Planning a Stress Free Office Christmas Party

If it’s your duty to organise the office Christmas party then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Okay there’s still plenty of time to go before Christmas is here, but for anyone who’s trying to organise numbers, a venue, theme and food you’ll know it never seems long enough! It’s important to make the right impression with a Christmas party so it’s normal to feel a little pressure in making sure everyone has a good time. Whilst a little pressure is a good thing, getting stressed out certainly isn’t so we’ve put together some handy hints and tips to make sure your Christmas party planning doesn’t give you a headache!

Leave plenty of time to prepare

It’s never too early to start and even in October plenty of venues are taking bookings for Christmas parties. It’s much better to start early and have a choice of venues and party packages than to be scrabbling around the week before trying to find somewhere to squeeze in a hundred people! Leaving yourself plenty of time has to be our number one tip in reducing stress. London Christmas Parties are extremely popular and get booked up fast so give us a call today on 01273 225 078 to avoid disappointment.

Know the budget

Nothing’s going to stress you out more than finding out how much you have to spend after you’ve ordered the lobster and champagne starters and the ice sculpture of your boss. Knowing your budget removes a lot of stress because if you talk to a party planning agency they can advise you on different options just by knowing how much you are able to spend. Once you know how much is available for the party you can then work out the theme, food, venue and entertainment options.

Get input from your team

If you’ve been put in charge it might feel like you have to make all the hard and fast decisions about the Christmas party, but remember that everyone will be there to enjoy it so it’s worth taking some time getting input on what people might enjoy. As well as taking the pressure off you to have all the answers, you might also find that they give you some inspiring ideas that you might otherwise not have thought about.

Use a planning company or agency

If you haven’t got the time to be phoning round individual venues, caterers, and entertainment agencies then it might be worth booking through a planning agency to do all of this for you. You still get to choose what type of party you have, where and what theme, but they can then take the pressure and stress of getting everything booked up and confirmed. Most agencies will also have a website that you can look at to choose the different party packages and once it’s all booked you can focus your attention on enjoying the build up to the party!

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