Britain Set For Weekend Heatwave

Sun worshippers are in for an absolute treat this weekend, with temperatures set to soar across the British Isles. In fact, with thermometer readings set to top 21 degrees centigrade in London, the UK will officially be warmer than Athens, Rome and Madrid. Even parts of western Scotland are set for a share of the sunny weather, something which will probably come as a surprise to local residents! Not everywhere will have it so good though, with eastern areas such as Suffolk and along the North Sea coast dropping to an Arctic eight or ten degrees. The Met Office have cited a sustained band of high pressure over the UK as being the reason behind the mini-heatwave and subsequent beach barbecues, garden parties and afternoons playing Frisbee in the park.

Now we here at Eventa aren’t ones to advocate deck shoes and shorts at the first sight of some sunshine (we were quite comfortably wearing a parka jacket just two days ago), but this is certainly cause for some excitement. For DIY summer parties London is probably the best place to be this weekend and we’d recommend finding a quiet corner of Finsbury Park, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoying a Champagne picnic with some friends. Any of the city’s royal parks are a safe bet throughout the whole summer, except for perhaps the area of Green Park alongside Piccadilly, which can get busier than an extremely packed tin of sardines on a hot day.

Being based in Brighton and currently looking out upon clear blue skies, we couldn’t resist a mention of our home town. The area between the two piers will no doubt be fairly rammed but the gently sloping greens of both Preston and Queens Park are ideal for picnics in this kind of weather. And let us not forget our corporate summer parties, set to swing into life over the next couple of weeks at venues in and around the town. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, enjoy the weekend weather!

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