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Meet the Eventa Team – Lynsey Littlefield

We’re a fun bunch here at Eventa, obviously, we love to party but we work hard all year round to give you the best parties. However, we’re more than just the invisible magic elves that organise and sort out your events for you. We’re party goers too! So as a new weekly thing I’m going to interview a member of the Eventa team every week and this week I’m going to interview our PR coordinator Lynsey Hamp.

So what do you do at Eventa?

I am in charge of PR for Eventa.  So that means sourcing appropriate advertising opportunities, developing and nurturing relationships with bloggers, liaising with national publications and journalists and overseeing/assisting marketing campaigns.

What’s your favourite drink?

Mojito, I like the flavour and the freshness.

Favourite Canapé?

I personally prefer bowl food, so tiny bowls of food instead of canapés. Mainly because you get more!

What’s your favourite event theme?

I love the Circus theme! The idea of lots of red drapes, a big top, trapeze artists, fire eaters and a jovial ringmaster sounds so exciting. I think it’s a theme that really brings out the inner kid in everyone, so no matter who you are or how old you are it’s a theme that pretty much guarantees smiles and fun.

Your top 3 event tips?

  1. Timing – This is everything, so the more time you have to be organised the more prepared and ready you’ll feel and be for the actual event.
  2. Venue – So important and can absolutely make or break a party. Some people think it’s the food but I think it’s the venue. After all, if somewhere is over capacity it just ruins the party because everything is cramped. Equally, if there’s too much empty space then the event just looks like it lacks atmosphere. Plus all the extra things like a cloak room and dedicated quiet areas are small but really useful things at a venue.
  3. Invite the right people – Another important part of parties is inviting the right people. For example, if you are organising a networking event then make sure you invite people from different organisations and people at different levels so that there’s a good varied mix of people.

Best and worst secret Santa gift?

The best present was a black mascara from No.7 which is now one my favourite mascaras. The worst was a photo frame but not because it was an ugly frame or anything! No, it was the worst because it ended up being smashed in my handbag somehow, so when I got home all I ended up with was some broken bits of plastic and glass which was a real shame.

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