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Meet the Eventa Team – Sophie Bonwick

Sophie joined us in 2013, and straight away she set about being one our best party organisers. She has set multiple records for booking the most people into events across the country this season! Let’s find out a bit more about one of our star party planners!

Hello Sophie! How long have you been part of the Eventa family?

Hiiii! I started back in June 2013, so I’ve been here for about a year and a half now.

What is your favourite part of working for Eventa?

The events we get invited to, it’s great to see how all of our hard work and planning pays off, and also to see all those happy faces of our clients. Not only that, sometimes you read a menu for an event and really want to try it, so we’re really lucky that we get that opportunity from time to time.

What is your background and experience in the events sector?

I used to work for Thomas Cook as a Holiday rep but I thought it was time to return to the UK and ‘get a proper job’ as people say, so I wanted to get into a fun working environment and Eventa is just that.

How did you get into the events industry?

I liked the sound of the job advert for my role here at Eventa, so I went for it. My previous job as a travel rep really helped to land this one, although when I was repping I never really saw it as being part of the events industry. However, looking back it was and I’d say with that experience I wouldn’t be here now.

And what would you suggest to those out there who are looking to get into the events industry?

Just go for it! The events industry is wide and varied, so if you can’t get into the part of the industry you want to straight away, there is always another way in to get the experience that you need.

Don’t worry the easy questions are coming now; what is your favourite drink?

Vodka Redbull. Next!

What about your favourite canapé?

Mini Burgers, I do love a slider.

What are your three top tips to ensure a successful event?

  1. Be prepared, anything can happen, and sometimes anything will.
  2. Be happy, nobody likes someone who looks like they don’t want to be there
  3. Be approachable at all times, even helping with the slightest thing can make a huge difference to the event as a whole, not just for us as organisers but for those attending the party


Finally, what are the best and worst secret Santa gifts you’ve received?

Best – Perfume (Cool Water), because who doesn’t love getting perfume as a present?

Worst – Bottle of Lambrini, but only because that meant whoever bought it for me was waaaaay under the £10 limit that was set, haha!

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