The 2014 Eventa Group Christmas Party

So we had our company Christmas party last Friday and everyone at The Eventa Group had a fantastic time! Several of our fantastic company employees helped to plan and organise the event which took place in Al Fresco’s in Brighton, and this year we decided to try out the “Stick It On” a DJ hire service that lets the party guests DJ. The idea is that everybody picks a DJ name and chooses a selection of songs to play on the night.

However, as a company we had limited set spaces (10) so people had to submit their songs to our company party planners and they picked the final winning DJ’s (below)…


We also had a photo booth too which proved to be incredibly popular during the evening! This enthusiasm was fuelled by the massive box of props that was supplied and many of the staff had a blast getting dressed up…






I’d love to tell you more about it but what happens at the Christmas party stays at the Christmas party. So my lips are sealed, my memories are a bit hazy and my feet still ache from all the dancing!

Last but not least, I’d like to take the time to thank some people on behalf of everyone who attended the event. For contributing to the planning and organisation of our company Christmas the party we’d like to thank Kate and the incredible party planners at Eventa. We’d also like to thank Lynsey, Beck Taylor, Beth Gale, Miriam and everyone in our Social Club who helped. Finally, a massive thank you also goes to our big bosses Rob “The Party King”, Nick and Pat for paying for the entire event!

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