Office Christmas Party Themes

If you want to organise a Christmas party that’s really going to make an impact but are stuck for ideas of how to make it different from a night of dinner and drinks then have a look below. Themed parties are becoming more popular and they are a fun way to break the ice and get everyone having a good time at your Christmas shindig. There are a number of different Christmas party themes that you can choose from so you might be overwhelmed with all the different options. To help you out we’ve put together a breakdown of our most popular themed parties:

Hawaiian Tropical Party Night

If you’re fed up with the cold then try something a little tropical for your Christmas celebration. A Hawaiian Tropical Party Night will get everyone into a fun party mood with the taste of something exotic. From a fully decorated venue in a Hawaiian theme, to topical cocktails, you and your guests will feel like you’re just slipped away to a beautiful location under the sun.

Casino Party Night

A casino themed evening is one of our most popular party packages. Even if you don’t want to play the table, you can enjoy the exciting atmosphere as people test their luck on the different games. The venues are elegantly decorated bringing style and sophistication to your annual Christmas ball. Will luck be a lady at your table this evening?

School Reunion Party

Forget elegance and sophistication, sometimes you just want good old fashioned dun. Hark back to your school disco days and get into full swing in this nostalgically themed party. Get into the party spirit and make sure you have on your best school uniform. Girl’s will be pleased to know there will be no headmaster checking the length of your skirt so dare to wear what you please not that you’re all grown up… just remember you still have to see everyone at work!

Karaoke Christmas

If you have a group of you that are a good time crowd and want to let your hair down then consider going for a karaoke themed party. Get your name down for a Christmas song or just your favourite tune and you’ll be in the swing of the party in no time. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself as everyone will be doing the same – especially the boss!

Wild Wild West Christmas Party

For something really out there, think about having the Wild West as your Christmas Party theme! Make sure you’re ready to yee-ha throughout the night, and get together some nerves of steel as you face the mechanical bull riding contest!

For more ideas about themed parties, have a look round the site or give the office a call for more help and ideas!

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