How to Reward your Staff at the Christmas Party

The Christmas party isn’t just a chance to let your hair down with your colleagues and staff, it’s a perfect chance to reflect over the success of the company over the past year, and perhaps take some time to recognise the efforts of those who have contributed to those successes. It’s the season of goodwill so already people are feeling a little of that pre-holiday excitement as they look forward to spending time with their family and coming back refreshed ready to go in the New Year.

There are lots of different ways to reward your staff throughout the year, but the Christmas party gives you an added opportunity to show your appreciation. Employees who feel that their efforts have been acknowledged and valued will be encouraged to continue their hard work and it helps encourage mutual respect and loyalty between employee and employer. So, how can you use the Christmas party to reward your staff?

Listen to what they want

You might think it’s a great idea to take the team paintballing for the day if you’re a real fan of the sport, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and staff may feel forced into doing something they don’t enjoy. You may not find something that is to everyone’s tastes, but by asking your staff what they might be interested in is a way of showing you respect their opinion and value their input.

Offer additional treats at the Christmas Party

The Christmas party in itself, is a great reward to your staff, but if you have a team who have gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the year, or achieved some particularly impressive milestones, then there are easy ways to reward everyone as a whole for their hard work. You may want to upgrade from a classic Christmas party package to a more Premium event with a little more luxury, perhaps extra drinks, or a wider range of choice on the menu. You might also want to put together some additional entertainment, perhaps a table magician, or a comedian, as well as an evening of dinner and drinks. This works particularly well if you have a few treats held back as a surprise on the evening so they know the extra benefits are a reward for their commitment to the business.

Host Individual awards

If you have a small company, or perhaps have a few people who have stood out in their efforts to the company, you may want to consider hosting individual awards and benefits for each member of your team, or to a few select people who deserve their efforts to be recognised. This could be a light hearted round of novelty awards for everyone or you might want to hand out bonuses to the team. Whether it’s a grand gesture or a token of appreciation, taking time to recognise your team’s efforts will improve work relations and benefit your business.

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