Meet the Eventa Team – Megan Lewis

Megan is one of the nicest people I’ve met and not too long ago she joined the Eventa family. Leaving Uni with determination and enthusiasm, Megan quickly immersed herself in the events industry and her hard working nature, and excellent customer service has served her (and our customers) well! So we thought it only right to interview her for this months “meet the team” article …

Hi Megan! How long have you been part of the Eventa family?

I have been working for the The Eventa Group for almost a year now but specifically Eventa for 6 months. It is definitely one big family and I feel very much at home now.

What is your favourite part of working for Eventa?

I love my team! We help each other out and there isn’t one person I couldn’t count on. Also we get to meet some interesting characters and see some amazing venues.

What is your background and experience in the events sector?

After I left University I worked for a Digital and Live Events agency in London for a few years before moving back down south where I began to work for a local Events agency before moving to Eventa. I’ve done a bit of everything from weddings, festivals & club nights to AGMs and corporate parties.

 How did you get into the events industry?

It all started while I was studying at Kingston University. I helped promote and run a few DJ nights around the town for a small promotion company and then also worked at the legendary London club Fabric in the promotions team. I realised I loved organising events but wanted to move into the corporate side. 

And what would you suggest to those out there who are looking to get into the events industry?

It’s all about experience, get out there and learn on the go. It’s not as glamorous as most people think it will be but you get to work with some fantastic people and help everyone have a bit of fun!

Don’t worry the easy questions are coming now; what is your favourite drink?

Depends on the occasion! For a night out it would be a vodka ginger ale, my choice of cocktail would be a Daiquiri but Prosecco is my all round favourite.

What about your favourite canapé?

I went to an event once where the canapé was a platter of Steak with a garlic butter sauce. Not really canapé sized I know but it was divine!

What are your three top tips to ensure a successful event?

  1. Plan, plan and plan some more!
  2. Only work with venues and suppliers that care as much as you do about putting on a good event.
  3. Don’t stress! There are inevitably things that happen that you don’t plan for but as long as keep calm things will fall into place.


Finally, what are the best and worst secret Santa gifts you’ve received?

The best was a hat. I have had it for 5 years and it’s still my favourite. I’ve never had a bad secret Santa myself, but I have heard that someone in the office got packets of ketchup from MacDonald’s last year. I would not be happy with that!

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