What is a shared Christmas Party?

The big concept in the world of office Christmas parties is ‘shared parties’, but just what is a shared Christmas party and what does one entail?

If you are looking for a full-on Christmas party, but work for a company that isn’t large enough to book a substantial venue and doesn’t have the budget for substantial entertainment then you are looking for a shared Christmas party.

A shared Christmas party package is charged at a per person rate, so companies do not have to pay more to party just because they are small, while smallers companies do not have to accept second-rate festivities.

Shared Christmas parties are particular popular in busy towns where there are numerous small to medium sized offices and also large venues hosting parties, such as hotels and town halls.

These large venues offer slap-up meals, entertainment from comedians or musicans and a good quality DJ dishing out top tunes. At a shared christmas party you can enjoy all of this and at the same time mingle with some people other than your colleagues, which is never a bad thing.

Our 2010 shared Christmas parties promises to be better than ever, so keep checking for our latest packages as it will be that festive season again before you know it.

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