Top Event Management Smartphone Apps for 2014

Top Event Management Smartphone Apps for 2014

Want your event to go swimmingly? Then you’ll need to cast an eye over our list of the top event management apps for 2014.

Whether you’re looking to keep your team in check, offer a bit more to your event attendees, or obsess over every teeny, tiny detail, we’ve found apps to help you do just that. Read on for some of the top event smartphone apps for 2014:

If you’re running an event then you’ll no doubt have a To Do list as long as your arm, so you’re going to need a solid app that can help you manage and prioritise everything that you need to get done. helps you get things done simply and effortlessly, just add your tasks and set reminders for them and you’re good to go. The Moment feature goes through your to do list for the day at a specified time (I set mine for 7.30am, Monday to Friday so I can get my day sorted), and you can arrange your tasks into folders, personal and work, for example. can sync across multiple devices seamlessly, so you can add a task on your phone when you remember something you need to do, and it’ll pop up on your tablet too.

You can also set to prompt you to return missed calls too, another tool to make you that little bit more productive. To become even more productive and organised you can link to its sister app, Cal…

Available on iOS and Android


If you need to concentrate on your professional live day by day Cal could be the app for you. You can sync to bring your daily tasks in, while Cal itself pulls your appointments from your Google Calendar or Exchange account (and a whole host of others, too), as well as your friend’s birthdays from Facebook if you so wish.

Setting meetings and reminders is clear and simple, allowing you to add locations for these meetings too. This will probably come in handy when you’re travelling between meetings, venues, or offices and don’t know exactly where you need to be. Cal will tell you and show you the way by using Google Maps. You can even add contacts to your meetings and Cal will invite them.

Available on iOS and Android


Need to keep on top of your emails for an event while you’re out of the office? You’ll need Mailbox. Designed to help you ‘fly through your email’ and get to ‘zero inbox’ if you’re a bit OCD about that sort of thing, Mailbox lets you organise and prioritise emails and focus on the now. Received emails that don’t require any action on your part until tomorrow? Just swipe to ‘snooze’ the emails and they’ll appear back in your Mailbox when you need to tackle them, allowing you to focus solely on the tasks that need immediate attention. Doesn’t that sound ideal for when you’ll need to focus on emails for a certain subject or event?

You can also link a Dropbox account and add files from your Dropbox to outgoing emails, which brings us on nicely to our next app…

Available on iOS and Android


Cloud-based storage is fast becoming the norm these days, and Dropbox was one of the first to do it well. Also, they bought Mailbox which is why that particular app offers Dropbox integration. Anyway, you’ll find Dropbox to be extremely useful when you need to access and share documents and images with clients, colleagues, family, anyone. Use it as a central hub for all your event-related material and you’ll always have it to hand.

You need not worry about your files being safe either, as Dropbox uses 256-bit encryption and two step verification to protect your data.

Available on iOS and Android


Should you need an app that looks to bridge the gap between digital and analogue then you can’t go wrong with Evernote. If you’ve got a paper list, note, or letter and you need to keep it with you at all times just snap it using Evernote and you’ve got a digital copy instantly. When you come to search Evernote for your notes it can even pick up on typed and handwritten text in images, making the search engine extremely powerful and useful to someone on the go.

Evernote’s premium service even allows you to annotate PDFs and other images, so you can make notes on documents that require revisions or edits, all from your iPhone or Android phone. Multiple sharing options are available to make the app even more powerful.

Available on iOS and Android


So you’ve got all of these apps to help you in the lead up to managing your event, but what about on the day? Boomset could be the app that allows your event to flow as smoothly as a freshly polished parquet floor.

You can check in guests from your attendee list through the app, and it syncs with lists from services such as Eventbrite, Facebook,, and others. It will also sync your lists across multiple devices, so if you’ve not got your tablet to hand you can still use your mobile. The features don’t stop there either, Boomset even allows you to print name-tags on site. You’ll need a specific label printer for this but it is still an incredibly useful feature, and one that allows you to cut down on waste materials by not printing every attendee tag, only for a number them to not make an appearance.

Other features include the ability to collect charity donations, manage staff members, message stag members and attendees, and you can even receive notifications when guests arrive and check into your event, ideal for if you’re expecting a particularly high profile or VIP guest.

Available on iOS and Android

There you have a pretty solid list of apps that will assist you with your event management needs in 2014. Enjoy and share!

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