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The Trials and Tribulations of being an Entrepreneur with Rob Hill

It goes without saying that setting up your own business can be one of the toughest things you can do to with pretty much everything being a ‘first’ in a process of treading new ground. Having been in business for over 10 years now, our very own CEO Rob Hill knows this all too well…

Having not really shown has face on the Eventa blog, it only makes sense to use the man at the top to shed light on something he can now be considered an expert of, having been named Entrepreneur of the Year at the Sussex Business Awards and running a business that we are now proud to say is the fastest growing events company in the UK after being named in the Virgin Fast Track 100.

So for any budding entrepreneur out there, pull up a seat and take note of some things to look out for and avoid as you move further into business. Learn from the mistakes of others so you don’t have to!

Poor Management

So behind all the glamour of being able to call yourself an ‘entrepreneur’, what is it actually like – and more importantly, what are the toughest parts of getting going? Recently Rob spoke candidly in the Telegraph about how many entrepreneurs are poor managers as they have regularly had no experience of managing in the past. He admits that at first when starting out all the way back in 2002, he didn’t give proper training to staff and was hap-hazard as an employer and when delegating to members of staff…

Being too precious

Part of this was being far too precious over his business and how the work was being carried out. This is of course going to come with any entrepreneur as it is their business, but Rob realises now that there is a time when you need to know when to let go. Openly admitting that at the start he would keep tasks to himself instead of giving them to members of staff to do – forcing his weekends to be unnecessarily work filled.

Not implementing the Proper Measures

In addition to the above, Rob also makes a note of how important it was for him to get the right systems in place so that business can run smoothly and be straight forward to manage and work within for all members of staff. Attempting to muddle your way through it with paperwork or across multiple spreadsheets is not the way to do it. Investing in a dedicated CRM system is revered by Rob as one of most essential parts of his business, so make sure to place importance on one for your own and ensure things run smoothly!

Being Intimidated

There are a lot of businesses out there and when just starting up it can be easy to feel intimidated by those businesses in your sector that are already established and thriving, but now being on owner of one of these established and sustaining businesses, Rob is keen to point out that entrepreneurs should never be put off by what’s around them. If you find your unique selling points and go about your business the right way, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work.

Surely something you can learn from in there and take to your own business, keep an eye out for more from Rob and more business tips right here on the blog!

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