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Top Event Trends for 2014

It’s a very exciting time for events at the moment, there’s so much exciting technology being developed every day and so many different venues and spaces to explore and transform. The great thing is these advancements are happening every day, so each season brings new things for event planners to play around with and add to their events. So if you’re thinking of giving your event a 2014 upgrade then read on because we’ve listed the brightest and best ideas to see you through your party planning year.

3D experiences

One of the most exciting developments to happen to events in a long time, 3D hologram performers have been making headlines since Musion brought Tupac back from the dead at Coachella in 2012. Since then the world has really woken up to the concept of virtual performances and shows and whilst they aren’t common place at the moment, I predict they are set to become much bigger towards the end of the year and next year.  Especially since big, international brands such as Christian Louboutin, GUESS, Econsultancy, Toyota, T-Mobile and Dunhill have jumped on the band wagon. It’ll only be a matter of time before others join in and contribute to the rise of 3D holographic entertainment.

Social Media Check-Ins

It’s taken awhile but brands are starting to realise that utilising their customers and making them into brand/event ambassadors is one of the best ways to promote the event. After all, if they’re checking in via Facebook or Foursquare then they’re essentially promoting your event to their friends, who’ll potentially promote it to their friends, etc. It’s one of the best ways to advertise your event for free and increase awareness at the same time. Dwinq did this perfectly for Cadbury.

Lighting over flowers

Just to clarify, we love flowers here at Eventa but we’re starting to see lighting take more of a centre stage. Lighting easily creates/enhances an atmosphere and it’s normally not as expensive as big floral arrangements. Also, light based interactive games are gaining popularity (click here to see an example) in the events industry with several big name companies hopping on the band wagon and leading the way.

collective media


Collective Media

We live in an age of Instagram and Twitter and it’s predicted that 880 BILLION photos will be taken in 2014 alone. That’s a lot of photos and it’s pretty certain that some of those photos will be of events, maybe even events you’ve planned. The point is, ignoring all this free media is foolish. Instead, make use of it! Encourage event attendees to take photos and upload them. Create a unique event hashtag and make sure everyone knows what it is. This is key if you want to harness the power of ‘key influencers’ on the internet and potentially contact them for future promotion(s). To boost photos you could provide visual aid stations or even make a selfie competition to really spur people on.

Event Apps

Apps aren’t new we know but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t here to stay either! Plus there’s so much in the event planning universe that there’s more than just check-in apps and planning apps. There are also inspiration apps that may not seem like event planning apps such as Pinterest and Evernote which many of our staff swear by when it comes to staying inspired and organised. But if its event focused apps you’re looking for then we recommend Zwoor.

Desserts are back in

Perhaps it’s all that Great British Bake Off we’ve been so addicted to but whatever the reason, desserts have made a massive comeback. What with event agencies going all out to hire exceptional and extraordinary catering companies to create wondrous sweets to wow guests – overtaking canapés by a landslide! So if you plan to wow the British public at a corporate event, then sweet confectionaries will be the way to do it. For some catering inspiration click here.

Disclaimer:- Photo belongs to 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com

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