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Eventa Chief Ready For The Summer Party Season

Rob Hill, Managing Director of Eventa, enjoyed a successful end to 2011 by being included in the Sunday Times’ Business section in the highly coveted ‘How I Made It’ feature. The photo above shows him in his element, toasting groups of people enjoying parties everywhere and raising a glass to the future, which is looking increasingly rosier.

‘This particular article in the Business section has featured companies that are run by some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK, so to be included in the feature is an amazing achievement for the company,’ he said at the time.

The article focused on Hill’s successes in the corporate Christmas party world, yet had the interview taken place today it would surely have talked about Hill’s plans for summer parties, as his company are about to begin offering them to groups across the UK.

corporate summer parties

The ambitious move into the world of summer balls, outdoor events and team building days comes as a result of unprecedented growth, the company having doubled in size in the midst of one of the worst economic crises in history.

Eventa is now one of the largest Christmas party companies in the UK, employing 46 staff in its Brighton office and set to continue with a drive of recruitment as the summer parties offering takes shape.

Some of the themes to be included in the offering include the Masquerade Ball, Arabian Nights, Bling! and Murder Mystery events. If all goes to plan, the next time Hill and his company are featured in a national newspaper they could be talking about how broadening their horizons contributed towards them becoming one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the country. The future’s bright.

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