Christmas Party Games Ideas

If you’ve decided to host the Christmas party at your office, you might want some party games ideas to break the ice and get people laughing. Here are some simple but fun party games that are easy to set up and get everyone involved.

Partner Wrapping Race

With this game, people work in pairs. Each pair has tape, scissors, wrapping paper and a box to wrap. The aim of the game is to wrap the box as quickly as possible, except there’s a twist. One person can only use their left hand, and the other person can only use their right hand. It’s a great game to ensure lots of laughter and also a good way of encouraging team spirit!

Company Quiz

This is an interesting game to see how much the employees (and employers!) know about the company. For it to be entertaining, it can be prepared prior to the party and perhaps put together as a presentation. Try to come up with the strangest facts and information about the business and see who gets the most answers right – the outcome might be surprising!

Steal it Secret Santa

This is a fun and simple game that can reveal the true nature of your colleagues! If you run a secret Santa at your office, you could try this version with a twist. Everyone buys a present for no one in particular. Everyone picks a number from a hat to determine the order and number one goes first. The first person picks a present and opens it. Person number two then opens another gift and can decide whether to keep that gift, or steal person number one’s gift, and swap. Person number three then also takes a gift and can decide to keep that or swap with any opened gift. It’s quite funny to watch as some people get very attached to their gifts that can be taken away at any moment!

The Humming Game

Very simple, have a list of songs in a hat, split into two teams and take it in turns for people to hum the song to their team. They have to guess it within a minute or the other team has a chance to guess. The team with the most correct guesses wins.

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