Office Christmas Party Ideas

As the holiday season approached, thoughts turn to the office social event of the year – the Christmas party. If you’ve been entrusted to plan an eventful evening you might be left wondering where to start. There’s more choice than ever when it comes to celebrating the festive season with your colleagues and coming up with an idea that everyone in the office will enjoy can be a bit daunting. We’ve listed some of the most popular Christmas party ideas to suit all budgets.

Keeping it simple – a party in the office

If you’re watching the pennies this Christmas than you might want to keep things cheap and cheerful and host the Christmas party in the actual office. This does have advantages, it’s easy for everyone to get there, it keeps things casual and the money saved on hiring a venue can go towards putting on a nice spread of food and drink for everyone. To make it more festive than just hanging round the water cooler with a plastic cup of sherry you could clear a meeting room and have a games room, with a computer console in such as a Wii which are great fun for getting groups involved.

The Classic combo – dinner and drinks

If you want to get people out of the office and treat them to an affordable night out, then a simple dinner at a local restaurant can be the perfect solution. If you have a small company, you might want to consider booking a shared party with other companies. This is a great for ensuring a big party atmosphere even if you only have small numbers of people, and it means that you can usually enjoy the benefits of a big venue and an evening of entertainment at a very affordable price.

Something completely different – a themed evening

Themed Christmas parties are growing in popularity as people want to try new things. Themed parties usually include dinner, entertainment and dancing till the early hours. Casino themed parties are extremely popular and it’s a great excuse to get dressed up like a secret agent or a Bond girl! Other popular themes are discos and live music based on a particular decade such as the swinging sixties or the disco fever seventies. These are perfect for getting people on the dance floor and partying until the early hours. Other themed evenings include karaoke, an ABBA night or even an Atlantis themed night! Have a look around our different packages for more Christmas party inspiration.

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  2. Love this site! Thanks for all of those wonderful ideas. This is really a big help to each of us who’s planning to have an excellent Company Party.

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