meats, fish and vegetables. Camden’s The Adelaide is going to be throwing some awesome summer parties in their heated garden, with an all-inclusive drinks package added to good food and lots of music.

For this and all our other summer party themes, check out the summer section of our website.

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