Ideas for a Successful Secret Santa

You may want to organise a Secret Santa in your office this Christmas to be hosted at the Christmas party. For those who don’t know what one is, the idea is very simple and a lot of fun. Everyone who wants to participate has their names put into a hat on pieces of paper. Each person then takes turns to pick their name out of the hat. A token gift of a fixed amount is then bought for the person they have drawn out of the hat, but the sender never reveals their identity. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to give gifts to one another without the added pressure of everyone knowing who bought what gift. If you are organising we, we’ve put together some tips and ideas on what makes good gifts.


These are perfect if you don’t really know the person that well. You can find a whole range of packaged items like these in most shops at Christmas time. They’re a great gift idea, and you can choose from a variety of styles, whether it’s luxurious bubble bath, or perhaps a home pedicure set as a treat for someone on their feet all day. One word of advice, don’t just buy someone deodorant – the theme should be luxury, not basic personal hygiene.


Another gift which always goes down well, and Christmas is the time for indulgence in food and drink. The best thing about buying chocolates for someone as well is that they usually get opened there and then and you can enjoy them too! Not that that is what buying Christmas gifts is all about of course…


This is better if you know the person, but you can find some lovely miniature gift sets with some lip-smacking tipples inside to match most preferences. You can keep it festively themed with a port or sherry, or perhaps you know they love their lager and buy them a bucket full! Christmas is a great time for the alcohol companies to release their best gift packages!

The Gadget / Gizmo

If you have someone in your office who loves their technology, then you’ll want to boost their collection with another gadget or thingummy. Whether it’s a miniature remote controlled car, or a key ring banjo tuner, the best thing about a Secret Santa is that the emphasis is usually on novelty items, so the more outrageous and funny gizmo you can find the better!

The aim of the Secret Santa is supposed to be fun, and remember that even if you don’t know who bought you your present; chances are they’re in the room when you open it, so practice your grateful look, the one you use for your aunt’s sweaters. Even if the gift is vile and you’ll be finding a bin for it straight away, that’s not the spirit of the Christmas party… so smile!

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