Eventa Case Study – Summer Team Building Day in Oxford

Here at Eventa we host a lot of company team building days during the summer months and last week we got to organise and manage a team building event for one of our very good repeat clients. The event was in celebration of their 10th “birthday” as a company, so the day had to be really special to commemorate such an important occasion! Staff were invited from both the Derby and London offices to meet “half way” at a beautiful old manor house on the outskirts of Oxford.

To help fuel them for the activities, staff were offered sandwiches and tea, before they split up into 6 predetermined teams for the challenges. Each teamed had taken to wearing team coloured t-shirts – which was a lovely show of enthusiasm/team spirit that we hadn’t expected and it really made it extra special!!

All the teams took part in various fun-filled “challenges”.  These were designed to increase team trust, communication and generally raise company morale. The games they played were…

  • Sheep dog handling – Each team had to work with a real sheep dog and ducks. The goal was to command the dog to herd the ducks in to a pen as quickly an as efficiently as possible.
  • Laser clay pigeon shooting – To improve aim, concentration and emphasise the “aim for your goals” mantra.
  • Labyrinth – Team members had to work very closely together and whilst not touching the  floor (and armed only with 3 planks of wood and a couple of boxes) they had to build bridges to shuffle their way through the course, picking up keys along the way to open the gated entrance at the other end!
  • Mission CCS – Teams had to blindfold one their team mates and guide them through the minefield (using only verbal direction) whilst making sure that the blindfolded member didn’t set off any of the mines (there were lots of screams when these went off!)
  • Scrabble Archery – This challenge required the team to score points not only for each individual letter they hit, but also for the longest word (unlike the classic board game; no two word dictionary was allowed!)
  • Photo Scavenger hunt – Lastly they were given a camera and a checklist of photos they had to get – some of these included really silly ones like a picture of the YMCA and everyone under a bed etc.

When the games were finished, everyone was given a glass of champagne to celebrate the day, whilst a company presentation was shown on a screen (this was a video which took staff through ten years of the company history and development.) Celebration food came in the form of a sizzling, sumptuous BBQ with a bar tab for the staff to order what they liked from the bar! Plus the sunshine broke free from the clouds and everyone was bathed in glorious sunny warmth – which was just the icing on the cake.

Finally when we asked for feedback we received this lovely comment,

“I am writing to thank you for Friday it was excellent. You were all extremely professional, organised and helpful. We had a brilliant day so thanks again for all you did to make it successful.”

If you are interested in booking a team building day or want a different bespoke/exclusive party – then all you need to do is email or call us on 01273 225 078.

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