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New Party: The Festive Pub Explorer

Last week the Eventa team were fortunate enough to try our hand at one of our new team building parties, GPS Treasure Hunts! We took part in the Festive Pub Explorer Party around Brighton as four teams from the company took to the streets of the South’s best loved seaside town for an evening of questions, quizzes, tasks, and a fair bit of running around if we’re being honest!

The aim of the game is to explore the local area using the GPS-enabled tablet that is provided for your team. Once you’ve named your team and taken your team selfie you’re off, racing against the clock to get to the markers (hotspots) set out on the game app. Each task or hotspot will unlock when you get there (thanks to the GPS), so you really do have to explore to get as many points as possible.

So as the four teams scattered off in four different directions following their selfies it was game time, and as we were playing a shortened version of the game we had even less time to hit all of the hotspots and complete as many challenges as possible, hence all the aforementioned running around! The tasks are a mixture too, ensuring that things are kept fresh and interesting throughout the game.

You’ll find a number of ‘pub questions’, where the task at hand will require you to complete it in a pub (for instance, the image below was a pub question game where we had to find a newspaper and use the headlines to create our own.

Cyprus Mayoress Dumps Page 3 Girl to Delight of Crawley Romeo

With some of the tasks your creativity is tested, especially those that require photographic evidence that is later judged by your Festive Party organiser, much like the newspaper headline task above. The bigger the teams the better, as you’ve got more heads to work together when you get a task that requires the deciphering of Roman numerals, or counting the specific amount of letters in a pub sign. The faster and better your team works together, the better your chances of winning are!

The time limit is important; as you’ll need to be back at your predetermined meeting point (usually a pub) by a certain time or your points will not count! As all teams piled into the bar where the quiz ended there was just enough time to do the remaining pub questions and try and earn a few extra bonus points before the end of the evening.

The finale of the evening with a quick fire Christmas quiz on our tablets, with each team attempting to complete a general knowledge quiz and a Christmas-themed quiz within a set time. Following the completion of the quiz the scores are totalled, everyone gets to laugh at the team selfies and the various photo challenges before the winners are announced.

Treasure hunt winners!

All in all, the Pub Explorer Party is perfect for team building, and also for an evening event. You can find out more information about the party package and enquire about booking it for your company here, or you can view our other treasure hunt packages, A Secret Destination Christmas Party and A Ho Ho Ho Christmas Quiz.

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