Thank you everyone! Eventa grew tenfold since last year!

Here at Eventa we’ve been arranging dazzling parties since 2009. So we like to think that we know a thing or two about parties, especially when it comes to corporate parties!

However it’s not all fun and games here at Eventa HQ. Because contrary to popular belief, we don’t just wear party hats all day, eat volovants and make the occasional booking. No, we’re always hard at work making sure your office party is booked, ready and perfect before the big night (O.K. sometimes we wear party hats at work!)

So when our Marketing Manager Keith came rushing over to us to tell us that (after looking at our stats and figures) Eventa had grown tenfold since last year – we were ecstatic!After all this pretty much confirms  to us that we’re doing things right when it comes to making our customers happy. It also means that many of you have been spreading the word about our services!

So we wanted to write a blog post to thank all of our lovely clients for their loyalty throughout the years and we wanted to welcome all our lovely new clients too!

Now if you’re new to Eventa allowing me to quickly  explain what we do. In a nutshell Eventa are one of the UK’s top corporate party organisers. We take the stress away from companies by planning and booking summer parties, team building events and Christmas parties for groups of any size. So whether you want a James Bond themed Christmas extravaganza or a sizzling summer office party, we’re the experts that’ll get it prepped and prepared for you. So you can get on with your life!

Still with me? Good, because that’s essentially it.  However we also like to think that we go above and beyond for our clients. So although good is well… good. In our eyes it isn’t really good enough, because why be good when you can be great?

And we believe that with your continued support and the hard work of all our staff, we’re sure Eventa could be the UK’s greatest corporate party planners.

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