Events Product & Package Co-Ordinator

A day in the life of an Events Package Co-ordinator


Currently the only member in the products department, Sian is responsible for managing all of the suppliers that Eventa works with. A regular day for her consists of searching for new exciting venues, uploading Christmas packages on to the website, meeting new suppliers, informing the sales teams about new packages and liaising with existing suppliers. She has been working at Eventa for over a year. Prior to that Sian graduated from Greenwich University with a degree in Events Management.

09:00 AM – Essentially the start to my day is a black coffee with one sugar. Once I have a hot coffee brewed, I go through new emails I have received. These vary from new venues wanting to list with Eventa to existing venues that have queries or they need amendments made to packages on our website.

10:00 AM – My days are divided into product market research and searching for new venues. This is done to ensure that we [Eventa] have the newest and most exciting products listed on our website. I do this by making sure that I keep up-to-date with the latest event industry trends and by reading Event Magazine. During this time I also answer any calls for and from the administration department.

11:00 AM – Every Tuesday at 11AM I hold a product and package meeting for our sales team. These meetings are meant to introduce to the sales team all the new and exciting products that we are advertising on the website. It is imperative that the sales team have this information, to ensure that they are fully aware of the products that are now available to our clients. I will also go through all of the familiarisation trips we have planned for the following week; these trips allow the sales team a chance to experience the venues and the parties first hand.  So when it comes to advising our clients, the sales team are as well-equipped as possible!

12:00 PM – Lunch time! I will go to the local supermarket and pick up a salad of some kind. I mainly eat my lunch at my desk, while catching up on the emails that have been received that morning (and a cheeky look at that day’s online celebrity gossip!) However, I do try to run some errands once a week, to make sure I have a full hour break and come back to the afternoons work refreshed.

13:00 PM – After lunch, I will continue looking for new products for Christmas and summer. It is important that there are a variety of products listed for each location and that the packages appeal to a variety of client budgets and briefs. After all, we want to give all our clients the best possible selection of corporate events!

14:00 PM – I will usually have a “Power Hour” around 2pm. A “Power Hour” is when I concentrate on any reminders or reports I have to complete for that day. I don’t answer my phone during this time, which allows me to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand.

15:00 PM – Once a venue has signed off the listing agreement, that’s then when I upload their Christmas packages (or Summer packages) to the website. I get these from our marketing department, who are in charge of writing copy for the website (including packages.) When uploading a package (this includes images and all party details too), it is imperative that this is done with concentration and care. After all, this is what clients will see on the front of the Eventa website.

16:00 PM – I ensure that all emails have been replied to and that I have contacted all venues in my reminders. At this point, I will review the venues and locations I have researched for the day, and plan my ‘to do list’ for the following day.

17:30 PM – And the day is done! I usually go to the gym four times a week. I feel that it helps me to unwind after what can be a very hectic day. Don’t worry though; I do have a glass of wine Friday after work with the rest of the Eventa team to reward ourselves for what we achieved in the week just completed!

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