Our Top Three Bristol Christmas Parties

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of our “Top Three Party Guides.” Last week we talked about some amazing Leeds Christmas parties which included themes such as Back to the 80’s, Rio Carnival and Music Legends.

This week we’re going to review some of our favourite Bristol Christmas parties and boy have we got a great selection to choose from! There are Masquerade parties, Moulin Rouge themed parts and even Prohibition themed shindigs! However we’re only allowed to bestow the title of “Top Bristol Christmas Party” to three of our packages.

So after assessing and debating amongst ourselves we think we’ve come up with our top favourites…

A Hogwarts Christmas

Hogwarts??? Yes Hogwarts, well not quite… but close enough! However this exciting Christmas party is sure to bring out your inner child by sweeping you off your feet with the stunning decorations, convincing costumed actors and delicious magical food.

You can even join in on the fun by helping yourself to fancy dress props that are provided (just in case you forget to bring your own wizard hat) and pose for pictures in the photo booth. We should mention that the meal is a four course affair, so make sure you have a light lunch. Then after you and your colleagues  have finished your food you all get to enjoy some of the fun activities such as the magic potion oxygen bar, Hagrid’s shisha grotto and even Hogwarts karaoke!

A Fantasy Christmas

Ah the classic winter theme, believe us it’s a winner every time! If you choose to book this party then you’re in for a treat! Because they really go to town with the decorations. Imagine a gorgeous winter wonderland complete with ice palace and you’ll get the idea! Guests are welcomed in my costumed hosts and hostesses, who’ll introduce you to the numerous fun activities dotted around the venue.  These include a dress up photo booth, face painting stations, oxygen bar, and lots of other fun party games.

There’ll also be a mouth-watering four course meal for you and all your colleagues to enjoy as well as a casino, karaoke booth and live band so you can dance off the delicious feast you just finished!

A Comedy Christmas

They say laughter is the best medicine, so if you find yourself sick of work and no play, then this party is a great one to break the ice and bring everyone together! Because aside from the sumptuous 2 course meal, champagne reception and traditional party DJ. This office party also includes 2 top class comedians to entertain you all night long! So get ready to split your sides with laughter and enjoy a party that promises to be one of the best (and funniest) nights out you’ll have experienced all year!

And that’s it for our best Bristol Christmas parties. If you’re planning an office party in Bristol then we hope our suggestions have inspired you and (just in case you didn’t know) we also offer more parties in other destinations too so make sure you check out for more details!

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